Warrior Forum Scams Freelancer.com for $3.2 Million

I got an email this morning from some fella named ‘Allen Says’ with the subject ‘Warrior Forum joins the Freelancer.com Family’, so I took the bait and opened it up. I quickly learned that this guy was the founder of WarriorForum.com and he pawned the Warrior Forum for a cool $3.2 Million.

At first I thought it was some late April Fools joke, but after some investigation I learn that this transaction is real and Freelancer.com is now the proud owner of  730,000 members at the Warrior Forum.. Scams included.

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Aweber vs MailChimp – Breaking Aweber Bad with a Chimp

Since the dawn of internet marketing, we have been taught to build an email list as it is a terrific way to keep in touch with potential and current customers.

So I have built an email list and used Aweber for that purpose since 2007. But lately, I have become bored with Aweber as it seems they haven’t pushed forward with their user interface or haven’t updated with the latest trends such as flat design or responsive designed emails. Aweber has become an antiquated service with questionable security.

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