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Running your own online business can be very time consuming. There are numerous different products, services and plug-ins out there that are designed to help you optimize your time and save time whenever possible. One such plug-in that claims to do hours of tedious work in just a couple of clicks is AffiliRocket. In this AffiliRocket review, we’re going to see if this plug-in is a timesaver or a waste of time.

Affilirocket ReviewWhat is AffiliRocket?

AffiliRocket is a WordPress plug-in created by Kurt Chrisler that is supposed to automate some of the many tedious tasks associated with creating an affiliate marketing website. According to its sales page, AffiliRocket “does hours of tedious work with just one click,” and it can create a “complete, SEO friendly affiliate site in just seconds.”

According to the sales page, it does all of this for under $20. So, let’s jump in and see just how much time this plug-in could potentially save.

The AffiliRocket Buying Process

As with so many other marketing plugins and programs, clicking the buy button on the sales page for AffiliRocket takes you into the AffiliRocket sales funnel.

In the defense of AffiliRocket, I fully expected an upsell in this sales funnel to be for either additional affiliate programs or for unlimited personal licenses to build your own affiliate websites. Instead, I was pleasantly surprised that the first upsell in the funnel is for a developer’s license for AffiliRocket. This upsell is available for $27 and allows you to build websites using the plug-in that you can then sell.

Declining the first upsell takes you into the second upsell in the sales funnel for the AffiliRocket WordPress theme. This theme is supposed to work specifically with AffiliRocket to create better looking sites and is available for $37.

Declining this offer takes you to the third upsell in the sales funnel, access to the “iMarketers Club.” This club gives you access to all the products and plug-ins that Kurt has released in the past and access to anything he releases in the future.  There are two options for joining the club. The first is a $4.95 trial offer that last for 14 days. After the 14-day trial, your church $27 per month for as long as you stay a member. The second option is for $149 charged annually.

Declining this offer takes you to the final upsell in the AffiliRocket sales funnel, access to three of Kurt’s top-selling plug-ins for $27. After declining this offer, you’re taken to the backend of your JVZoo account which allows you to access the AffiliRocket plug-in itself.

Pros and Cons of AffiliRocket


  • Could Potentially Save Some Time
    AffiliRocket works by taking out some of the more tedious steps in creating a post inside of an affiliate marketing website. It will automatically place related products, affiliate links and a video into your content. It also will place featured images in your content so long as you upload the image to your site.
  • Valuable Sales Funnel
    AffiliRocket sales funnel is a little different than most of the sales funnels you come across when purchasing marketing related products. Each one of the upsells inside of the funnel are separate from the original product and could be valuable to people who purchase AffiliRocket. It’s nice to see that all affiliate programs were available with the front-end purchase and that you can install AffiliRocket on unlimited websites with the front-end purchase.
  • Easy to Set up
    The plug-in itself is very easy to install and get running on your site. Just be careful that you’re paying attention or you could delete your entire website if you already have one.


  • Could Destroy Existing Content
    when you get inside of the actual AffiliRocket plug-in, you may notice that when you go to activated there’s a red box below the activation area that says, “please note: if you are using this plug-in on an existing website, it will route your current settings and content.” This means that if you install this plug-in on a website that already has some content on it, clicking this box will delete everything on your site. If they’re not paying close attention, many buyers of this plug-in could potentially delete their online business in one fell swoop.
  • Does Not Create a “Complete, SEO Friendly Affiliate Site”
    If you recall, the sales page itself states that this plug-in will create a “complete, SEO friendly affiliate site in just seconds.” Sadly, many of the SEO settings like the site title and description are left out after executing this plug-in. Most of the tedious steps associated with creating a new WordPress site are things like completing plug-in set up and changing the options of plug-ins. While the AffiliRocket plug-in does download plug-ins for you, you still must set everything up manually just like you would without the AffiliRocket plug-in.
  • Automatic Links and Product Pictures Aren’t Very Appealing
    While getting your content onto a website is perhaps the most important thing to do for online affiliate marketing, making sure that the site looks good is also very important for your visitors and your bottom line. Unfortunately, the way that AffiliRocket pulls everything into the post doesn’t look very appealing, in my opinion. More on this in the review below.

AffiliRocket Review – Certainly Not Blasting off Anytime Soon

As I mentioned above, saving time anywhere you can while running an online business can really help you increase your overall revenue. The amount of time that you saved with AffiliRocket however, certainly isn’t worth its downsides, in my opinion.

As you can see in the image below, the links that AffiliRocket pulls in to your posts are certainly nothing to write home about. They feel rushed and incomplete and the overall layout of the site just looks like you’re only wanting your visitors there to buy products and nothing else, in my opinion.

Affilirocket Review Products Ample

On top of that, while the sales page claims that AffiliRocket would create a complete and SEO friendly site, its settings doesn’t consider things like your site title and your sites description. Making certain that these areas are complete is essential to on-site SEO and can really harm your online business significantly. If you’re a newcomer to building an online business, you may not be aware that you must go back and fill these settings in and thus the AffiliRocket plug-in could leave you missing a very crucial piece of the puzzle when it comes to getting great SEO on your site.

All in all, the amount of time that you can save by using the AffiliRocket plug-in simply isn’t worth it, in my opinion. The way that sites look after using the plug-in and the way that video and product images are brought into your content could be far better served by a few clicks of your mouse and 15 minutes of your time.

So, What’s Better Than AffiliRocket?

If you want to run a successful online business that doesn’t eat your time and is appealing to your site’s visitors, then you must understand how to design the site and link to affiliate products the right way.

If you’re ready to get started with your own great-looking online business today, take a moment to check out my top recommended resource. Once there, you can learn how to quickly and easily build an online business that people will be happy to visit and purchase the products and services that you’re recommending.

While saving time online is crucial to your overall success, there are better ways to do it than with a time-saving plug-in like AffiliRocket. The key is that you first must understand just how to set up and lay out a website to have the best chances of success both now and in the future.

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