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There are so many vitamin supplement companies out there it’s enough to make your head spin. All doing much the same thing. Making promises that you can make a lot of money in your spare time or build a business selling supplements. This is an MLM opportunity and the company have never tried to hide that fact so keep that in mind as you continue reading. In this AdvoCare MLM Review, you’ll learn a lot about MLMs and why they are not such a great deal for you. So let’s start with what is AdvoCare?

What is AdvoCare MLM?

The AdvoCare MLM was founded in 1993 by Charles Ragus and is headquartered in Texas. Their product line is dietary supplement products. Prior to joining AdvoCare, Charles Ragus was a Herbalife distributor. AdvoCare had over 623,000 distributors selling their products. They have worked with celebrities and have sponsored professional sporting events. Their sponsorships and endorsements are really a way to build their reputation. They have used their celebrity connections to help their branding and as a recruitment tool.

Are AdvoCare Products Worth Their Price?

AdvoCare’s catalog contain energy, weight management, wellness and sports performance products. These products target people who are into maintaining a healthy lifestyle through exercise and sports.

Their featured product is called Spark. It’s a powder that you add to a glass of water that contains a “unique blend of 20 vitamins, minerals and nutrients that work synergistically to provide a healthy and balanced source of energy.” This product contains caffeine and B vitamins to help with mental focus and alertness. It comes in 13 different flavours.

Advocare Mlm Review-Spark Product

As you can see, the Spark product retails for $29.95 which is a fairly competitive price. Preferred customers can buy it for $23.96. Energy drinks are a very competitive market and there are tons of these products all over the Internet and in your local supermarkets.

The AdvoCare MLM Opportunity

The way it works is that you would normally be sponsored by an AdvoCare distributor. If you don’t know one, AdvoCare will assign a distributor to you. This is a purely commission based opportunity. There’s no base pay which is quite typical of MLMs. Once you pay your membership fee and get your distributor kit, you can start selling products. Your commissions will depend on how many products you can sell in a week. On average, you’ll be paid your commissions every two weeks.

How Much Does It Cost to Join AdvoCare?

To get started, you will need to purchase an initial membership for $79. Each year you will need to renew your membership for $50. Your membership comes with a Distributor kit. This kit includes the online AdvoStore, training, tools and resources, and three boxes of AdvoCare Spark to get you started. You’ll also need to buy third party insurance to cover your business activities as a Distributor.

Can You Make Money with AdvoCare?

The way you make money with AdvoCare is by selling products to people. You will probably start by asking friends and family to give it a try. Anyone who is interested in a healthy lifestyle may be interested.

Distributors can purchase products and receive a discount this is between 20% and 40% off the retail price. Then find customers that will pay the retail price for those same products and you pocket the difference. The more personal volume (PV) you can sell, the deeper the discounts.

Another way to make money is by recruiting people to join your team. You will get  a commission from any sales your team members make. As your team grows, you’ll earn more.

Advocare Mlm Review-Enrollment

In order to maximize your commissions, the best way to start earning is by getting your customers to become Preferred Customers. This will cost them $19.95 a year and entitles them to a discount on products ranging from 20% to 30%. Upon enrollment, your customer will receive a free gift. The more products your preferred customers order the more money you make.


Flexible Schedule

This is an opportunity that allows you to work whenever you want. Whether you have a part-time or full-time job, you can sell products in your spare time.

Decent Commission Rates

The commission rates aren’t too bad here. If you manage to sell $500 worth of products, you’ll get $125 in commissions. But that may be a big ask depending on how much time you spend on acquiring customers.

Discounts on Products

If you are following a healthy lifestyle yourself or are into exercise and fitness, you’ll get at least a 20% discount on products for your own use.


Caffeinated Products Targeting Children

One of AdvoCare’s products, KickStart Spark, was targeted to children aged 4-11 years old. This product contained 60 mg of caffeine. Because pediatricians were concerned about the level of caffeine in the product, it was eventually removed from their catalog.

Celebrity Endorsements

AdvoCare contracted with a number of celebrities as a way to legitimize their products. Celebrities were used as a recruitment technique and to generate more product sales. Some of the most notable celebrities were from the NFL including New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees. ESPN described Drew Brees as the face of AdvoCare.

