Better Paper Planet Mlm Review

“Everyone wipes, everyday.” Great line, right? Imagine you are trying to sell a product like toilet paper, and you have to somehow make it appealing to your potential customer. That’s exactly what Better Planet Paper aims to do. In this Better Planet Paper MLM review, I’ll dig into this opportunity to see if you can make some extra green here or if you’ll simply be barking up the wrong tree. Too cliche?

Better Planet Paper Mlm Review

What is Better Planet Paper?

Better Paper Planet is a very new MLM company. It’s only been in existence since April 2018 and was founded by Scott Kufus. They are headquartered in Florida and sell environmentally safe toilet paper. Protecting the environment is a huge hot button right now. Better Planet Paper works with a number of profit and non-profit organizations to plant trees to help the environment. The way they do this is by selling toilet paper that is good for the environment. So each time an order is placed for toilet paper, Better Planet Paper will plant trees. You can register online through the company website and get your monthly toilet paper at a discounted price.

Why Does This Sound So Great?

With all the talk about the environment lately, it’s nice to know that you can do your part simply by buying toilet paper online and having trees planted in exchange for that. It’s a win-win for everyone and something to feel good about. The toilet paper is safe for the planet and planting new trees will help restore the forests.

It would seem like a great business model. People use toilet paper everyday. There are many people who want to do something to help our environment and this company makes it very easy to help the environment with their tree planting program.

How Does It Work?

There are three different ways to get started with Better Planet Paper. They are listed below:

  • Become a Customer
    You can either sign up online or through a representative. You would buy products based on your normal monthly consumption. As a customer, two trees will be planted.
  • Become a Member
    If you become a member, you can earn income by getting others to join as well. As a member, two trees will be planted.
  • Get Three Friends to Join
    Once you get three or more people to join, eight trees will be planted and your own monthly paper order is free.

Better Planet Paper Membership Options

Here’s a video overview of the program:

So far, there’s no money in it for you yet, right? But, hey, trees are being planted and that’s good for the environment so it’s all good. But what if you want to take this further and make money for yourself? Here’s how you can start earning some money:

  • $50 Per Month Gift Card
    If you have enrolled a few people and you then in turn help them enroll three people, you will qualify for a $50 per month gift card and 26 trees will be planted.
  • $100 Per Month
    If you help your three people qualify for their own $50 per month gift card, you’ll receive $100 per month and 70 trees will be planted.
  • $400 Per Month
    If you help your three people qualify to earn $100 per month, you will then earn $400 per month and 240 trees will be planted.

You can qualify for commissions if you have at least five or more active retail customers or affiliates.

Better Planet Paper Earning Money

Earn More With CDP

Better Planet Paper also has an incentive program. CDP is Better Planet’s Custom Distribution Program. This is supposed to be a long-term program where you share in the prospecting of customers done by other members. There’s money set aside to fund advertising campaigns that drive prospects into a sales funnel where they will hopefully convert to customers. Then the customers are assigned to qualified CDP members.

But think of how hard you will have to work to reach that point. And let’s face it. Toilet paper isn’t the most glamorous product on the market. It will take some doing to get people to jump on board here and the money isn’t great.

So What’s So Great About This?

Well, there are a few things that make this product worthy of selling and promoting. Here’s a few reasons why you may be tempted to join:

  • Products ship for free
  • Trees planted as a result of your order is added incentive
  • It’s a product everyone needs so you’ll have repeat customers

These are all great reasons to push a product like this but you have to consider that this toilet paper may not be able to compete with supermarkets.

Why This Is a Crappy Deal

If you haven’t figured it out yet, this is a MLM (multi-level marketing) business model. Oh sure, you can become a member simply to buy toilet paper and make your contribution to the planet. But many people that want to make money from home will take a chance on MLM companies such as this one.

The way an MLM works is that you start off by buying products. Then you get a few friends to join you. In this case, the incentive is that if you can get a few people to join, your monthly toilet paper order is free. Then you help those people find people and so on and so on. This is exactly how MLMs work.

Here’s what you should know before you jump in:

Good for the Environment?
I don’t know if you know this or not, but ALL toilet paper is biodegradable! So the only thing that makes this product different from other brands of toilet paper is the trees planted as a result of a purchase.

Expensive Product
When you compare the average price of 24 rolls of toilet paper with the Better Planet Paper, the price difference is huge. For instance, 24 rolls of toilet paper at Walmart comes in at $20.97. That’s the price on the website and does not include shipping or tax.

The Better Planet Paper is priced at $36.00 for 24 rolls. That may or may not include shipping. But that’s a huge difference in price.

You May End Up Working For Grocery Money
In order to make $400 per month, you have to enroll three people, help those three people get three more people, then help those first three people qualify for $100 per month and help the first three people help their first three people they brought in to qualify for a $50 gift card. And it’s not clear where you can use the $50 gift card.

Why It Is So Hard To Make Money With MLMs

The problem with MLMs in general is the business model itself. It is designed so that the minions at the bottom do the most work and get paid the least while people further up the chain get a percentage of the money made by their people below.

In this case, the incentives are a $50 gift card, $100 per month and $400 per month based on three people joining. Better Planet Paper has made this sound like a great deal because the more people you get to join, the more trees are planted and you only need three people to get started earning.

Final Thoughts

While I support the environmental cause here, the truth is that most MLM products are hard to sell and this product will be no exception. Toilet paper is one of those basic household products that I’m not sure people care enough about to spend extra money on to get a few trees planted. It’s a nice thought but I’m not sure how practical it is.

The amount of work you will have to do in order to make $400 a month could prove difficult to achieve. I’m not saying you couldn’t get three people to join. The problem comes in when those three people have to get three people and so on. After a few months, people tend to drop out of these programs because they can’t get people to sign up and/or they have maxed out favours with family and friends. And there goes your monthly income.

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  1. This company has one of the best marketing apps I’ve seen. With that being said. I have not been able to find a portal to order this product. Lol Any idea where to order products?

  2. This is a very important article everyone needs to have a view on. I learnt better planet paper is company and it was found in 2018. I will to be a member on this platform and earn more money. But I still dont know how possible you can earn money referring people to this program. Please I need an immediate answer to my question. Thank you 

  3. it is almost not practical to achieve the desired aim here. and considering that the company better planet paper is new and not yet fully established to gain recognition, it becomes even more difficult to engage with much profitable returns. thank you for this great review. it is very well researched

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