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Many people think it would be great to be their own boss. And, let’s face it. That’s probably true. You can make all the rules and work when you want. When you work for a company like Belcorp, you can take a shortcut because you are selling their products – not your own. So you might think there’s less risk from an income standpoint. Not so fast. In this Belcorp MLM review, we’ll unravel the mystery and find out if this concept is successful or not. So let’s find out a little bit about the company.

What is Belcorp MLM?

Belcorp was founded in 1967 by Eduardo Belmont in Lima, Peru. Today, the company operates in over 14 countries and has over 800,000 independent beauty consultants. The U.S. headquarters is now located in San Francisco. The product line includes lip care, eye creams, body lotions, makeup, skin care, fragrances and men’s products. The products are sold in the US under the L’bel brand. They also sell products under the Esika and Cyzone brand names.

In 2009, Belcorp was named one of the top 25 beauty brands by Women’s Wear Daily, which speaks to the quality and popularity of their products. The company’s most recent sales were reported at $3.03 billion. Now let’s check out the products.

Are Belcorp Products Worth Their Price?

There are three different product lines to choose from, but I want to focus on skin care. I was intrigued by the L’bel skin care line. There’s an online tool that allows customers to find the skin care products they need.

The product below is called Concentrare Total. It’s an anti-aging concentrate with Maitake Imperial, a Japanese mushroom that has regenerating and rejuvenating properties.

The website lists this product for $1,295.90 and comes in a 1.11 pound jar. Amazon has the same product in a smaller jar (1.7 ounces) listed at  $76.99.

Belcorp Mlm Review - Make Up Product

To find skin care products that are specific to your skin, customers can use the online Advanced Skin Diagnosis. This tool assesses the condition of your skin and provides skin care recommendations. 

To use it, you scan a QR code onto your mobile device. Then take a self image and upload it. Next, fill out a questionnaire. The Skin Care Evaluator examines 106 points on the face to detect wrinkles, spots, dark circles and dryness. The information is matched against a database of over 70,000 professional facial images. 

Are these products worth the price? The price difference between the website and Amazon is quite striking. Anyone who really wants this product should do their research before contacting a consultant or buying through the website. These products may well be worth their price, but why should customers pay more when they can get them cheaper elsewhere?

The Belcorp Opportunity

When you sign up, you must choose a starter kit. The starter kit contains products from each of the three labels. If you wish, you can sell products from all three labels. Commissions are based on the amount of products sold and the method of purchase.

Products can be sold through a catalog, through a consultant’s online store, or in a retail store. Training is provided by a digital coach via WhatsApp communication and email.

You earn money by selling products and by recruiting other people to join you and become part of your downline.

How Much Does It Cost To Join Belcorp?

You have a choice of three starter kits. All cost $59.99, and each kit contains products for the product line you choose. You can sell all three product lines. You are not limited to just one.

But there are hidden costs, too. Travel expenses, phone, lodging or office supplies are not reimbursed by Belcorp. These costs reduce the commissions you earn.

Can You Make Money With Belcorp?

To qualify for commissions, you must first buy or sell $300 worth of products. To continue to qualify for commissions, you must sell at least $150 worth of products each month to earn commissions. Products can be sold through a link to your online store or in person.

There are 14 ranks a consultant can achieve at Belcorp. As a new consultant, you are at Level 1. Belcorp has a pretty decent commission rate. Consultants can earn 30-50% commission on all products sold.

In the first three months, a new consultant can earn 50% commission on purchases of $400 or more. And if you recruit new employees to your team, you can earn a bonus of up to $120 if the new recruit places an order for $400 or more in the first three months.

Pros of Belcorp

Three Product Lines: there are three different product lines to choose from, and a consultant can sell products from all three lines.

Good Commissions: Depending on the number of sales, consultants earn between 30-50% commission.

Recruitment Bonus: If you recruit a new consultant who places an order worth $400 or more within the first 3 months, you can earn up to $120.

Cons of Belcorp 

No Residual Income: Beauty consultants who recruit new members will not receive commissions from sales made by those recruited members. 

Customers Don’t Need to Buy From You: Customers can buy these products from a retail store, eliminating potential commissions for the beauty consultant.

Hidden Expenses: Any expenses incurred in selling the products will not be reimbursed.

Is Belcorp A Scam?

As with any MLM, the burden is on you. There is no base salary. The only way to make money is to sell products. MLMs are not necessarily a scam unless information is withheld, such as compensation information.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of how popular the products are, selling MLM products is solely commission based. Also, you lose money because none of your expenses are reimbursed. This detracts from the commissions you earn. Moreover, in this case, you don’t even earn money from your recruits, except for the one-time bonus. And this bonus is paid only if your recruits place an order of $400 or more in the first three months. 

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