3 Awesome Examples Of Affiliate Marketing Websites

Building a niche website that earns income from affiliate marketing can be fun but quite challenging as there are a plethora of factors to implement to make a site rank in the search engines and be profitable.

In my experience, people learning affiliate marketing tend to learn best by example, and this is certainly the case when it comes to learning how to build an affiliate website. So, I am going to show you 3 Awesome Examples of Affiliate Marketing Websites that are ranking in the search engines and earning income.

Kids Tablets with Wifi

Kids Tablets With Wifi Niche

Niche: Parents / Kids Tablets
Type: Affiliate / Review
Theme: Jarida Theme by themeforest
Affiliate Program: Amazon Associates

This niche website takes a parents curiosity and solves it by steering them in the right direction by making recommendations based on certain criteria.

The site is segmented into different age brackets to make it easy for parents to search for the appropriate information. I think this is a great idea because parents these days have limited time so they want to find what they are looking for very quick.

What Makes this Site Awesome

  • Content is well written
  • Lots of images
  • Steers readers in the right direction

This is what you would call a ‘Hair on Fire’ niche as it addresses something that parents need quickly so they don’t have to give up their phones to their children.

How The Site Makes Money

The Kids Tablets with Wifi site earns income with straight affiliate links that direct readers to Amazon to make their purchase.  Most of the affiliate links on the site are from reviews for specific brands. 

Best Longboard Reviews

Best Longboard Reviews Niche Website

Niche: Longboards / Hobby
Type: Affiliate / Review
Theme: Reviewgine Lite Theme by readythemes
Affiliate Program: Amazon Associates

Although this site is simple in it’s design, the layout and navigation is great as it attracts and directs it’s audience in the right area. Readers can see product reviews based on experience, brand and riding style. This means that it can attract a variety of readers based on this criteria.

Another great feature of each review is it gives the reader a chance to leave their own review of the product. This is powered by the review plugins this is being used.

What Makes this Site Awesome

  • Reviews are in-depth
  • Uses a review plugin which has rich snippets enabled
  • Has a Buyer’s Guide to direct readers in different directions

I really like this site for it’s simple layout and and easy navigation. There is no fluff within the content and has a great infographic image which can be easily shared within social media.

How The Site Makes Money

Primarily the site’s earning are from Amazon using their affiliate program Amazon Associates. But the site was recently sold on Flippa which is a marketplace for buying and selling websites for $5,275. This is an example of how you can build a site, generate some traffic and profits, then flip it for some additional profit.

Football Snack Helmets

Football Snack Helmets

Niche: Sports Fan / NFL Teams
Type: Informational / Review
Theme: Centric Pro Theme by StudioPress
Affiliate Program: Amazon Associates

This is one of my own affiliate marketing websites and it is a great example of how there really is a niche for everything!

Football Snack Helmets are full sized helmets that have the top cut out with a bowls in them along with 2 tray compartments within the front mask. The snack helmet has a specific NFL team logo and color. There is a snack helmet for every NFL team.

I stumbled upon this niche by way of Amazon’s daily emails that are sent when you purchase from Amazon. Inside those emails, there are product recommendations based on your searches within their site and one of those suggestions were these snack helmets. After some initial research (keyword, domain, niche passion etc.), I decided to go after this niche and build the website.

This Affiliate Marketing Website was built as a live case study within Wealthy Affiliate over a 4 week period.  Members were able to watch every single step I took while building the site. From keyword research to showing profits – every step was shown live and recorded. If you’re a member of Wealthy Affiliate, you can watch the entire case study from start to finish.  Here’s a post that outlines the entire case study.

Football Snack Helmet EarningsWhat Makes this Site Awesome

  • Taps into a big passion market
  • The price point to the consumer is forgettable
  • Easy to read and very search engine friendly
  • The entire site build is documented

How The Site Makes Money

All earnings from this site are from Amazon’s affiliate program and has every NFL team listed on the site, thus creating a very diverse fan base of readers who want to buy.  Even though the site’s earning dip down when the NFL season is not active, it still brings in sales consistently throughout the year.

Conclusion: Taking Action is Key

Now that you have seen 3 awesome examples of affiliate marketing websites, it is time for you to take what you have seen here and build your own site. Don’t straight up copy these sites – instead, research and build your own site to make it into a profitable site.

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  1. Wow I love the example of your top affiliate marketing based on your information it gives me some pointers on how my own website. I appreciate the knowledge I’ve learned here in your site..Thanks so much

  2. I have two affilate marketing websites that im building right now and this post will definitely help me out with the process of building these websites. i like how you included the main components of each site (what makes it good and what makes it money) without going into too much detail to where it’s hard to apply for beginners.

    one question- you mentioned theme in each of these examples. is your theme really that important when building your website?

