7 Alternatives To The Amazon Associates Affiliate Program

If you’ve been in the affiliate scene for anytime now, you will realize that Amazon is constantly lowering their commission percentages for a variety of categories. With these commission rates slowly dwindling away, it’s important to diversify your affiliate portfolio and think about looking for alternatives to the Amazon affiliate program. In this post, let’s explore our options and find 7 Alternatives to the Amazon Associates Affiliate Program.

One thing to be aware of here, is that I don’t dislike Amazon. I actually like their affiliate program but realize that with 1% commission rates on products that are 20 to $50 you need to sell a plethora of products to make any sort of sustainable Revenue.

1) Share-a-Sale

This affiliate Network is awesome as it carries a variety of products that are both digital and physical. They also have a number of large companies within the affiliate Network. you can literally find anything to promote inside of Share-a-Sale.

2) CJ

Commission Junction is another affiliate Network where they house a variety of smaller affiliate programs within the network. very similar to share sale, they offer a variety of different types of products ranging from digital to physical products.

3) ClickBank

Although I’m not a personal fan of ClickBank as it started out with only digital products that were related to making money online and typically these products were of lower  quality.  but I do admit over the years they have made Headway and some major advancements within the products that they do offer.

4) Walmart

The Walmart affiliate program is a great simple alternative to the Amazon affiliate program because people inherently trust shopping at Walmart as it’s a large brand. I would say they support and carry about 70% of the products that are on Amazon.  the commission percentages are slightly higher than the lower Amazon rates which is enough of an incentive to switch over to Walmart instead of Amazon. 

Another option is to pair Amazon and Walmart together within your content offering your readers links to either places to purchase and check out the prices. This empowers your reader to make a choice based on their personal preference of where they like to shop. 

5) Impact

Formerly known as impact radius, impact is another affiliate Network similar to Commission Junction and Share-a-Sale.  it’s so big, that the Walmart affiliate program is part of Impact’s affiliate Network.

6) Ad Networks

If you want to ditch affiliate marketing programs altogether, then have a look at ad networks where you would display various ads on your posts.  Some ad networks pay quite well so it could be a great alternative to any affiliate program.

There are two caveats to placing ads on your site from ad Networks. 

Require 25k monthly sessions

Most ad networks require you to have a minimum of 25,000 page views per month to be considered for their ad network. The required page views are different depending on the network, so it’s best to look into it prior to applying.

They can slow your site down

With the volume of ads that would show on an individual post, the page load time could dramatically increase which may affect your rankings and user experience.

7) Private Affiliate Programs

If you want to steer away from the big affiliate networks and want to go the more Boutique route, then I suggest you look up a variety of private affiliate programs. 

The great thing about private affiliate programs,  is that they are much more accommodating when it comes to training and promotion materials for affiliates.

More and more small businesses are opening up e-commerce based websites and launching affiliate programs because they understand that an affiliate program is going to dramatically help and increase their traffic to an increased amount of Revenue.

How to search for private affiliate programs

 the easiest way to find an affiliate program that is not associated to any of the big affiliate networks is to Simply do a Google search using the following parameters:

[niche]+ affiliate program

Simply replace [niche] with whatever Niche or sector you are in. for example if you are in the organic baby clothing niche, you would search:

organic baby clothing+affiliate program 

Alternatives To The Amazon Associates Affiliate Program - Organic Baby Clothing+Affiliate Program

After doing a quick Google search, I found a lovely baby organic clothing affiliate program called Finn + Emma where they offer a whopping 10% commission! This is a huge commission percentage for a physical and clothing product. You will not find a commission percentage anywhere close to that in Amazon.

How to Choose an Alternative to the Amazon Affiliate Program

7 Alternatives To The Amazon Associates Affiliate Program

The simplest and fastest way to choose an alternative to Amazon Associates would be to go to each of the above affiliate networks and do a niche search similar to what we did with the private affiliate program search. Well, except the +affiliate program part. 

All of the above affiliate networks will need you to join their networks to be able to search their affiliate program database. Once you have created an account with the affiliate Network, you can begin to do is search. If you find an affiliate program you like, you will need to apply to that affiliate program to be accepted. This would need to happen for each affiliate program you wish to promote.

What to do if you get declined

First off, you are not alone. Many Affiliates have been declined from affiliate program applications and it is primarily because of content on your site or the lack thereof.

Try writing five (or more) articles on your site and then reapply. As you are working on these articles, you can also look at other affiliate programs within the network.

In Conclusion

As you can clearly see, Amazon is not the only affiliate solution out there. In fact, I predict that Amazon will eventually remove their affiliate program altogether. Which I know is going to be a real drag for many Affiliates but that seems to be the path that they’re going toward.

So it might be a good idea to start searching for alternatives to the Amazon affiliate program sooner than later so you are not caught without a monetization strategy.

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  1. Hello Jay. I made my first website recently and published 14 posts so far, I`m a beginner learning about online marketing.I came across your blog at the right moment, as I was thinking about applying for the Amazon affiliate program.  It seems that there are many other, probably better options out there. Thank you for listing these 7 awesome alternatives to the Amazon Associates Affiliate program.

  2. Thank you for the article, very useful who wants to start a business in affiliate marketing. Some people think that there is only Amazon (or that it is the best one) that allows this, but it’s not true. Yes, maybe Amazon is the leader in the market, but there are many sites that work very well and can offer a lot. 
    Also, some people might not like to buy from Amazon and having different choices to offer to your audience might increase your ranking and success! 

    Thank you again.

  3. Hey Jay, thanks for sharing these alternatives. The Amazon affiliate program has definitely changed alot and lowered their commissions and it’s good to tap into other outlets like these. Honestly, I didn’t think about looking specifically for private affiliate programs, but will do!

  4. Hi everyone, just wanted to share a personal story of my experiences with Jay and the help he provides. I’ve been a full time marketer for many years but Jay has helped me take my business to new heights with his knowledge and skills.

    He helped me develop a couple of awesome, growing websites that I am developing into side and passive income generators and I would not be able to do that without his help.

    In many instances, these sites are affiliated with Amazon and the point is that Jay is 100% legitimate and I couldn’t be happier with the value he has provided me and my online business with.

  5. Share-a-Sale caught my eye on your site today. I’ve only been rejected twice. Not sure how great it is, but now I just want to be in the club that won’t have me.
    I would recommend Impact as being easy to navigate and for getting accepted to their programs. CJ has a lot of affiliates as well, site is difficult to manage at first, but doable.
    Thanks for the write-up Jay!

  6. Really good to see here and I value all that you have shared here. In all honesty, everything feels good. The fact that I can try to get onto places like this and get access to quite a lot of programs to promote will help us in a lot of ways. Especially people like us that has gotten to the stage of developing to monetize. Surely a good one here

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