Carico International Mlm Review

In times like these, many people prefer to work from home. And if you are looking for a flexible work schedule, selling products could be an attractive option. In this Carico International MLM review, we attempt to pull back the curtain to find out if these products are as good as their guarantee. Before you sign up, learn why this opportunity could become your misfortune.

What is Carico International?

Carico International is an MLM company that was founded by Richard Cappadona in 1962. The company is headquartered in Florida. Its products include crystal, china, cookware, flatware, tableware, water filtration systems, air purification systems, and more. In 2010, the product line was expanded to include pillows, mattresses and other housewares. With such a wide range of products, the quality has to be good, right? Perhaps.

Are Carico International Products Worth Their Price?

Most of the products are extremely expensive. You can buy products of similar quality at almost any department store for much less. For example, the 26 Quart Ultra CoreTM Stockpot with Cover (as pictured below) is listed on the Carico website for $299.

Carico International Mlm Review

A similar 16-quart product is listed on the Williams Sonoma website for $199.

So you can buy similar products elsewhere for less.

Some customers have complained about the poor quality of the cooking products. Handles and tops seem to fall off or break off randomly. Perhaps that’s why the Carico website also lists a number of knobs and handles that can be purchased separately.

The Carico International Opportunity

The Carico opportunity probably starts with an invitation to a free seminar to claim a prize you didn’t sign up for, or perhaps through a friend or colleague. Once you have signed up, you’ll get started by contacting your friends and family to schedule a party. For all the products you sell, you will receive a commission.

Another part of your job as a Consultant is recruiting. Again, you will be asked to start with family and friends. You will receive commissions for the sales of the people you recruit. This is the way typical MLMs work.

Here is a quick ‘promo’ video on the Carico International Opportunity.

How Much Does It Cost To Join Carico International?

There is no information to answer this question. If you attend training, you may have to pay a registration fee to cover the cost of materials. Consultants are responsible for purchasing a starter kit. Starter kits are tailored to the type of products you want to sell. There are no prices listed for the starter kits.

Can You Make Money With Carico International?

Anyone who has ever been in sales knows that your livelihood depends on the quality of the products you sell. Nothing spreads faster than bad reviews. Referrals are necessary to keep product sales going. If the products are of poor quality and the company is not willing to deliver on its promises, your commissions will dry up pretty quickly. But let’s take a look at the pros and cons anyway.

Pros of Carico International

Choose your working hours: As a Consultant, you can choose your own working hours. The working hours are flexible. You can work part-time or full-time or something in between.

Variety of Products: There are many different product lines, so your customers will have a wide range to choose from.

Free 3-Day Intensive Training: Before you start selling the products, you have to attend a 3-day intensive training where the company teaches you everything about the products and how to sell them.

Cons of Carico International

You Are Not An Employee: there’s no base salary. All the money you receive comes from the sales you make. There are no health benefits.

Pushy Sales Tactics: Starting with the 3-day training, Consultants are strongly encouraged to recruit more salespeople to earn a percentage of sales and move up the ladder. You will be asked to start with your family and friends, both for recruiting and selling products.

Consultants Pay For Kits: Consultants are responsible for paying for all materials needed to sell products, including product catalogs and the products themselves.

9-Year Payment Plan? If you decide to join Carico and cannot afford the full payment for a Starter kit, you can sign up for a 9-year payment plan to pay for it. For example: a starter kit valued at $3,600 is discounted by $1,000. The remaining balance is $2,600. Over nine years, that’s about $25 per month. You have committed yourself for 9 years!

No Policy Information is Listed: There are no return policies or terms and conditions listed on the website. Customers have nothing in writing to help them make purchasing decisions. As a result, some customers have purchased products that they cannot return, which can negatively impact Consultants.

BBB Complaints: According to the BBB (Better Business Bureau), Carico has received a number of complaints from customers stating that (1) they were misled during the product purchase process; (2) customers were not allowed to return the products; and (3) the products were defective or of poor quality.

Is Carico International A Scam?

MLMs want you to believe that you can make a lot of money if you put your mind to it. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. Most people who sign up with this type of company find that they spend more money than they make.

Final Thoughts

Honestly, the lack of information on the website and about company policies is pretty baffling. Nowhere on the site can you find information about privacy, terms and conditions, or warranty. Even on the FAQ page, you will only find answers to questions about the care of certain products. The lack of information makes it easy to make a decision. I’d steer clear of this one.

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