The FTC Is Not a Fan

In recent years, AdvoCare have come under scrutiny as a pyramid scheme. In October 2019, The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) ruled that Advocare was a pyramid scheme that ripped off thousands of customers. Here’s an excerpt from the Forbes article published in October 2019.

Advocare Mlm Review-Forbes Quote


There have been a lot of lawsuits against AdvoCare. In one such lawsuit back in 2009, AdvoCare had been accused of engaging in deceptive trade practices where they had cancelled agreements with two distributors.

In another case, an Olympic swimmer tested positive for a banned breathing enhancer that was an ingredient found in the supplement Arginine Extreme. The swimmer had received the product for free from AdvoCare in exchange for making testimonials for the product.

BBB Complaints

The BBB (Better Business Bureau) have actually flagged this company with a warning on the AdvoCare profile page. There are a ton of complaints. Most of the complaints are around fraudulent charges to customer’s credit cards. Many of the complaints indicate that they have never heard of the company yet have found credit card charges from AdvoCare. Some of those charges were monthly automatic charges.

Advocare Mlm Review - Bbb Complaints

In many cases AdvoCare have made attempts to contact the customers to resolve the problems but it’s hard to understand how these people were charged in the first place. Many of the complainants indicated that they had never heard of AdvoCare. So how is it that so many people have had profiles set up on their behalf and their credit cards used to purchase products?

Is AdvoCare a Scam?

When you first join an MLM, you spend tons of time getting sales. But since you were sponsored by someone else, they also get a cut of your sales and on up the ladder. So working for MLMs means that you do all the work and the upline gets all the rewards. There’s also a lot of pressure to maintain and increase sales. I can’t necessarily call MLMs a scam. But they are certainly do not operate in your best interest.

Final Thoughts

MLMs seduce you with promises of great sales and a flexible work schedule. Yes, you can do it in your spare time and build up a clientele, etc. But it usually doesn’t work that way. You will end up spending a lot of time trying to make sales. And if you are not paid for expenses so if you have to spend money for gas, you won’t be reimbursed for that.

MLMs are designed to sell product. You are not an employee, you don’t get paid for expenses, and you get crappy commissions most of the time. And if your customers walk, there goes your income. You can see why this could be pretty high pressure. You may constantly be in a position to replace customers in order to maintain a steady commission income. If you really want to build a business with a flexible work schedule, take a look at my #1 recommended method. You’ll learn how to build a business from the ground up with a website, hosting, training, great tools and resources, and 24/7 support.

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  1. Hi Jay! Those complaints addressed by BBB concerning people having their profiles set up on their behalf and their credit cards used is very suspicious. I don’t know if we could attribute fault to Advocare or to the people that work with them. Yeah, I have seen Drew Brees a couple of times endorsing AdvoCare but I hadn’t heard about this type of monthly automatic charges being taken away from people.

    Hmm… I think I’ll better keep away from them. I’m interested in this alternative method you’re suggesting. How many generations of down-line are in this method you’re talking about? I’m starting to get tired of doing all the work and others reaping profit.

  2. I’ve been leery of MLM schemes for many a year now as I know how few people can actually profit from them and it’s a very few at the top of the chain that can actually do so. With this company is legal difficulties in mind I’m sure it’s not one that I would join anytime soon.  It seems that there are some good supplements that this company does sell and I am wondering if you have tried any of them yourself?

  3. Actually, this advocate is quite interesting and to an extent, offers great products that I feel anyone would be comfortable around with. However, I think the cons you highlighted here are enough for me to be turned off from joining such a platform as this. I just do not see myself getting attached with this and ending up losing my money due to the issues surrounding mlm businesses. Hence, I would prefer to stay off this and stick to affiliate marketing

  4. Hello Jay, this is a wonderful review. You know I noticed that the networking companies are seriously saturated with people who are into the health and wellness niche or into beauty and cosmetics. At the end of the day, they don’t seem to be of good help. AdvoCare for example has too many cintroverseys with their lawsuit which is very disappointing for a platform that has been out here fore over two decades. It’s really advisable not to be a part of it. Nice job.

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