Cash For Patriots Review

Cash for patriots! This will appeal to anyone in the United States that loves their country. And who doesn’t love their country? But to believe that you can really get cash just for being a patriot? And how do you prove that you’re a patriot? In this Cash for Patriots review, I’ll dig into why you should avoid this one at all costs.

So What Is The Cash For Patriots Program?

The Cash for Patriots program was created by Zach Scheidt who is an ex-hedge fund manager. He’s written numerous books on investing and is now the income editor for Agora Financial which operates out of Baltimore, MD. He’s also the creator of the Cash for Patriots Program.

Pay close attention here because you don’t want to miss this. THERE IS NO CASH FOR PATRIOTS PROGRAM! Did you hear me? Did I shout it loud enough? So now you’re thinking, “what am I doing here, then?”

Before you click away, you should know what this is really all about so you don’t fall for it or other programs like it. Stick around. It’s about to get interesting.

Cash For Patriots Review

Zach Scheidt published an article on the Agora Financial website promoting the Cash for Patriots program back in October 2019. So let’s take this one step at a time, shall we? Let’s outline what the implications are based on the image above:

How to Collect up to $6,567 Every Month

The word “how” implies that you won’t be paid from the program itself. The Cash for Patriots Program will teach you HOW to collect your money–that is, if the money really exists.

Up to $6,567 Every Month

People usually go right past the word “up.” They don’t even see it. All they see is $6,567 every month. The program is capped at $6,567 each month? Interesting. Kind of a random number, don’t you think?

And You’ll Get This Money Every Month?

So that means that this isn’t a one-time payout. It’s a monthly payout just for being a patriot! Sign me up! LOL!

“The president is hungry for a major legislative win…”

This implies that this is a government program and backed by the U.S. President which it is not.

“…practically a no-brainer”

This is insulting to your intelligence. It’s basically saying that you’d be an idiot not to sign up for this program.

I picked apart all that from just the first paragraph of the article. Imagine what the rest of the article says. Notice there’s no Read More button either. I’m guessing there isn’t any more but I’m also not willing to sign up to find out.

So in order for you to find out more about the program, you have to subscribe to the Lifetime Income Report. That’s where the money is but it’s not your money. Well, it is until you part with it and pay for the subscription which will set you back $149.

How Do You Get The Cash?

They want you to believe that by signing up to this program, you will start getting monthly checks based on the fact that you are a patriot. You don’t! The image below is a snapshot of a review I found on the (Better Business Bureau) website. It is one of many complaints about Agora Financial and their business practices.

Cash For Patriots Bbb

You can see how easy it is for people to fall prey to this. In fact, the BBB put an alert on this company because of its poor business practices.

Here Are A Few Questions You Should Be Asking Yourself

Let’s face it. Everybody loves a freebee. And who wouldn’t love free money basically just for breathing. And yes, when you think you can get something for free, you regret passing it up. Something like this comes along and it’s very tempting to jump in. But here are a few questions you should ask yourself about this program:

  • With America’s debt in the trillions, how can it afford to GIVE AWAY MONEY just for being a patriot?
  • How much cash do you actually get?
  • What are the criteria to determine how much you get?
  • Where does the money really come from?

According to my research, there’s a total of $2.6 trillion up for grabs. That would be great if this was an actual government program but it’s not.

Show Me The Money!

So now you know what the program IS NOT. Now, let’s talk about what this really is. What Zach Scheidt wants you to do is to pay for a subscription. You’ll then receive newsletters with tips and tricks on how to invest your money.  And the companies you’ll be investing in are companies that have been asked to bring their offshore money back to the USA. So depending on the company you choose, you may or may not see a dividend check. Of course all of this will be found in the newsletter.

And let’s not lose sight of the fact that you will have to pay out your own money to invest in these companies. You are not being paid to invest.

This has nothing to do with any tax breaks the president gave to big corporations and it certainly doesn’t have anything to do with you receiving big fat checks each month unless you are willing to take a chance and part with your own money for investment purposes.

The Ol’ Bait and Switch

So you’ve probably heard the term “bait and switch,” right? This could be a classic example of it. You see an advertisement for something like “Collect up to $6,567…” only to find out that’s not the offer at all and you are encouraged to click a link and buy a subscription for monthly newsletters!

Final Thoughts

If you take away nothing else from this article, the BBB information above should be enough for you to steer clear. This is not a program designed to pay out free money to you under any circumstances. In fact, if you do sign up for the monthly investment newsletters, chances are you will lose money–not earn money. You’ll most likely be bombarded with up-sells that you don’t want or need.

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  1. Great review! Got no experience with this particular scam yet but this article serves as “alarm clock” especially to every individual who always wishes an instant success, with lesser time and effort. 

    This also serves as an urgent article to reach out and convey to the US Government officials and workers that they are being used by Cash For Patriot Programs for its illegal activities which will result to the culprit’s capture and eventual closure of this illegal company.

    Helping people to avoid a scam and recommending a ligit way to make money online is a “Noble” act in my opinion.

    Keep it up and wish you all the luck!

  2. Oh my God🤦 I just can’t imagine the number people that are victims of this cash for Patriots, thank you Jay! You’ve done well by sharing this review to save people from loosing cash. 

    I also had my doubts about them, cause the claims are just too high for one to just believe just like that. I’ll try and spread this review so others will know. 

  3. Wow 🤩 Thanks Jay for taking out time to sharing this information about Cash for Patriots as this review will save many people. I wonder how many persons might have fallen victim, I too would have immediately signed up if I hadn’t read this article because the claims are highly intriguing. 

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