About Us

About Affiliate Resources, Inc.

Affiliate Resources, Inc. was founded by Jay Neill and a team of internet marketing colleges who believe in awesome content, training and community spirit.

Jay Neill - CEO of Affiliate Resources, Inc.

Jay is an online marketing consultant and serves as a Live Training Coach over at Wealthy Affiliate University.

The reason why we started this website is the result of not finding reliable resources for our own affiliate marketing business and education. Our team would literally spend more time researching good affiliate resources than they would building campaigns.

We needed one place where we could find everything that was needed as an online marketer, so we built AffiliateResources.org – but it was more for our team and not other internet marketers.

As time went by, people would come to the site and email us saying ‘thanks’ for providing valuable, honest information about online marketing.

We then realized that we needed to share our resources with other online marketers and continue to build the resources available.

So, we added features such as:

  • community based learningCommunity based learning system
  • User rated reviews of products and services
  • Community blog and guest posts
  • Video training
  • All for free

We are very proud to say that Affiliate Resources, Inc. has helped hundreds (if not thousands by now..) of online marketers improve their businesses. If you’re serious about your online business, we you take the time to learn from us and that this website serves you well.


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