How to Create an Amazon Giveaway

How to Create an Amazon Giveaway

It’s long been known that giveaways can have a lot of benefits for your online business. Normally, when you think of doing a giveaway, products such as Gleam or Rafflecopter come to mind.

These kinds of programs are generally pretty expensive, and you have to handle everything for the giveaway on your end from buying something to give away to shipping it out and even notifying the winners. Amazon actually has their own giveaway platform, and it can be a very powerful addition to your current marketing strategy.

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How to Determine if a Niche is Profitable

Niches are everywhere. They are floating in the air, they are sitting in your living room. In fact, what you are reading right now is a niche. There are certainly no shortage of niches within the online world, but how does one determine if it is a viable niche to pursue? Today, I am going to teach you how to determine if a niche is profitable.

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