ClickbetterWhen it comes to running your own affiliate marketing business online, reputation is everything. Unfortunately, you not only have to worry about your reputation, but also the reputation of those who you are associated with. This is especially true with the affiliate products you recommend and the affiliate networks you work with. For this reason, I’ve decided to take a look at one such network and in this ClickBetter Review, I will be sharing what I’ve learned.

Immediate Suspicions

Clickbetter WarningThere are a lot of different virus scanning programs out there on the internet. The one that I was using when I first tried to access the ClickBetter website actually flagged the primary domain as a harmful website as you can see below. Certainly not the best way to start a review.

What Is ClickBetter?

ClickBetter is a product marketplace similar to Clickbank that allows product creators to sell their products and provides affiliates a place to find products to promote on their own websites or through other channels.

The site was originally created in 2013, and claims that “everything’s better” with them and also states that they “Accept All Payments, From Anyone, All Over The World.”.

Clickbetter Accepting Payments

The First Red Flag Is Thrown

This payment statement quickly raised a red flag to me. I had noticed on a couple of their vendor’s pages that no PayPal payment button was available when trying to check out. So, I decided to follow up via phone call to ClickBetter and see whether or not they were able to accept PayPal.
After speaking with an agent, I was informed that they were unfortunately unable to accept PayPal at this time. As many of you know, PayPal is the largest internet payment processor out there, and for a company that sells digital products on the internet, it’s pretty crazy for them not to accept PayPal.

The only logical reason for this is that they are not allowed to accept PayPal. This normally happens when a company or group has too many disputes opened against them on the PayPal platform. While I don’t know if this is the case with ClickBetter, I did notice that many of the vendors on the platform show that PayPal is accepted, but there is no way to checkout with PayPal from their shopping carts.

The Signup Process

After looking over the payment issue, I decided to dive in a little deeper to see whether or not my suspicions were warranted. I was honestly very surprised at what I encountered after signing up for my affiliate account.

Upon the initial sign up, I was presented with not one, but three partner affiliate offers.

Clickbetter Partner Offers

The partner affiliate offers were from (screenshots below):

  • – a unique tracking link creator and shortener
  • Affiloblueprint – an affiliate training membership website
  • ClickDrop – an email traffic exchange network

Clickbetter Partner Offer
Clickbetter Affiloblueprint Partner Offer
Clickbetter Clickdrop Partner Offer

While I’ve encountered tons of upsell offers from various programs online that I’ve either received for free or purchased, it’s very uncommon to see them from an affiliate network. This tells me one big thing about ClickBetter, and that’s that they are simply not making very much money from the sales of the products on their platform.

Why Are They Not Making Enough Money?

Once I was inside of the actual marketplace and able to see some of the products for sale there, it was easy to see exactly why they weren’t making that much money. While there are a few products in other categories, almost all of the digital goods available fall into the make money online category.

This would be fine if they were offering quality products, but the majority of stuff over there seems to be left over scam laden garbage that wouldn’t be approved by other marketplaces. You can see from the image below just what kind of quality is offered over at ClickBetter.

Clickbetter 48 Hour Cash Code Product

The other major problem that I had when trying to find offers to promote is that the members’ area was very confusing when it came to navigation. Rather than allowing for a simple keyword style approach, you have to select individual categories and then search within each one. On top of that, some products that are offered are in categories that simply don’t make sense.

What About Their Customer Service And Communication?

This is perhaps the only thing that I found even remotely impressive about ClickBetter. At the top right corner of their site, they list a phone number for customer support. I decided to give it a shot and called to ask about whether or not they could accept PayPal payments.

I initially placed the call at about 10:00 AM and was greeted with a phone message that stated “All agents are busy now, please call back later or email the support department.” I decided to take the latter option and send out an email.

While I have still yet to receive an email response (8 hours later), I was surprised to receive a return phone call at around 11:30AM. The representative was very nice and friendly, but refused to state exactly why they could “no longer” accept PayPal payments at this time.

