Cbdpure Affiliate Program Review

Running an affiliate marketing business online gives you the ability to work with a lot of different companies who sell various products and services. It’s up to you as the online business owner as to what products and services you want to recommend to your audience.  If you’re working inside of the CBD health market, thanks to recent legislature in the United States and Canada, you now have the option of working with hundreds of different companies. One such company that you may have heard of is CBDPure. In this CBDPure affiliate program review we’re going to be looking at whether CBDPure is a potentially good brand to align yourself with, or if you should keep looking for other opportunities.

Cbd Pure Affiliate Program ReviewWho Is CBDPure?

CBDPure is a company that was founded by Nutra Pure LLC. In 2016. Nutra Pure LLC is a health and wellness company that has been in operation since 2012 and has offices in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

The company claims it was founded to complete a simple mission by making the highest quality CBD oil available that is backed by third-party laboratory testing and a 90-day moneyback guarantee. Sadly, these kinds of bold claims are often made by companies online that simply failed to adhere to them.

CBDPure claims that they have a dedicated team that works hard with local farms, vendors and strives to maintain a relationship of trust with their customers. Again, many companies make these types of claims but very few follow through with them.

CBDPure Seems to Be Different

As mentioned above, many companies claim that they’re all about their customers, but very few often are. When it comes to CBDPure, I have to say that I think they’re the real deal.

Cbd Pure Affiliate Program Review 90 Day

There are a few reasons for this. First, looking at the Better Business Bureau listings for Nutra Pure LLC shows some interesting information. They’ve had four complaints on the Better Business Bureau page in the last three years all of which have been closed and resolved. They have a five-star rating based on three customer reviews with an overall score of A+. Typically, I don’t put much credit into the scores associated with the Better Business Bureau, but that’s a conversation for another day. What I do look at is how many actual customers reviews a business has as many people will often take to the Better Business Bureau when things get out of hand and they have a severe issue that they want handled.

When you look at the complaints on the company overall, all of them are over purchasing products and in all cases the company gave a refund happily. Most of the customers who went to complain about the company state that they had ordered products multiple times received multiple refunds and were finally told by the company that they were abusing the refund system. Looking at conversations between the customers and the company, you can see how the company could feel this way as some of the customers had requested refunds as many as 10 times and been granted the refunds by Nutra Pure LLC. That shows pretty good customer service, in my opinion.

The second reason that I think this company is the real deal is because they list a phone number on the CBDPure website for customers to call if they have any issues. While this is certainly nothing new, it’s very uncommon to see a telephone number listed for the health and wellness company that provides nutritional supplements of any type, let alone CBD oil.

When I asked him across the telephone number for the company, it was 4:30 AM on a Saturday morning at the company’s headquarters. I decided to give them a call just to see if the number connected to a voicemail account and how hard their automated system was to navigate.

Shocked by What I Discovered

Cbd Pure Customer Service

Needless to say, I was absolutely dumbfounded when instead of trying to navigate a complicated automated system, I immediately heard on the other end of the telephone, “thank you for calling CBDPure, my name is Ashley how may I help you this morning.”

Yes, you read that right, not only was it a legitimate phone number, but someone was working at the call center at 4:30 AM on a Saturday morning. I spoke with Ashley briefly in found out that they have 24-hour call support available for their customers. Currently, having someone work the telephones around-the-clock is typically a service that is outsourced to other countries and only available by the largest of companies for technical support.

So, reaching an actual associate in the middle of the night was very impressive, in my opinion.

Now that I had a better understanding about how the company treated its customers, I wanted to investigate whether the affiliate program was worth your time.

