If you run a Joomla website, then you understand how overwhelming it can be to set it up and how powerful Joomla is.

The biggest challenge people seem to experience is optimizing Joomla for the search engines. Because out of the box, Joomla is not ready for Google as some additional tweaking is required to make your Joomla site ‘Google Friendly’.

Let me show you 3 SEO tips to make your Joomla site awesome for the search engines.

How Large is Your Joomla Site

Before diving into optimizing Joomla, you need to determine how many pages your site currently has AND how large you plan your site to be.

If you have a small site with only a few pages, then you can use Joomla’s core Meta features within the Menu items.

If you have a large site or plan to make it a large site, then you will want to install a component that handles all the ‘seo stuff’ in one place.

I personally recommend using the RSSeo! component right from the start because it reduces any future work needed if you decide to build a large Joomla site. It is a great component that handles all your SEO needs.

Joomla SEO Tip #1: Meta Title

The meta title is what’s used within the search engine results. let me show you a screenshot.


As you can see, what I put inside the article’s Meta Title will show up in the search engine result pages (called SERP). So, if you are trying to rank for a certain keywords, then make sure you add your keyword within the Meta Title.

Joomla SEO Tip #2: Add a Meta Description

A meta description is similar to a meta title whereas it too shows up in the search engines. Having an optimized meta description for your targeted keyword gives you a potential advantage against your competitors.

Ensure your keyword is nestled inside your meta description AND limit the amount of characters used to 150 or else your description will get cut off.

Joomla SEO Tip #3: Keyword Within Your Content

If you are trying to rank for a particular keyword, it is important to make sure you have your keyword naturally within your content at least once. Once you have your keyword in there, don’t worry about it again while you’re are writing your content. Just mention it once and you’re good to go!

Bonus Joomla SEO Tip: Add a Description for your Images

When you have images to visually describe your content, make sure you have an Alt Tag associated to it as this ‘tells’ Google what the image is about. And when you add your keyword within the alt tag, it certainly can boost your rankings a wee bit.

So there you have it folks! 3 simple seo tips for Joomla that will help you rank your websites for your targeted keywords.

Important Caveat: Make sure you have done some ample keyword research to ensure your target keyword is actually attainable!

Sometimes, keywords are very competitive within the search engines and is very difficult to get any ranking. So, you must do proper keyword research.

My research tool of choice for finding out keyword search volume, competition & potential for ranking is Jaaxy. This tool has the ability to find out everything you need to know about researching keywords.

You can learn more about Jaaxy on our Jaaxy resource page.

Do you have any Joomla SEO Tips?

I could go on and on in terms of offering a plethora of SEO tips for Joomla sites, but I wanted to show you that following these simple tips can actually help your site rank in the search engines.

But, if you have some awesome SEO tips that have actually helped your Joomla sites, please let us all know by adding your tip below in the comments area.

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