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Wine is big business. If you are a California resident and a wine lover, you’ve probably visited a few wineries there. And if you really enjoy wine, you may be interested in creating a business around selling it. The Boisset Collection contains a variety of wines and other products that are sold through Ambassadors. In this Boisset Collection MLM review,  I’ll take you through how it works so you can decide if it’s worth signing up. So let’s start exploring.

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What is Boisset Collection

The Boisset Collection is a collection of wines created and sold by Jean-Claude and Claudine Boisset. They founded the company in Burgundy, France and now have wineries in California, France, England and India. The Boisset family is one of the top 25 wine producers in the U.S. Their main headquarters is in St. Helena, Ca. Initially, the couple started out selling wines to their family and friends. Now the company sells wines throughout the U.S. through their Ambassadors.

Ambassadors who sign up with Boisset would share a love of wine and enjoy making recommendations on which wines would pair well with certain meals and desserts. The product range is quite extensive ranging from red and white wines, glassware, wine accessories and books.

Are the Boisett Products Worth Their Price?

The wines themselves can be expensive and you can probably find comparable products in your local liquor store that are less expensive. So what are you paying for exactly? You are paying for someone who is trained by Boisett to recommend wines to you based on their use. So if you plan on having a fancy party or a formal sit-down dinner, your Ambassador can make recommendations based on food and/or the type of party or guests.

The Boisset MLM Opportunity

The way the Boisset opportunity works is that you sign up as an Ambassador in a MLM business model (multi-level marketing). You will receive training and marketing materials as well as a certain amount of wine depending on the kit you choose. You can further expand your business by recruiting team members.

How Much Does It Cost To Join Boisset?

When you sign up with Boisset, you need to purchase a kit. Each kit contains a few supplies and a free 90-day trial to the Cellar Suite. The kits and prices are listed below:

Go-Green Kit – $42.00
This is the starter kit if you want to become a “wine influencer” in order to get access to the training tools. Does not contain any wine.

The Social-Lite – $149
Contains three bottles of wine, marketing materials and Cellar Suite access. Does not include stemware or accessories.

The Enthusiast – $349
Along with training materials and the Cellar Suite, you also get six bottles of wine and stemware.

The Aspiring SOMM – $549
This kit includes enough materials for two wine tasting events. You get 12 bottles of wine, an insulate 12-bottle wine roller bag, stemware, professional tools and accessories and marketing materials.

Cellar Suite
The Cellar Suite membership includes:

  • Your own personal website
  • Access to the online training
  • Online marketing tools
  • Customer and sales reporting

After 90 days, the Cellar Suite will cost you $14 per month or $120 per year. As you can see, the kits can become quite pricey. And the very basic kit, the Go-Green kit, doesn’t even include any wine. It’s basically for wine enthusiasts.

Can You Make Money with Boisset Collection?

There’s more than one way to make money with the Boisset Collection. There are a variety of products to sell that are all associated with wine such as wine glasses and accessories, wine tasting experiences, and jewelry.

Boisset Collection Products

You can also earn money by creating a team of ambassadors. This is really how the MLM business model works. You start off by selling the products yourself. Then you start recruiting people to join your team. As a result, you would get a percentage of all sales made by your team.

Class Action Lawsuit

But before you start counting your money here, you should be aware that a number of California wineries, including Jean-Claude Boisset wines, were included in a class action lawsuit back in 2015.

This lawsuit states that the wines in question had unusually high levels of inorganic arsenic. In some cases, 500% higher than the legal limit of what is safely acceptable. But let’s check out the pros and cons anyway.

Pros of Boisset Collection

Variety of Training
Training includes one-on-one coaching from your Sponsor, weekly training calls, 24/7 online tools, brochures, tasting notes and guides.

Good Commission Rates
Commission rates are paid twice a month and you can earn between 15-35% on wine and merchandise.

No Inventory
You are not required to maintain an inventory of wine since it is shipped directly to your customers.

Sell Other Related Products
You can also make money by selling other wine related products such as stemware, jewelry, gifts and other accessories.

Get A Slice of Their Pie
If you decide to develop a team, you can earn between 2-8% of your team’s sales on top of the money you make from your own sales.

Cons of Boisset Collection

Buy a Kit
You must buy a kit to get started and that can run you into some serious money. The most inexpensive kit doesn’t include wine. It only includes training materials for the wine enthusiast.

You Must Join Cellar Suite
It’s free for the first 90 days. Then it’s $14 per month or $120 per year. But unfortunately, you must join this as part of your ambassadorship.

You Must Maintain Minimum Sales
In order to maintain your Ambassador level, you must have annual sales of $1,000 which works out to just under $100 a month. If you decide to build a team, you have to maintain $250 in personal sales each month.

Maintain Your Cellar Suite Membership
In order to keep your Ambassador status active, you must also maintain your membership to the Cellar Suite which will run you around $14 per month or $120 per year.

Businesses Are Out
As an Ambassador, you are not permitted to solicit small businesses or restaurants in order to sell wine.

Not Available Everywhere
There are certain states that don’t permit wine shipping direct to customers. Boisset has a map of the U.S.which indicates where wine sales and shipping is permitted. The states that do not permit wine shipping are: Utah, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi, Kentucky, Ohio, Delaware, New Jersey, Connecticut and Rhode Island. So if your territory will include any of these states, you are out of luck. Check out the map below.

Boisset Collection-Map

Is Boisset Collection MLM a Scam?

The Boisset MLM business model may not necessarily be a scam but it could prove to be difficult to make money here. Afterall, wines are not a necessity. They are more of a luxury product and could be difficult to sell especially if the wines are at inflated prices. You’ll probably have no problem selling a few bottles of wine here and there but to get people to commit to a monthly consignment of a product that they don’t really need sounds almost impossible. And the accessories are also more like one-time purchases.

And don’t forget about the lawsuit. The lawsuit may have left the company with a stain on its reputation and anyone who knows anything about good wine may be reluctant to buy this wine in bulk.

Final Thoughts

No matter how much you love wine, signing up to be an Ambassador for the Boisset Collection could cost you a fortune before you make a penny. The Social-Lite kit comes with three bottles of wine to get you started but that will be gone in your first tasting. There’s also those hidden costs that you need to keep in mind like the Cellar Suite monthly subscription that will eat into your profits and stemware you may want to have on hand for your tastings.

MLM business models can sound great and they are designed to look fun and create a feeling of community by selling to your family and friends. But once those prospects dry up your commissions will as well. That will leave you scrambling to create a team and trying to expand your reach to new clientele.

It really shouldn’t be that hard, right? If you really wanted to sell wine online you could create your own business with a website promoting wine and accessories. There would be no minimum sales requirement and you could work on your business whenever it suits you. If this sounds like a better deal to you, check out my #1 recommended method to building your own online business. You’ll get all the training you need,hosting , two websites and tons of great tools.


Boisset Collection MLM






Overall Quality



  • Variety of Training
  • Good Commission Rates
  • Sell Other Related Products


  • Must Maintain Minimum Sales
  • Not Available Everywhere
  • Maintain Your Cellar Suite Membership
How Jay Earns Over $12,000/mo From His Laptop

A 30-Day Step-By-Step Blueprint for Building a Blog and Earning Your First $1,000

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  1. Wow, didn’t realise that wines even had MLM programs. MLMs are hard to make money in so it is good to be in the know.

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  2. the name boisset has always been ringing a bell when it comes to wines and i can say that the quality of their wines are great. although i would not give a full recommendation into their MLM program as it requires much more than just resources. thank you for this post

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