  3. I loved seeing the example of the Kids Tablet with Wifi utilizing affiliate marketing. It gave me some great ideas on integrating amazon for my own children’s blog. I would be interested in knowing how much they are earning monthly from their affiliation. Being a mother of a two year old myself, I could see myself writing reviews on Amazon products my daughter enjoys.

  4. This is a very nice article. Nicely done and great information.These are great examples for those of us who are fairly new to the whole affiliate marketing scene. All of the information here was plain and simple, and very easy to understand. This can help those who may feel like they are lost gain a little bit of insight on ways to successfully reach out to their niche. Thanks for the great examples.

  5. Hi Jay,
    Thanks so much for sharing valuable information about how anyone can build up a website and with good work start to make money from it.
    I watched you working on your Football Snack Helmet, it was a breaking point for me to understand how an affiliate website works!
    Now, I’m working on building my own niche website following your trainings and I’m happy to say I’m on the right path now!

  6. The football snack helmet website is so simple, so short and sweet, yet it works! I can now see that sometimes, just taking a simple idea, and focusing completely on it, not complicating it will work. You have the wheels spinning in my head. Kids tablets are very popular these days, you see kids with them everywhere to keep them busy while waiting, etc. The site is perfect, steers the parents to information about them, and helps with the buying choice. Another great example!

  7. Hi Jay,

    Very useful post. You always have a way of breaking down something that seems complex and making it simple. Like in this post. When I saw the headline, though, in my mind I thought “Affiliate Resources should be in a list of awesome affiliate marketing sites”.

    Are you going to do another post like this again for sites that don’t use Amazon Associates, or a combination of affiliate programs? Just to let people know that other opportunities exist besides Amazon.

  8. Nice list you got here.

    Looks like ‘reviews’ in sites tend to bring a lot of visitors which can potentially result in more referrals. I do recall someone else telling me this and you’ve kind of said the same thing.

    It’d be nice to one day have my website sold on Flippa. The one is not the main factor (but it would definitely help). It’s more of knowing that someone was willing to buy your side gives that sense of pride and validation that the website you start was worth something.

    Thanks for sharing.

  9. Jay,

    Nice post about Affiliate Marketing and creating a niche themed website. When I started out I took the route of the Affiliate Bootcamp because I was hearing that much based sites are dead and make no money. This article proves just that it is possible. I hope to be earning really good money sometime soon, if not I might have to try a niche based site instead. Thanks for sharing

  10. Jay, the information that you have presented on these 3 websites is exactly the kind of specific information I’ve been searching for on the what and the why for creating a lucrative affiliate website. As usual, you have nailed it.

    Thanks so much. Your sharing your knowledge and expertise is always appreciated.


  11. Jay,

    Thanks for these awesome examples of other affiliate marketing websites.

    I recently installed a review plugin similar to the longboard website that enables rich snippets.

    Besides the added benefit of being able to see ratings in SERPs, do you think this helps with actual rankings? Google has started showing my ratings but not sure if it has done much for rankings.

    1. I think it is a small metric that can give your rankings a wee boost. Beyond that, I at least think it will help with additional click traffic as it is eye candy within the SERPs that folks are more likely to click on.

  12. Great article Jay and the title is very apt as they are awesome examples of affiliate marketing websites!

    I think the common theme with these three websites is that the are simple, clean and easy to navigate. This is a good reminder that a well chosen niche, with well written content and a straightforward website structure are the main starting points for a successful affiliate website.

    1. Thanks Steve,

      Niche websites don’t need to be overly complicated.
      Deliver the information in a concise way. Period.

  13. The Football Snack Helmet gave me a great gift idea for all the Raven’s fans in my life.

    But the biggest benefit to me was in realizing how wide open the marketplace really is when it comes to focusing on a specific product that you know people want.

    With WA it’s also very easy to test it out on a siterubix page and see how it flies, before investing in a domain name.

  14. Hi, Jay. I ALWAYs look at other good websites for inspirations. So it is good to have this in my list of bookmarked articles.

    And when I checked these websites, it also amazes me on how they can come out with so many articles for that niche keywords/topic. That’s my weakness and something that I have to learn from continuously checking these sites for motivation and inspiration.

  15. These are great affiliate sites. I am trying to build out a site right now in the self help/sales niche, and once I have the content built I want to do reviews on product like this to link to for affiliate commissions. The problem is I live in one of the state that Amazon bans. What is the next best affiliate program?

  16. This is a superb site, and I think well needed for those that are very interested in affiliate marketing to make money online. The site presented very professionally and laid out. I would venture to say though that if I were a beginner looking for how to do and be successful with an affiliate site. I think I would be a little overwhelmed. And while I understand if I were looking I would be searching all the details, so from the site, I would contact the author for a question. If this was the aim, then its well executed.