And while the actual customer service side of ClickBetter wasn’t terrible, the “news” information section was. It is very sporadic, and will often go weeks at a time without any updates whatsoever from their team.

Pros And Cons Of ClickBetter

The Pros of ClickBetter:

  • Decent customer support – They did return my call without having to leave a message

The Cons of ClickBetter

    • States they will accept anyone
      The quality of most of the products on the site demonstrates this
    • Unable to accept PayPal at this time – Again, this makes me very leery as typically this is only caused by an abundance of returns.
    • Scammy looking products – While you should only recommend products to your audience that you have personally tried, the bulk of the products on this network look very iffy at best.
  • Upsells on signup – Why would an affiliate network need to sell you products if they’re making good returns on the products for sale in their marketplace?

Closing Thoughts On ClickBetter

Again, your reputation is the most important thing when it comes to running a successful online affiliate marketing business. If you sacrifice it by recommending scammy products, then your audience will associate you with those products.

For that reason, I would recommend staying far away from ClickBetter as a vendor and a place to purchase products.

Top Recommendation
Wealthy Affiliate

This is where I learned how to get started in online business and it is the only community that I trust for honest top level training on how to make money online. I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate for its training, tools, live support and included hosting.

Get a Free Starter Account Read the Full Review

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  1. Lol… even though it’s not funny for those who have lost money I’m so glad I read this and looked these guys up. The little story that I got when I found a link to them was “Joel who is not very bright because first he said that his 10 year old son makes $500 a day with this website and then a couple minutes later he said that he was sharing this for free and that he’s doing so because him and his wife couldn’t have any kids never even tried to explain that possibly the kid that he had just said that he had was adopted after saying that they couldn’t have kids. But before all of that said that he was going to give me the website for free and that it would all be paid through PayPal which looking through all of this they don’t except so not sure how they would pay me through PayPal if they can’t use PayPal. And then after telling me that it would be free and they would pay me through PayPal and that they wouldn’t charge me anything to join but he hopes that after words of making money that I would buy his software with PayPal so after a series Of what sounded like BS I decided to look it up and see what kind of reviews this company had only to find more lies and scams. Please people do your homework before you spend a dime with any company make sure they are very reputable and have mostly good reviews even the best companies have a few bad ones here and there. But the majority of them are going to be good and don’t ever go by the good reviews that they have on that website because anybody could make any kind of fake review on their own webpage.

  2. DO NOT use CLICKBETTER as they are a scam. If you need help forget it, they ignore requests for help.

    Use PayPal instead.

  3. I have also been asked to pay a fee.
    Click better, instead of arguing with everyone on here, why dont you check into it and find out what is going on and then help people sign up on your website?

  4. I was affiliated with a company called MOBE owned by an Australian named Matt Lloyd. Let me give you the readers digest version of my experience with MOBE.

    I was online trying to find extra income since I am a senior and SSI is not much. And I found an opportunity to sell educational products to entrepreneurs through MOBE. They had their people assist me with funding acquisition of $80,000.00. To get this approved I had to lie about my yearly income and that should have been a red flag! So I agreed to everything and wanted the big commissions so I bought the Diamond membership with the credit I was awarded.
    Then I received a call that I just made my 1st $10,000.00 commission and for that year I did ok but all my earnings went to pay these large sums to my creditors. And the money stopped so I attended a mastermind in Costa Rica. More sales of educational seminars was the nucleus of this event.
    When I returned home in June 2017 I couldn’t get into my MOBE account. Little did I know…the Federal Trade Commission had shut down MOBE and all affiliates for fraud…
    This man bilked over $125 million from unsuspecting individuals like myself. I am a Registered Nurse, and I met Doctors, Professional Data and Tech people and of course us Retirees at the Mastermind so this individual scammed some intelligent people who like myself did their due diligence. Now, like many of my fellow MOBE affiliates, bankruptcy is commencing and its devastating, and embarrassing at my age of 66. My friends involved with this company have suffered horrific consequences ie: loss of your home and having to sell all you worked all your life for little compensation. Heartbreaking!
    My advice to you is … do not enroll in a money making opportunity if there is a charge to”enroll”. Find out specifically what you would be selling. Find out the name of the company and do a search. Check the Better Business Bureau, ChamberOf Commerce, and whoever else you can think of because at 66 bankruptcy is total hell!

