3 Ways To Make Money On Amazon

Starting Your own blog can be a great experience with making money online as it opens up several income avenues. If you are looking for fast ways to make money online with your blog then you should be looking at Amazon as a revenue source. Here are 3 FAST Ways to Make Money On Amazon. Let’s get started!

When shopping online was still a foreign concept, one business that was started in a garage, rose above every other e-commerce website on the Internet. If you’re familiar with this story, then you know the website that I speak of is Amazon.  Amazon created an online shopping empire that would eventually become ingrained in modern slang. Stop and think for a moment how many times you’ve heard someone say, “Just grab it off Amazon.” While this company’s success truly is amazing, perhaps the most amazing part is that Amazon gives you the ability to make money right beside them.

Amazon gives you a lot of different ways to make money with them from the comfort of your home, but not all of them have great earning potential. Some earn as little as $2 or $3 per hour. At first glance, it can be challenging to know which Amazon money making methods you should get started with. While there are dozens of methods to earn money with Amazon, there are 3 ways to make money on Amazon that have the potential to replace your full-time income and much more.

# 1 – Selling Products

Ways To Make Money On Amazon Seller Central

Many people don’t realize that Amazon allows you to sign up as a seller and sell new and used merchandise to shoppers on the site. Just like eBay, you can list your items for sale on Amazon. All you need to do is register for a free seller’s account and list the price of your products on Amazon’s massive online catalog.

There are a few cons to selling products on Amazon, like their complex fee structure, but the pros of how many people shop on the site far outweigh all of the negatives to selling on the platform.

You can get started in just a few minutes, but there are a few tips that will put you leagues ahead of the pack as a new seller:

Sell New When Possible

While you can list used items on Amazon, you may find that on many listings, it can take a while for used items to sell and they often sell much cheaper than they do on eBay or online yard sale pages. Stick with new products when possible, but make sure to read the next tip before you start looking around the house for stuff to sell.

Check Blacklisted Products

Amazon has a list of products that you can’t sell as a third-party seller and some of them will probably surprise you. Before you start thinking of some of the items you have in your home that you can sell to get started, take 15 minutes to read over the Amazon Seller Central Restricted Products List.

Pay Attention to Clearance Items

Many people make their first money on Amazon by going to local dollar stores and looking through clearance bins for products that have been significantly marked down. You can often buy these items for 10% of what they’re selling on Amazon and turn a very nice profit. Just be careful and make sure you check prices on Amazon before buying any items as sometimes Amazon is just as cheap as the clearance prices.

#2 – Publish a Book

Ways To Make Money On Amazon Kdp

Before you panic, no you don’t have to be someone who received a degree in Literature to write your own book and publish it to the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing Platform. You also don’t have to be an amazing fiction writer to make money on KDP either.

Many of the books on the platform are non-fiction and a large number of those books are 10,000 words or less. When you first look at the amount of money many of these books sell for, ($3 or $4 for a lot of them,) it’s easy to get discouraged. The important thing to remember is that you get the bulk of the money from the price of the book. When one of your books sell, you get %70 of the sell price so long as you follow Amazon’s criteria to qualify. If you think about the fact that millions of people visit Amazon every day and millions more have Kindle e-readers or Kindle App, it’s easy to see how earning $2 or $3 each time your book sells can add up quickly. Especially if you have dozens of books on the platform for visitors to choose from.

It adds up quickly and it’s very easy to get started on the platform. All of us have enough knowledge to write a book that others will want to read. If you have a hobby like sewing or barbecuing or enjoy leisurely sports like bowling or golf, then you already have all the knowledge you need to write a beginners book about your passion.

There are people who go to Amazon every day who are just getting started and trying to learn the information that you already know. They will happily pay for your book to learn the skills that you can share.

It takes a little while to get your books off the ground and you need to have a basic understanding of marketing, but once you dig in and take action, you can start putting together a collection of books that can earn you thousands of dollars every month.

# 3 – Create Your Own Online Business

Ways To Make Money On Amazon Associates

Did you know that you can make money sharing your opinions about the products and services that you’ve bought or shopped for both online and offline? You can, and best of all, you can replace your full-time income and beyond. There are actually a lot of people who earn multiple six-figure incomes doing just that.

You can get started for less than the cost of a gas station cup of coffee a day and you can even create your business in an hour per day.  While it does sound easy, be warned that it does take a lot of time invested before you will often see any results from your efforts. The best part is that you’ll continue to see results for years to come if you build your online business the right way.

This is possible through a program called Amazon Associates.