Pros and Cons of the CBDPure Affiliate Program


  • Very Competitive Commissions
    The CBDPure affiliate program offers commission rates of 40% on all new sales. Since the most inexpensive product they offer is $29.99, this could quickly add up to a very substantial amount of money.
  • Non-Overwhelming Shop
    Most nutrition and wellness companies offer dozens of products that are extremely confusing customers. CBDPure offers only for products at the time of this writing and clearly explains exactly what the products are to potential customers.
  • Real-Time Tracking
    Most private listing affiliate programs are challenging to track your performance with. This isn’t the case at all was CBDPure as they provide you with a dashboard that will help you track all your traffic and sales for conversion maximization live inside of the platform. They also give you the ability to have a sales confirmation email sent to you for every commissionable sale you generate.
  • Impressive Links and Banners
    CBDPure provides you with many different product images, banners, buttons and other links to make linking to products in the shop a breeze.
  • Fast Payments
    Many health and wellness companies make you wait as long as 90 days before receiving commissions for sales that you’ve earned. This is because it’s a very high fraud arena to be marketing in. This isn’t the case with CBDPure. All the sales you make during the month are paid out seven days after the start of the new next month. Basically, sales you make in April for example would be paid out on or around May 8. It’s a very fast payment program, especially in the health and wellness industry.
  • Relatively New Market
    The farm act of 2018 has established hemp base CBD oil products to be available across the entire United States and the marijuana legalization acts that were put into place in Canada in October 2018 make it so you could potentially sell this product to anyone in the US and Canada. It’s a new market with a lot of excitement behind it that we’ll talk more about below.


  • No Affiliate Training
    Unlike many other affiliate programs out there, CBDPure does not provide any educational materials that teach you how to be an affiliate marketer. They say on their site that it is not a beginner friendly affiliate program. The good news is that there are a lot of places, like my top recommended resource, that will show you exactly how to get started with affiliate marketing and launch your online business.
  • Very Protective of Their Brand
    After reading through the affiliate agreement for CBDPure, I have to say that they’re very protective of their brand and image. In their defense, I really can’t blame them. With all the laws and controversy surrounding cannabis and CBD, they can’t risk having an affiliate potentially harm their product and brand image. One word of advice just make certain that you read through their affiliate program if you decide to consider working with the company.
  • Marketplace May Be Challenging to Enter
    as mentioned briefly above, the laws and research on cannabis and CBD are changing rapidly. Some customers are very confused about what’s legal and illegal in their area and most are confused as to what the benefits of CBD are exactly. This is both a good and a bad thing if you’re considering this niche for potential online business.
  • May Be Challenging to Get Traffic
    Even though hemp-based CBD oil is now legal, many places will not allow you to advertise the products on their platforms. Facebook and Google ads both prohibit CBD ads and many other platforms are following suit.

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CBDPure Affiliate Program Review – This Could Be an Amazing Opportunity

After spending a bit of time really looking into the CBDPure affiliate program, I have to say that it’s a good opportunity, in my opinion. The customer service is on point. They provide more than enough marketing materials for you to get started with. They provide 24-hour telephone support so your customers can always reach out should they have any problems. They give independent laboratory test results for all their products and they provide customers with a 90-day moneyback guarantee that they follow through with.

Combine the services and products that CBDPure offers to customers with the fact that the CBD industry is expected to hit $22 billion by 2022, according to Rolling Stone magazine, and you have yourself one powerful potential needs to work inside of.

The only problem is, they don’t offer any affiliate training whatsoever for promoting their products. That’s up to you as an online business owner. This is something I am going to personally reach out to them for as I think this would benefit their affiliate program. So stay tuned!

So, Where Can You Learn How to Promote CBDPure?

As you can see from the information above, working with the CBDPure affiliate program could be an opportunity with some very impressive income potential. Since they pay 40% commission on sales with a product cost of more than $30 per transaction, the potential for earnings is very impressive.

The key is understanding how to run an affiliate marketing business the right way so you can send traffic to the offers at pure CBD as effectively as possible. If you’re looking to learn how you can get started running your own successful full-time online affiliate marketing business, click here to check out my top recommended resource.

Once there, you will learn many ways to get in front of your target audience and provide them with information to help them make a buying decision that will pay you as well.

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  1. Hi I just became an affiliate with CBDPure.
    How can I Market this product?
    And do you know anything about how they use my email list?
    They had a Labor Day sale that went out and I didn’t get credit.
    No response from company as yet.
    I don’t want to promote then they have my list of customers to get sales from and I don’t get commissions on???

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