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Health and beauty products are big business. It helps if you can claim your products are special in some way. That’s what MLMs are all about. Most of the time, their products cannot be bought in retail stores. So selling them should be easy, right? Arbonne sell different health and beauty products and that’s what is cued up today. In this Arbonne MLM review, I’ll take a look at the products and the opportunity to see if this is the right offer for you. It’s never as easy as these companies make it sound.

What is Arbonne MLM?

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The Arbonne name comes from a village in Switzerland. Originally founded in Utah, the company relocated to Irvine, CA in 1984.  One of the original founders, Peter Morck, a Norwegian, started working in the skincare industry back in 1965. He eventually moved to Arbon, Switzerland and developed the Arbonne skincare line with Pierre Bottiglieri.  The health and beauty products and herbal supplement products are researched and tested in Switzerland and produced in the United States.

The company has been through a number of changes since its inception. It was eventually purchased by Harvest Partners. In February 2018, the company was purchased by Groupe Rocher in Paris. Arbonne  now has offices in 7 different countries including United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Poland and Taiwan.

As with other MLMs, Arbonne’s business model is structured as a direct selling business model. This means that the products are sold through independent consultants who are not employees of the company.

Are Arbonne Products Worth Their Price?

Arbonne have a number of different products in their catalog including hair products, nutrition, makeup, skincare and bath and body products. They claim that their products are 100% vegan and cruelty-free using plant based ingredients. You can find a list of product ingredients on their website. The products listed below are just a few of the many products they sell.

Arbonne Mlm Review - Products

The Advanced Night Repair Cream listed above is 1.7 oz/50g and is priced at $70.40. That’s the Preferred Client price. The retail price is $88.00. A pretty hefty price for a small container of night cream. These products may be of more value to your customers because of the vegan, cruelty-free factor. But there are certainly similar products that are a lot cheaper.

The Arbonne MLM Opportunity

As an MLM, when you sign up to sell Arbonne products, you are signing up as an independent consultant.  That means you are not paid by the company as an employee. Any money you earn will come from commissions on product sales. Consultants can sign up in a number of different countries outside the U.S. including Canada, Australia, UK, Poland and New Zealand.

As a consultant your job will be to introduce people to the products and encourage sales. You can also recruit people to join your team. You earn a commission from your product sales. You also earn a percentage from any sales generated by your team members.

How Much Does It Cost to Join Arbonne ?

To register as a Consultant with Arbonne, you’ll pay a $49 registration fee. Preferred Clients who want to move up to Consultant will pay a $20 fee to upgrade their membership. The term is a 12-month contract and $29 renewal fee at the end of the 12-month term.

Other cost considerations include any of your own expenses such as phone calls, gas to and from your customers, meals, and any other related expenses.

Can You Make Money with Arbonne ?

To make money with Arbonne, you have to sell products. Plain and simple. The more products you sell the more money you can make. To make even more money you can build a team by recruiting others to be part of your downline. You will be responsible for training your downline.

As your sales and team grows you will also qualify for higher positions such as District Manager, Area Manager, Regional Vice President and National Vice President. All these positions have certain sales volumes that increase with each position.

Arbonne Mlm Review - Earnings

There’s information in the Note section at the bottom of the image above that you may have missed. “…[earnings] do not include expenses incurred by Arbonne Independent Consultants.”  It’s important to keep that in mind because your expenses will impact your commissions.

Preferred Clients

If you register your customers as Preferred Clients, they will receive free shipping on all their orders over $100.  The $29 annual yearly fee also includes an option to sign up for automatic shipments. Preferred Clients receive a 20% discount on all products and a 40% discount on special value packs as well as other incentives. This can mean automatic monthly commissions for you.

Your Own Website

As an Arbonne Consultant, you can also promote and sell products through your own designated website available through Arbonne. Your customers can simply go to your site and order directly.


Good Commission Rates

Arbonne Consultants will receive 35% profit on their own sales and 15% commission for any Preferred Clients’ purchases.

45-day Money Back Guarantee

All products in the Arbonne catalog carry a 45-day money back guarantee. This also includes Preferred Clients. Customers can expect a full refund minus any shipping fees

No BBB Complaints

According to the the BBB (Better Business Bureau), there are no complaints listed against Arbonne at the time of this review.


Product Recalls

In 2009, a production of peanut butter cups were recalled by Arbonne voluntarily. The peanut butter cups may have been contaminated through a Georgia processing plant with Salmonella. Later in 2009, another product was recalled also due to a possible case of contamination. Other product recalls include a men’s facial moisturizer, day cream, liquid eye liner and body wash.


There have been a number of lawsuits over the years dating all the way back to 2009. In one case, Arbonne was sued for refusing to employ a woman based on her disability–deafness. Another suit alleged the company was operating a pyramid scheme.

No FDA Approval

None of the products in the Arbonne catalog are approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). As long as the product does not contain any of the FDA’s banned ingredients, they don’t need FDA approval.


While there are no registered complaints with the BBB, that doesn’t mean that there are no complaints about the products. Anecdotal claims include a bad reaction to a number of different products as you can see below.

Arbonne Mlm Review - Complaints

Is Arbonne a Scam?

Arbonne may not necessarily be a scam but I think you’ll find it difficult to make money with this business model. The MLM model is all about selling products and as you can see, you won’t make any money unless you sell products. So while the “flexible work schedule” sounds good on paper, the reality is that you will have to sell a lot to make enough money to support yourself.

Also, keep in mind that if anyone in your team isn’t making money, neither are you. And if that goes on indefinitely, chances are that your team members will give up. There goes your extra commission.

Final Thoughts

The reality of working for an MLM lies in the fine print so it’s important that you read things like Terms and Conditions and FAQs if you can find them. Arbonne offers a flexible work schedule with claims you can advance to higher positions with greater compensation. This is all dependent on the size of your team and the volume of sales your team produces.

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