  5. Hi guys, ClickBetter is an affiliate network much like Clickbank.

    We do not sell any of our own products, but work as a middleman between vendors who sell products and affiliates who promote them. As such, we provide the tracking and payment processing for these vendors.

    We will NOT email or call you trying to sell you anything. If you receive an email or a call from someone claiming to be ClickBetter, please report it to us immediately and we will look after it.

    We manually review each product on our network and do NOT allow products that are scams and do not do what they say they will onto our network. Ocassionally some vendors will swap out sales pages with ones that are not approved and we do our best to monitor this as best we can and take action accordingy.

    If you have a question, please contact us or reply here.


    The ClickBetter Team.

  6. Thank you to everyone that found a lot of these companies our a scam. Just a little information, always look up the company and reviews before spending any money.

  7. Thanks to everyone who took the time to warn those of us who are not savvy in the technical world. Much appreciation for your guidance. Kaye STEWART

  8. Here is a email of the charge that was to my cc last week:

    You can view your full order details below.

    IMPORTANT: Your Bank Statement will show a charge form: HOSTBLUE.ORG

    ClickBetter Order ID 12********
    Vendor Product ID: 539351597

    You ordered: Clone My Sites Life Membership
    Product: USD 37.00
    Total Payment: USD 37.00

    Perhaps I was redirected where I wasnt supposed to be. I dont really care at this point just want to make sure I get my money back and washing my hands of this

  9. Jay, thank you for writing this review. Too bad I didn’t find it before I found them. It would have giving me some insight. With little out of pocket, it’s a cheap lesson.

  10. I’m really glad I read this review before I spent money. Why can’t people just offer a way to earn money online. Instead of cheating, and scamming people. I’m so tired of it. I’m going to figur this out my own.

    Do you think the reports shown in the beginning of the video are on the up and up.

  11. i was just getting ready to join i also was ask to pay money thanks this help me change my mind tired of being ripped off there’s plenty of cash out there no need to screw people in the long run karma will catch up with them i’m just trying to learn it and survive and feed the family

  12. You took my money and did not give me an account. What is up with that??? It would not set up account. Why???

    1. I have received several calls from different phone numbers regarding making $1000 a day. The web addresses are one and All this leads up to Clickbetter. You guys need to stop trying to scam people! People are looking for serious and legitimate ways to make money! I pray that you get caught and carted off to jail because that’s where criminals are supposed to be!

  13. Here is the problem clickbetter… you pay scammers to advertise for you because you are a scam. You have blown up my emails with all different links and when I called to speak to a manager from your company of course they were in a meeting. You stole my information from somewhere and now I have to deal with whomever you paid to harass me. If you are truly a reliable company then call me back and get this straightened.

  14. I tried to purchase this program, and the fraud protection from my credit union denied the payment because it was from the United Kingdom. I called my credit union to ask them why and they told me it was the UK.I googled the website and it shows up as a scam.My opinion ClickBetter is to do more research, before you do any business with them!?

  15. I watched their online program they told me only pay $49.00 to join this, after finished the program they ask me to pay $97.00, why it is different? also they should have official address and phone number to verify their business ,without those two info, it is sounds like scam.

  16. Hi guys, please understand that ClickBetter is a full service affiliate network. That means that we have vendors who sell products and affiliates who promote them and we provide all the tracking, stats, payment processing, payments etc.

    Since we provide a full service to our vendors including processing of the payments/sales, all payments for ClickBetter vendors are processed through our site and order form in much the same way as or PayPal.

    ClickBetter does not sell any products directly, but processes them for our vendors as a third party, therefore if you have any issues with the product you purchased, you should contact the seller directly.