      1. hi Jay
        you are great.. this article is really helpful
        let me know one thing that the NFL teams are brands they have copyrights. can i sale NFL products with Amazon affiliate links?
        Thank you very much

  17. These are incredible examples of affiliate marketing websites. I must say that the variety of niches are incredible. I also think that niche I’m in right now, which is fashion, needs to be developed in a more specific way. I have something really general, and that’s when I see the big competition of this niche. I’m thinking on trying to start a website on a specific type of clothing. If you have any recommendations for me, I’d appreciate it.
    Thanks for sharing this post!

    1. I would say fashion is a very tough niche because not only is it competitive, it quickly goes out of style. With this in mind, there is no real evergreen strategy here.

      See if you can bridge some fashion with accessories as the competition will be lower.

  18. I am impressed from these websites and I would like to know more details about their traffic and revenue. It is obvious to me that someone has made a great job on these websites.

    I also want to learn how can you value the price on a website. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hey Ilias,

      I don’t own all three website so am unable to report anything about the traffic and revenue.
      I can tell you that the Football Snack Helmet will have $300 days during the NFL season.

      re: value the price on a website
      The more assets you have on a website, the more valuable it will be. These include:
      * domain age
      * traffic
      * rankings
      * sales
      * email subscribers
      * an evergreen strategy

  19. Hey Jay,
    From personal experience I know how overwhelming it is when starting out in affiliate marketing, especially how to build and present your website.

    You have presented some great examples of how affiliate websites should be relatively simple in design and easy to navigate for a positive user experience.

    This has given me some great ideas on how to improve my own site, so anyone just getting started will have a head start after checking out these examples.

  20. Absolutely awsome. Seems like simple but effective websites targeting something very specific.
    I am very interested in building one myself. Right now I am building an authority site on dog training but creating content is tough going. I would like to build a few smaller sites targeting something more specific like the one you mention here. Do you have any tutorial on how to do it??
    I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate just like you and I find this way of working very interesting.
    Thank you.

  21. Hi Jay, thank you for writing this post. It helped me learn a few key point on designing my website in a way for visitors to be able to find their way around.

    Like you said in this post and in most of your training webinars, there is a lot of detail into creating an affiliate website, or any website.

    I notice that you don’t have any side menus, Why is that?

    1. Hi LeNard,

      I find side menus or a side column distracting for the readers. I want people to focus on my content without any potential shiny objects in their way.

  22. Hi Jay,
    Thanks for your examples of solid affiliate marketing websites. I always look around to compare whether my approach is right as I’m in my early days building a website. To have websites recommended by you for beginners to view is very helpful.

    I watched you building your football snack helmets website and tune in to all your seminars on a weekend as they are recorded, this is a real benefit to me as I’m over in the UK and you have taught me so much – Thank you.

    As a general rule of thumb Jay, is there a recommendation to the number of words a website post should contain to accomplish high rankings? I can’t seem to find this answer or is variation the key?

    Thanks for the insight into the awesome affiliate websites, learning something every day,

    1. Hi Simon,

      Thanks for the positive feedback and am glad to hear you enjoyed the case study.

      re: number of words a website post
      As a general guideline, aim for 1000 words for basic post content.

  23. Nice examples Jay, I had a little look around all of them so I can see why you like them. They are clear, simple and easy to navigate.

    This is a good insight for me, I can see what works and I can begin applying them to my own site. Hopefully some of the changes I make according to them with help me reach my first sale!

    1. Hey Lyle,

      A site or affiliate business doesn’t need to be complex to be successful.

      Just as a visitor doesn’t want anything overwhelming, nor should a affiliate campaign.

  24. The first and last websites where great examples for great niche websites. The second link though that was for Longboard Reviews, didn’t work.
    I’ve noticed that your website, Affiliateresources.org is a great example on building business online. I’ve really enjoyed your blogs and webinars on Wealthy Affiliate.

    1. Hi Nathan – perhaps when you viewed the Longboard site, it was in a transition period from one owner to the other as it is working fine now.

      But thanks for letting me know.

  25. Hi, Jay!

    Great article as usual.
    I watched your series of videos when you were building the snack helmet site and I must say this one has turned out to be a winner, nice job!
    I am amazed at how easy you made it seem, and I look forward to more case studies in the future!

    Keep sending me great articles!


  26. I like these website ideas affiliating through Amazon.
    I have questions about placing instructional videos on our sites from youtube. I believe it has an embed then green light. Right ?
    Good website examples to emulate from or find similar techniques to incorporate for our own productive website…….Scotty

    1. Hi Scott,

      If a YouTube video has a share button and the embed code can be placed on your website.
      You do not need to ask for permission from the creator.

  27. Hi Jay. Love the examples of profit making websites! For anyone who has been banging their head against a wall trying to make a few bucks, these sites show exactly how it’s done which is crucial when you are starting out. It’s so easy to get overwhelmed checking out lots of other sites that may look great but may not necessarily be making money. I also get those Amazon emails all the time. I think I’ll take a closer look and see if I can find a new niche!

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