You make money through a process known as affiliate marketing. Basically, you share your opinions about a product or service that can be bought on Amazon, and then you put a special link in that takes people who visit your review to Amazon. If they purchase the product you reviewed, or any other product in 24 hours, you earn a percentage of their purchase price as a commission. As you create more content on your website, more people visit your site and click over to Amazon. As more people visit Amazon, you earn more and more revenue.

The important thing is that you learn how to build your website the right way from the beginning and understand how to create reviews that people will enjoy reading and learning from.

Things like placing your links in the right parts of your content can make a big difference on the overall success of your business. While it may seem like it isn’t a big deal, something as simple as where you place links can mean a difference in hundreds of dollars in missed earning every month.

The good news is that there is training available online that can show you a step by step plan to build your own successful online business.

Are You Ready to Start Making Money with Amazon?

Are you ready to start earning your share of the money that Amazon makes every day? As you can see above, there are a lot of great ways that you can do just that.  The three I’ve outlined are my favorite as they have the largest earnings potential over the long term.

Personally, I chose the path of building several of my own online businesses where I review products and provide my visitors with links to Amazon where they may purchase the products I recommend. While it sounds intimidating, the freedom and income that it can help you create is amazing.

If you’re ready to get started learning how to build your own Amazon affiliate website, take a moment to check out my top recommended resource. Once inside, you can learn everything you’ll need to create an online business that can result in a life changing experience.

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  1. Hey Jay,

    Another informative article from you. You always give new ideas for thought. Amazon has provided people with different programs to earn. As you said, apart from affiliate marketing which is making thousands of dollars to affiliates, selling products on Amazon seems to be another great way to make money.
    Thanks for sharing new ways.

  2. Jay, this is a fantastic article, it resonates with 2 out of the 3 solid ideas that have me and my fiancee moving into the online money field. She’s looking to write a couple of e-books from a couple of different niches, from healthy living to children’s books. I’ve already begun diving into exactly what you took on, setting up for affiliate linking through Amazon,  I’ve just been waiting for the proper resource to learn from to attain my particular vision for my website(s). 

    The thing I’m curious to learn is the psychology behind link placement in the sentence structure. I’ve witnessed its effectiveness firsthand, as I’m highly prone to clicking on a blue set of words at the end of an engaging sentence. Gets me every time. 

    Well here you are. The live video resource guy has the exact thing that drew me into the online world. Good stuff man, I’m looking forward to seeing your live video this week, it’ll be my first one. 👍


  3. Hi Jay

    Great article.

    I was definitely surprised at some of the restricted products; electronics, for example. Others seems obvious. :)

    My understanding is that Amazon Associates’ commissions are really low (4-5%), so your volume probably needs to be pretty high, doesn’t it? I certainly wouldn’t ignore Amazon, since their brand is as good and pervasive as it is. I suppose thought, that if you’re putting in the effort market online, Amazon could be a very consistent form of income.

    Thanks for the though provoking article.



  4. Dear Jay,
    I like how you outlined and organized the steps to this triple-pronged approach. I really like the idea of Amazon Bounty, although this is not taught here. I was wondering, have you had any luck with Amazon Bounty? I hope my question is not misplaced. I will keep researching in this because I’m thinking many niches which could do this. I am just not sure how lucrative it would be considering your top 3 choices didn’t mention it.
    I like how you inspire more research and give a resource for that. I find your coaching very inspiring, and knew I had to invite people once I was offered coaching for my business, Nurse Becca Consulting. The quote was 5,100$ up front for 6 months. I am not sure if you know that the value of your teaching is worth way more, especially since you care about your affiliates, network, friends.

    Thank you for your steady guidance.

    Kind Regards,
    Nurse Becca

  5. Great article as usual jay, you write in such a way that keeps me hooked on reading the entire thing. These methods are just the beginning and there are so many more intricate ways you can weave these into a business and massively profit. I am still in the beginning stages of learning things but I am getting there. Do you do other methods besides affiliate?

  6. This is excellent information, thanks so much! I was aware of folks reselling items on Amazon for a profit but I had no idea that just about anyone could write a book and sell it there. I really thought there would be a complicated process of finding a publisher and other steps when writing and marketing a book. Your article inspired me to want to learn more about affiliate marketing. Thanks a lot for steering me in the right direction!

  7. I’m very new to learning how to make money off Amazon, and I certainly hadn’t thought of writing a book to sell on Amazon. As a blogger learning how to sell through the Amazon Associates program, I also think it would be quite easy to expand on some of my blog posts to create larger chapters to get a finished book to sell. Thanks for sharing.

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