    If you would like to request a refund for the product you purchased, we can help with that, so just let us know within 60 days of your purchase.


    The ClickBetter Team

    1. Well now, your finally given a link to investigate and suddenly your responses turn from pleading for the links to investigate to backsliding into your scam. Saying you only process the billing is why your name is on the receipt but your not selling or charging anything yourself is talking in circles, the red flag of all liars. I will admit in reviewing my scam you sent it did have a shaded dark, statement saying it was not affiliated with Google, bing, e bay,,Amazon, clickbetter, etc. But that makes no difference when the link leads a person to where they pay clickbetter a $37 one time refundable in 60 day fee. The circle pattern always leads back to you clickbastards. The scam is over and your in your death throws. Accept it, you knew it wasn’t going to last forever, no scam does. Even you are shocked I’m sure it ran as long as it did. You need to be held accountable.

  17. I got an email that is a link to a video. The video promises access to s push button system that you will make 20 grand a day or more. When you go to get access to this system they send you to click better an it asks for $67.00 deposit: that is the link to it

  18. I had the same problem. The website asked me to put my full name and pay $37. When in my email it says, it won’t cost you a penny.
    Please, explain what’s going on!!!

  19. Hi I think this are the same I too on 9-22-2017 paid $37.00 for pushbutton, and for( sendlane,clicksure,and click funnels, 14 days free then $9 to $ 97 a month) I was shocked to have to dish out for these, also with the 14 days are about up not sure what to do I’m trying to earn money right now I’M the one dishing it out .I’m on a fixed income I didn’t mind the 37bucks BUT these add ons.will be braking me with no experience they suck you in knowing this, I had an appointment with them yesterday to help me set up NO one got a hold of me with the clock ticking away on the 14 days .did I get into a nest of hornets and I also got into wealthy affiliates but so far just the cost to get in with a limited time I’m not a computer whiz learning fast though.I don’t know what to do or go with .

    1. My experience

      So I was contacted by one of those site promising an online income and I was directed to some kind of affilaite site that promised that they would do all the work for a frontal fee of 37.00 for a website that would set up web links that would help the user earn money. No dont have the screen shots but anyway was supposed to have an appointment set up with some kind of ‘coach’ that would help me set up the links. But apparently I had to go through a screening process first. Can you guess what that involved?

      So I was referred to a ”Michael ‘ New Jersey number. This was the first screener who was asking all sorts of questions about my income and my credit limit of my cards etc. Yeah.

      Here are my notes of that morning I spoke to Mike. BTW after I was not forthcoming as I was very uncomfortable giving out this information…

      Spoke with him (Mike) and said I would be able to talk with him in the early morning before I headed off t my pt job. Called him just before 6 am my time and barely after introducing myself (again) and explaining that I was looking for a coach he hung up or we cut off. Very sketchy. Tried calling back left a voicemail. Called back again line was busy. Not to be a sound like stalker but I do have a job and places to be and cannot wait all morning to go through a program. Emailed them. Im guessing I will be getting a form for a refund. They did indicate a 60 money back guarantee.

      I dont know if this is par for the course with this company or whatever you want to call it. Should have done my research before paying my fee. So this is my story. Watch out. I guess Im not one of the favored ones. Did I mention that they or rather the screen the person I spoke to before I was assigned a coach was asking me all sorts of questions about my credit history, my age etc . I said a little but was not comfortable detailing my finances. Im sorry not but they are not a bank or loan . Didnt ask for my SS (would have flat out refused if that happened and hung up) but make s me think that this is all about the money and who they can milk.

      Just putting this out there because I dont want anybody to either get scammed –or waste their time. I guess they are only interested in young rich people with an excellent credit history. Im sure there are legitimate ways to make money out there online but this doesnt appear to be one of them so be warned.

  20. Its true, I just signed up without even reading the reviews two days ago and got dinged $37 dollars and I received confirmation that my order went through.

    1. No, that is absolutely not true, there is no way you were charged to sign up for ClickBetter – signing up for an accounts always has been and always will be free. Please provide the link you signed up through so we can investigate.

