Bring The Fresh Review – My Personal Experience with Mike Long

Bring The Fresh Review – My Personal Experience with Mike Long

Looking for a FRESH review of the Bring the Fresh program with Mike Long and Kelly Felix? You have arrived, in this Bring the Fresh Review, I determine if this affiliate marketing education is legit. Read on!

An Overview of The Bring the Fresh Program

bring the fresh reviewBring the Fresh is a membership based website which educates people how to rank websites in the search engines and profit from the rankings with affiliate marketing.

Created by Kelly Felix and Mike Long, Bring the Fresh’s unique selling proposition is a community oriented site with full disclosure on how to make money online through affiliate sales. This angle has seemed to work for Bring the Fresh as there are thousands of members who all have the same story where they’ve been scammed from other make money online products.

The member’s area consists of a variety of sections, primarily a download area for content and the forum.

In details, here is the member’s navigation menu:

  • BTF Road Map
  • Recommended Tools
  • Fast Start Guide & Videos (updated)
  • Power Finish Module
  • Behind the Scenes
  • Interview Series
  • Advanced SEO Videos (updates)
  • Annihilation Engine Videos
  • Underground Biz Philosophy
  • Inside $7-Figures
  • Latest News
  • Member Forum
  • One on One Coaching
  • Done-For-You BTF Website
  • Contact Us
  • BTF Sequel?
  • Project Profits Login

Some of these areas are for ‘Full Disclosure’ members which is the upsell of the initial Bring the Fresh purchase.

Bring the Fresh Pros and Cons

As with any product or training system you buy online, there will come some positives and negatives, here are the pros and cons of Bring the Fresh.


  • An easy to follow PDF on how to set-up an affiliate based website using WordPress
  • Tons of video training
  • Members forum provides some real value in terms of having questions answer


  • Way too many upsells within the content or videos
  • Too many emails that pitch their ‘premium’ products or coaching
  • Support or forum questions aren’t answered very fast
  • Videos are somewhat unorganized and blurry
  • Mike Long is no longer with Bring the Fresh

Who is BTF Intended for?

As mentioned earlier, Bring The Fresh targets those who have been scammed in the past and bring a ‘Fresh’ outlook on training to be an affiliate. So, this would be an ideal product if you’ve felt that you’ve been scammed.

The other target audience would be those who have trouble technically putting a website together as the quick start guide is literally a step-by-step process from keyword research to obtaining traffic.

What’s Included in the Tools and Training

There are no actual tools offered within the Bring the Fresh program, but do make several recommendations of tools that Mike Long & Kelly Felix personally use. Some are free tools and some are paid tools cleverly disguised with affiliate links.

The training offers a getting started guide geared toward the newbie internet marketer but can be benefitted from all skill levels as it makes a nice reminder on how to build a niche website. I personally find the PDF a little scattered and required more bullet points for it to be more readable.

The video training is OK at best. Although the content within the videos can be informative, I find that the volume and video quality to be low and blurry. This can certainly be a strain on your eyes considering most of the videos are 40 minutes in length.

Does Bring the Fresh Offer QUALITY Support?

When Bring the Fresh first opened its doors, the forum support was pretty good. The owners (Mike and Kelly) found the time to answer questions within the forum and were relatively in depth. Now that the product is 2 years old, they are not in there as often and have delegated moderation to a few of the power members.

Mike Long has also decided to leave Bring The Fresh and pursue other opportunities with his new product OMG Machines. This leave Kelly Felix holding the bag by himself. I personally think that this means the beginning of an end to Bring The Fresh as the support will slowly become extinct.

Bring the Fresh Price

The initial price of Bring The Fresh is a one time cost of $97 and currently offers a $7 trial for 7 days.

They also have an upsell called Full Disclosure which is an outrageous $396 which is broken down into $66 monthly payments for 6 months.

Be advised that these prices are subject to change without notice, so if they’re off – it’s their fault not mine.

My Final Word on the Bring the Fresh Membership

Once upon a time, Bring The Fresh was an awesome product and a fresh change from the typical learn how to make money online product. But since Mike Long has left, I think the information updates and product support will become few and far between.

The only positive element that I see going forward is the quick start guide that walks you through how to build a wordpress site and get it ranked in the top of the search engines.

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