ClickBetter Review- Anyone Accepted, Including Scammers

clickbetterWhen it comes to running your own affiliate marketing business online, reputation is everything. Unfortunately, you not only have to worry about your reputation, but also the reputation of those who you are associated with. This is especially true with the affiliate products you recommend and the affiliate networks you work with. For this reason, I’ve decided to take a look at one such network and in this ClickBetter Review, I will be sharing what I’ve learned.

Immediate Suspicions

clickbetter warningThere are a lot of different virus scanning programs out there on the internet. The one that I was using when I first tried to access the ClickBetter website actually flagged the primary domain as a harmful website as you can see below. Certainly not the best way to start a review.

What Is ClickBetter?

ClickBetter is a product marketplace similar to Clickbank that allows product creators to sell their products and provides affiliates a place to find products to promote on their own websites or through other channels.

The site was originally created in 2013, and claims that “everything’s better” with them and also states that they “Accept All Payments, From Anyone, All Over The World.”.

clickbetter accepting payments

The First Red Flag Is Thrown

This payment statement quickly raised a red flag to me. I had noticed on a couple of their vendor’s pages that no PayPal payment button was available when trying to check out. So, I decided to follow up via phone call to ClickBetter and see whether or not they were able to accept PayPal.
After speaking with an agent, I was informed that they were unfortunately unable to accept PayPal at this time. As many of you know, PayPal is the largest internet payment processor out there, and for a company that sells digital products on the internet, it’s pretty crazy for them not to accept PayPal.

The only logical reason for this is that they are not allowed to accept PayPal. This normally happens when a company or group has too many disputes opened against them on the PayPal platform. While I don’t know if this is the case with ClickBetter, I did notice that many of the vendors on the platform show that PayPal is accepted, but there is no way to checkout with PayPal from their shopping carts.

The Signup Process

After looking over the payment issue, I decided to dive in a little deeper to see whether or not my suspicions were warranted. I was honestly very surprised at what I encountered after signing up for my affiliate account.

Upon the initial sign up, I was presented with not one, but three partner affiliate offers.

clickbetter partner offers

The partner affiliate offers were from (screenshots below):

  • – a unique tracking link creator and shortener
  • Affiloblueprint – an affiliate training membership website
  • ClickDrop – an email traffic exchange network

clickbetter partner offer
clickbetter affiloblueprint partner offer
clickbetter clickdrop partner offer

While I’ve encountered tons of upsell offers from various programs online that I’ve either received for free or purchased, it’s very uncommon to see them from an affiliate network. This tells me one big thing about ClickBetter, and that’s that they are simply not making very much money from the sales of the products on their platform.

Why Are They Not Making Enough Money?

Once I was inside of the actual marketplace and able to see some of the products for sale there, it was easy to see exactly why they weren’t making that much money. While there are a few products in other categories, almost all of the digital goods available fall into the make money online category.

This would be fine if they were offering quality products, but the majority of stuff over there seems to be left over scam laden garbage that wouldn’t be approved by other marketplaces. You can see from the image below just what kind of quality is offered over at ClickBetter.

clickbetter 48 hour cash code product

The other major problem that I had when trying to find offers to promote is that the members’ area was very confusing when it came to navigation. Rather than allowing for a simple keyword style approach, you have to select individual categories and then search within each one. On top of that, some products that are offered are in categories that simply don’t make sense.

What About Their Customer Service And Communication?

This is perhaps the only thing that I found even remotely impressive about ClickBetter. At the top right corner of their site, they list a phone number for customer support. I decided to give it a shot and called to ask about whether or not they could accept PayPal payments.

I initially placed the call at about 10:00 AM and was greeted with a phone message that stated “All agents are busy now, please call back later or email the support department.” I decided to take the latter option and send out an email.

While I have still yet to receive an email response (8 hours later), I was surprised to receive a return phone call at around 11:30AM. The representative was very nice and friendly, but refused to state exactly why they could “no longer” accept PayPal payments at this time.

And while the actual customer service side of ClickBetter wasn’t terrible, the “news” information section was. It is very sporadic, and will often go weeks at a time without any updates whatsoever from their team.

Pros And Cons Of ClickBetter

The Pros of ClickBetter:

  • Decent customer support – They did return my call without having to leave a message

The Cons of ClickBetter

  • States they will accept anyone
    The quality of most of the products on the site demonstrates this
  • Unable to accept PayPal at this time – Again, this makes me very leery as typically this is only caused by an abundance of returns.
  • Scammy looking products – While you should only recommend products to your audience that you have personally tried, the bulk of the products on this network look very iffy at best.
  • Upsells on signup – Why would an affiliate network need to sell you products if they’re making good returns on the products for sale in their marketplace?

Closing Thoughts On ClickBetter

Again, your reputation is the most important thing when it comes to running a successful online affiliate marketing business. If you sacrifice it by recommending scammy products, then your audience will associate you with those products.

For that reason, I would recommend staying far away from ClickBetter as a vendor and a place to purchase products.







      Overall Quality



        • Decent customer support


        • States they will accept anyone
        • Unable to accept PayPal
        • Scammy looking products

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        Jay Neill

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          Of the 4 big digital network sites (Clickbank, Clickbetter, JVZoo and Clicksure), Clickbetter and Clicksure are without a doubt the worst. There really are no standards for who they will accept to join their network. It is no wonder so many scammers cling to them.


        • Avatar

          cheryl valdez


          I too believe it’s a big scam. I noticed in the success comments that two different people at two different times and two different days both spelled the word “cool” as “cooll” They were’nt even commenting to each other. It’s a scam in my opinion.


        • Avatar

          james brown


          thanks this helped me to make up my mind and stay away from them.


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          Tammy Martinez


          This is a scam. Use Facebook as way to get you to sign up. Every click they want money. Can’t tell you what your doing.


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