    2. Almost signed ul, but something told me to research them glad I did, sorry for those who lost their money they need to be stopped, but using different company names it’s hard to tell is it them with a different company name. I was watching u-tube with some legitimate people explaining how to do it for free. People with ethics might want to search it out that way. Sorry guys, always research before given anyone your hard earned money

  21. ClickBetter, i personally have been asked for $37 dollars and when i pressed my back key i was offered $27 dollars. Please get off this website now! You are not the owner of it and the owner has no clickbetter account. The owner has a right to review any website he chooses and if you continue i will personally open up 2000 anti clickbank and or clickbetter websites myself! So stop answering to the crowd on this website like it is your website. I know you have nothing better to do and your tactics are aligned with trying to keep up your false reputation going.

    1. No, you have never personally been asked for $37 from us or even $27. We do not sell any products, memberships or anything else. You’re probably mistaken like the previous posters with a vendor selling something through us.

      If people like you are going to be posting false information about us, then we are going to respond.

  22. Seems to be to many contradictions and issues with Click better according to to many people. Reviews do not lie. Companies use false testimonies to get people to buy a service or product. By the way they sent me an email invite, they ask for a one time 37 dollar member ship fee which they claim refundable.

    1. No, we didn’t send you an email invite asking you for a $37 membership fee. We don’t have a membership and ClickBetter is free to join.

      If you received such an email, it was sent by someone else and probably some kind of scam. Please forward it to [email protected] so we can investigate.

      1. I received an email invitation to join this site requesting a payment of $37 saying that you would make $20,000 in the first 3 hours. Please explain.

  23. I’m having a problem with click better right now we had to pay 37 dollars to start and they said that they will do all the work but they send me to this page where they are trying to redirect me. They also have a message where it says if it don’t redirect within 5 second to click continue and when you click continue it doesn’t do anything but stay on that page

    1. Please be aware that this is not a problem with ClickBetter – we are an affiliate network and do not sell any of our own products. If you purchased a product from one of our vendors, then please contact them directly with any issues you have.

      1. Just a comment. But I also received a “Invite” in my email spam folder. The message is using the Clickbetter letter head and site info. I quote $37 sign up and he does all the work for you. You just check your email regular and get paid with PayPal.

  24. Hey Keith, not sure where you received the invite from, but we don’t send them out and it is 100% free to sign up to ClickBetter. We don’t and have never promoted ClickBetter in any sales videos or stated any income claims, so you must have seen that somewhere else.

    1. You are who is incorrect because I was just sent an email invite with attached youtube video claiming the exact same thing w/a $37 charge. I wish I could attache my screen shots as proof of your blatant lies in an attempt to keep your scam alive. You should realize your preying on people who are likely in a time of need or dispare and also providing a platform for other sinister people to easily find potential victims, while only charging these poor souls $37 to allow you to lead them to the slaughter house. This review is spot on and clickbait is more accurate than anything you have said. You can’t see the humor in it due to being blinded by guilt or greed. Shame on you clickbastards , won’t be seeing you on the other side, and glad to the extreme for it.

    2. Keith is right, someone is sending out invites and charging a one time fee of $37 dollars.
      If you don’t charge a fee to sign up with you than it would be a good idea to post the right link for people to sign up. You also might want to find out who’s sending out these invites and get it stopped. It sounds like it’s hurting you reputation and that’s bad for business.

  25. I received an invite email to join today. Why was I asked to pay a one time $37 to join if it’s free? The video also states that all I have to do is join and that you would do ALL the work and I would Start making a $1000 plus a day?

  26. You seem to have clickbetter confused with something else… there is no ‘extreme’ and no cost to sign up for clickbetter – it’s a free affiliate network like clickbank.

  27. I tried to sign up for the product to make extra money at home and could not get through the difficult signing in of the account . I am not pleased at all with the service. I will be requesting a total refund of my money. i am disapointed in the extreme. Frances Tedrow

  28. Hi there,

    I work high up in the management chain at ClickBetter and we’ve come across this review on multiple occasions.

