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Multi level marketing companies are very attractive to people who want to earn extra money or have a more flexible work life. It appears that all the work is basically done for you and all you have to do is sell products and collect commissions, right? Not really. ARIIX is one such company but I wouldn’t start counting your commission checks just yet. In this ARIIX MLM review, I’ll explain how it works and if this is really a viable option for you. So let’s get started.

What is ARIIX?

Ariix Mlm Review - Logo

ARIIX is a multi level marketing (MLM) company founded in 2011 and is based in Utah. ARIIX operates in around 23 different countries including the United States, China, Canada, Japan, United Kingdom, European Union, Australia and more. They focus mainly on nutritional supplements (called ARIIX supplements) but their catalog of ARIIX products also include other health products. Their products are considered very high quality due to the rigorous testing the products go through before they are released to the marketplace.

ARIIX doesn’t always produce their own products but instead use outside products. The ARIIX products are then rebranded. Some of the product names include Nutrifii, Priime Jouve, Puritii, Reviive, Nucerity and Slenderiiz.

Inc. magazine considers ARIIX to be one of the top 5,000 companies in terms of growth and revenue. It is ranked 3,629 with an estimated $219.8 million in revenue last year. At the time of this review, they have a 3-star rating with the BBB (Better Business Bureau).

Are ARIIX Products Worth Their Price?

ARIIX has a number of independent brands to choose from which allows you to customize and diversify your business. The products include nutritional ARIIX supplements and drinks, skincare products, weight management solutions, and air and water filtration systems.

In order to succeed through promoting MLM ARIIX products, the products must be of excellent quality. If not, you won’t have any repeat sales. ARIIX has scientific advisory boards that examine each product before they put their stamp of approval on it so as to ensure that the products in their catalog are of top quality.

It’s difficult to answer the question about ARIIX products being worth their price. They are not FDA approved and I could not find any independent research to back up any product claims. But let’s check out a sample product–ARIIX Reviive Body Wash.

Ariix Mlm Review - Products
Ariix Mlm Review - Products

One thing that I found a little suspicious was on the Revive Shampoo sales page. The top image above was on the U.S. site. It’s a pretty short page with the image, price, and description but no mention of the FDA. Yet the bottom image was also for ARIIX Reviive Shampoo on the U.K. site but there’s a U.S. FDA logo at the bottom? This would make any prospective customer assume that the product was FDA approved when it is not. So these may indeed be great ARIIX products but the sales tactics look a little shady.

The ARIIX Opportunity

Membership with ARIIX begins when you sign up as a new representative. You can sign up through the website by selecting your language and country of residence and completing the online enrollment form. There are a few different levels to choose from. Levels include Member, Business, Elite and Ultimate. Each level has a corresponding purchase requirement that is indicated by PV (Personal Value). For the basic membership, you must purchase a minimum of 200 PV.

You can also sign up through another representative. When you sign up through another representative, you are now part of their business “downline.”

Once your membership is in place, you can set up a personal e-store to advertise products and make retail sales. You can also sell products directly or as a seller on Amazon.

How Much Does It Cost To Join ARIIX?

To get started with ARIIX, you will need to make a minimum purchase. Each product has a PV. For instance, the Get Fit Advanced Pack is 200 PV with a price of $335.00. To keep your membership active, you will also need to purchase or sell $148 worth of products every four weeks. This is typical in most MLM business models. You will also be required to attend a full day of training for a fee.

Can You Make Money With ARIIX?

ARIIX has a compensation plan called ACTIV8. Provided that you can continuously sell products and recruit others to come on board, you can expect a weekly commission check. Base commissions are 15% up to $2,000 USD. But, the real money is in recruitment. The more people you can sign up the more commissions you can make. You will earn commissions from all products sold through your recruits.

Ariix Mlm Review - Payout

You can also achieve higher business levels based on the volume of products sold. So the more you or your recruits sell, the higher the business level.

Pros of ARIIX

  • Scientific Advisory Board
    ARIIX has a dedicated scientific advisory board to ensure the quality of all the products in their catalog. It’s the only MLM I’ve come across so far that has this safeguard. All the advisory board members have higher education in their area of expertise. ARIIX also has a Wellness Council that focuses on preventative health maintenance and an Athlete’s Council that focuses on effective nutritional ARIIX supplements for athletes.
  • Cost of Living Increase
    ARIIX is the only company I’ve come across that offers a cost of living adjustment with respect to a Representative’s commissions. This adjustment usually occurs once a year to keep commission values equal to inflation.
  • Range of Products to Choose From
    ARIIX sells many different kinds of products and you can mix and match different types of products to customize your business. The products include vitamins and nutritional supplements, weight management, lifestyle, skin care, and body care.

Cons of ARIIX

  • Products Are Not FDA Approved
    Normally, products promoted by MLMs are not approved by the FDA and ARIIX is no exception to that rule. The FDA only steps in to investigate when there’s a problem with a product.
  • Hope You Are Not Shy!
    According to the Terms and Conditions, you agree to allow ARIIX to use your name, photo and personal story in any advertising and/or promotional material as well as any remuneration claims. This may not necessarily be a con to being an ARIIX representative but it’s worth mentioning.
  • You Pay Your Own Expenses
    As an ARIIX representative, you will be responsible for paying all your expenses including food, lodging, travel, phone expenses, and office expenses.
  • Keep Up The Good Work?
    In order to be eligible for commissions each month, you need to sell or purchase 75 PV (personal value) every four weeks.

Is ARIIX A Scam?

Considering the cost of living increase and their dedicated scientific advisory board, ARIIX is not a scam. It’s actually probably one of the better MLM models around. But there’s a lot of work to be done in order to make this a financially viable option for you.