    Normally, we don’t like to interfere with reviews of our website and company, but the person who wrote this review has little to no idea what they are talking about and it’s pretty clear that besides signing up for an account, that they have not actually used ClickBetter.

    Firstly, if ClickBetter was blocked by whatever virus scanner they were using, it is a problem with the software returning a false positive. There have never been any problems with the ClickBetter website despite the high volume of traffic we receive.

    With regards to Paypal, because of the high volume of payments we would send and receive, we randomly had our Paypal account limited a couple of times where we were unable to send or receive funds while we waited for the account review to be complete.

    This made it difficult for customers who were expecting to be able to pay with Paypal as well as our affiliates who we paid with Paypal, so we decided to discontinue using it altogether. Despite all the bad things we’ve heard about companies having their Paypal accounts limited or shut down with no notice, we thought we could make it work, but it turns out that we were wrong.

    Besides a few of our first vendors from 2013, no other ClickBetter vendors would have a Paypal logo on their sales pages, so to say that many of our vendors do is drastically incorrect. I’d be surprised if any approved vendor has a Paypal logo anywhere on their site.

    As a side note, we have not accepted Paypal since 2014, so I’m not sure why or how that is even relevant in a review written over 2 years later, but that just goes to show the quality of this ‘supposed’ review.

    Also, our phone representative wouldn’t know why we no longer accepted Paypal, because as I just mentioned, we had not been using it for over 2 years when the so called ‘reviewer’ called, so there would be no reason for them to know the ‘reason why.’ That is not the same as refusing to state the reason which is another incorrect statement.

    Speaking of customer support, we offer email/ticket based support 24hrs a day and telephone support during US EST business hours. If a call was returned by phone and the issue/question was resolved, then there would be no need to reply to an email ticket from the same person with the same information.

    We DO NOT state that we will accept anyone and we don’t. We state that our Vendors can accept payments from anyone all over the world. Those are two completely different things and another incorrect statement made in this review.

    We have a very strict Vendor review and approval process that can take a week or more of working with a vendor to get their offer compliant with the products and offers we accept. There are many products, services and vendors that we do not accept.

    We also do not have scammy products. Some of them might be considered a little bit hypey or use salesly sales copy in some people’s opinions, but that does not make them scammy, or make the vendors that offer them scammers. Again, that is another incorrect statement. Like anyone with a merchant account, we have very strict guidelines on what we can and can’t sell and how it can be sold, marketed or advertised and if we were selling scammy products, we wouldn’t be in business very long.

    We also offer a 60 day no questions asked refund policy on all products sold through ClickBetter, that we control, so any customer who purchases through ClickBetter can buy without any risk to them if they change their mind, don’t like the product or their dog ate, it by calling us at: 1-800-719-1832, emailing us at [email protected] or using our contact form:

    If you’re going to actually take the time to write a review, please take your own advice and “only recommend products to your audience that you have personally tried.” In this case, it might help if you actually used the product or service you were reviewing and then wrote a quality, unbiased review, which this is not.

    Furthermore, your click bait title of this review is incorrect and way off base. In fact, I’m going to refer this to our legal team as it is malicious and slanderous.

    ClickBetter is a quality affiliate network actively used by thousands of vendors and 100’s of thousands of affiliates, which has severed over a million customers and processed well over $100M in transactions since they started in 2013. You don’t get #’s like that without having a lot of happy vendors, customers and affiliates.

  29. This is a scam. Use Facebook as way to get you to sign up. Every click they want money. Can’t tell you what your doing.

  30. I too believe it’s a big scam. I noticed in the success comments that two different people at two different times and two different days both spelled the word “cool” as “cooll” They were’nt even commenting to each other. It’s a scam in my opinion.

  31. Of the 4 big digital network sites (Clickbank, Clickbetter, JVZoo and Clicksure), Clickbetter and Clicksure are without a doubt the worst. There really are no standards for who they will accept to join their network. It is no wonder so many scammers cling to them.

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