Final Thoughts

ARIIX, like all MLMs, require that you make sales and recruit members. MLMs are notoriously high pressure and you only make commissions on your sales and the sales of your recruits. Not to mention that in order to keep your membership active, you have to purchase a minimum amount of products per month. There’s also no base pay. So it’s possible that you could spend a lot of money to get started here and end up with nothing to show for it.

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  1. As a leader in this company for 5yrs

    I can tell you that this is hilarious to read. You clearly need to research in much better detail and fact. A lot of false information within your review.

    Also since WHEN do the FDA approve ANY dietary supplements lol

    Great promo for you’re own business at the end.

    1. The majority of people do not know that dietary supplements are never FDA approved, however placing the FDA symbol on the page will deceiving lead people to believe they are. That is the point.

  2. All MLM companies advertise themselves as if when you join their company all the work will be done for you and all you have to do is sell products and collect commissions, and not just a small amount of money. They advertise as if they are paying thousands to millions a week or a month, without any hard work of which is not true. Other companies are even worse in supporting you, therefore in most cases you are on your own.

    MLM products are very expensive, what I think is because it had to make money to pay all the commissions for selling and recruiting, The commissions goes a long way up to level 5 on other companies and also on recruiting it also goes deeper in the down-line.

    Thanks for the very useful and informative post. 

  3. Thank you for providing such a useful article. 
    I can’t deny the fact this product has been so helpful and profitable to me.  your review on arrix is very unbiased and it had given more information and how to be a member on this amazing affiliate program. I’m definitely gonna share this article to more people so they gain from it as well. Thank you 

  4. This is a good review on ARIX MLM. The review was not just thorough but unbiased. Thanks for pointing out the pros and cons with the company, more especially that their products are not FDA approved. Thumbs up for a job well done. 4th hanks also for enlightening us that the company is not a scam as well. Kudos

  5. Hello Jay,

    I must say that you have done a great job on this article but; let me tell you what I know about them. ARIIX is a legit MLM business opportunity and its earning potential is a lot higher than many other MLMs out there due to its “patent-pending” compensation plan. However, the main problem lies in its extremely expensive startup cost as well as heavy dependency  on the traditional been long I used this platform but I want to know has any updates been made ? as the had a very slow response team as when I was using them…..

    thanks slot,



  6. Jay,
    This is a nice review of AEIIX.  I have been a member of 2 MLM companies.  I am still an Independent Business Owner(IBO) with one.  The other had the name of a prominent real estate mogul to encourage people to join.  It was a scam.
    As with all MLMs you must consider several things. 
         (1) Can you make money without building a downline?
         (2) How good and diverse are their products?
         (3) What are their requirements for getting a ‘paycheck’?
         (4) How much support do you get from the company and your upline?
         (5) Is there a quota you mush meet?  
    And others.

    Skincare and body care (soaps), vitamins, nutritional supplements are not approved by the FDA but the packaging is submitted to the FDA to assure that there are no false claims.  The products that must have FDA approval are those that are used for treatments or near sensitive areas (eg. Acne cremes, eyeliners). I worked with the FDA for my step-daughter’s cosmetic line.

    I am glad to see they have a Scientific advisory board and adjust their PV for the cost of living.
    I thank you for this review and wish ARIIX well but I will stay with my MLM that was founded in 1959. They organically grow their own agriculture products for the vitamins they manufacture, research and manufacture their cleaning products, cosmetics, and skincare line.  They also, host and provide a personalized website for their IBOs and their Business Rules of Conduct do not permit selling through online stores like Amazon, eBay, ETSY, etc.

    I encourage other readers of this review to check out your other reviews.

  7. Hi Jay,

    Thanks a lot for the informative and detailed review post.

    You are right, there are 100’s of MLM companies on the health and wellness niche and the competition is very high. I have tried a few MLM companies in the past and as you mentioned it all seems very attractive but the reality is different.

    8+ years in the business is good news and they have a wide range of products. However, wondering why they are placing the FDA logo when they are not FDA approved, this is misleading. Based on my experience, MLM products are quite expensive and Ariix is no exception. Also, the joining price is very high.

    I am not a fan of the MLM business model since the success rate is very low with this business model.

  8. Great article, Jay.

    I appreciate your taking the time to expose affiliate programs for what they are, whether good or bad. I know I’ve almost fallen for a few scams online, but luckily I found a source like yours that showed them what they really were.

    ARIIX seems like a legit program but with a bar that’s a little too high for most people. You mentioned the required monthly quota of $150 and I don’t think that’s something I could really achieve.

    I am curious about the Scientific Advisory Board. It seems that anyone can submit their products and have them listed on the website as long as they are approved by the board. Is that true, or are there only certain companies that can list their products on the ARIIX website?

    Thanks for the informative article. Hope to see you around,


  9. Although it’s the very first time that I am hearing about ariix, I have seen some other MLM companies that are very closely related to this one and I just feel like it is not nla good way to make money. Some people actually make some very good cut though but when we look at the system, it is very closely related to a pyramid scheme. It’s good to see you point out the cons of going into this business. Thanks

  10. Hello there thanks alot for this. 

    It would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me. I must say that your review on arrix is very unbiased and it would has really helped me to understand what it’s all about although I haven’t tried it out because of my history with stuffs like this but I just be on the watch out.

  11. Hello Jay, I really want to first appreciate your effort in putting this great website together and writing this article. I have actually worked with ariix before. Fact is that this platform made me loose interest in some many other MLM platforms. It is genuine though but the work is just too much in bringing other people since we are not certified preachers. 

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