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Does the thought of making $1,000’s a day peak your interest? If so, you’ll want to know more, right? There are plenty of sites out there that want to teach you how to make money online. This is usually stated by people who claim they have a track record for making tons of money online and want to teach you how to do it, too. In this Commission Hero review, we’ll look at the training program to see if we can spot what’s missing from this offer. It pays to read between the lines.

What Is Commission Hero?

Commission Hero is an affiliate marketing course created by Robbie Blanchard who claims to be the #1 Affiliate on Clickbank. His previous gig was as a personal trainer. He started out in 2015 and created his own online information product as a way to make money for his struggling gym. He placed Facebook ads for this product and saw success. That’s when he decided to place ads for other digital products on Facebook to earn even more money.

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The Commission Hero landing page cites many examples of successful students and screenshots of thousands in Clickbank sales. It also says that you can make $1,000’s a day and that you can “be on track for 6-figures online in the next 30 days!” Wow!  That’s pretty big!

How Does Commission Hero Work?

Commission Hero teaches you how to be an affiliate marketer placing Facebook ads. There’s no website needed. You will need to spend additional money on ads so there’s a hidden expense right there. 

The program uses a 3-step system that includes:

  • The Complete Commission Hero System
  • Complete Access to the Commission Hero Private Coaching Group
  • Million Dollar Ad Images
  • The Facebook Super Profits Training System
  • Complete Done-for-you Landing Pages

All of the information above has a total value of $10,495. But wait! There’s more!

If you join now, there are a few limited bonuses that include:

  • Live Weekly Q&A’s and Coaching
  • Million Dollar Rolodex of Contacts
  • SnapChat Training
  • $10K Month Email Marketing Module
  • Access to “My Facebook Insider”
Commission Hero Review - Product Claims

You will be expected to go through the training and complete the assignments. Based on the bonuses, the training is more than just placing ads on Facebook. There’s also an email marketing module that teaches you how to start an email list in order to send ads. 

Commission Hero Review - Commission Hero Success Guarantee

The 100% Satisfaction Guarantee is pretty vague. But it does clearly state that there are no refunds. The guarantee states that they will “do everything we can to help you success with this program!” Yes, that’s a direct quote and yes, it’s got a few errors. (It should probably say succeed instead of success.) It doesn’t clearly state what they will do to help you succeed. 

Who Is Commission Hero For?

Commission Hero is for anyone interested in making money through affiliate marketing, Facebook ads, and/or email marketing.

How Much Does Commission Hero Cost?

Commission Hero is a bit pricey. There’s a one-time payment of $997 or you can opt for two payments of $597 each. The two payment option is more expensive at $1,194 in total. Also, the payments are billed 30 days apart. 

There are also hidden costs. You will need to set aside $10-$20 per day to place Facebook ads. 

And what about the landing pages? Part of the program includes done-for-you landing pages. These pages need to be hosted somewhere so that would imply a website. That also implies additional costs such as a domain name and hosting. The sales page specifically says you don’t need a website. So that’s a little confusing. 


No Experience Necessary: It is claimed that you don’t need any experience to take this course and be successful.

Available Globally: No matter where you are in the world, you can use this system provided you have a bank account and address where commission checks can be sent.

No Website: The system claims that you don’t need to have a website so you avoid the cost of a domain name and hosting.


Expensive: To get in the door, you’ll have to part with $997 or two payments of $597 each that are billed 30 days apart. 

Hidden Expenses: Well, I’m not sure if these are exactly hidden or not. They are at least implied. In order to use this system, you also need to spend money on ads. The recommended daily spend is between $10-$20 per day. That can add up pretty fast!

Questionable Support: According to the FAQs, you are advised to watch all modules at least 2-3 times and have implemented a campaign before Support can help you. There’s also the private Facebook group where you can ask questions. You can also send an email to the support email address.

No Income Guarantee: Commission Hero does not guarantee you will make any money at all. 

No Refunds: It is stated that there’s a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee yet there are no refunds.

Clickbank Only: According to my research, Commission Hero focuses only on Clickbank digital products. There are other online advertising networks out there such as Commission Junction. 

Can You Make Money With Commission Hero?

It seems to me that in order to make money with this training, you need to find products that pay a really good commission. Finding the products might be easy. Making commissions might be harder.

But let’s not forget all the money you have to put up first. Perhaps, it’s possible in the long run but who can tell how long it will take before you start making your money back, let alone break even. So maybe the question is how much time can you dedicate to this before your money runs out?

Is Commission Hero a Scam?

Commission Hero is a course that teaches you how to run Facebook ads. It’s probably not a scam. But your success will depend on how much work and money you put into it. Of course, placing ads for the right products helps, too.

Speaking of products, one thing I found very interesting. Commission Hero is built on making commissions through Facebook ads, right? So it should come as no surprise that they also have an affiliate program where you can advertise their product! 

Final Thoughts

If you are determined to make money online, this could be a losing game. You have to pay additional money to place ads and hope that people buy the products. It’s a bit of a gamble. You could end up losing lots of money long before you make any.

And what about that 100% guarantee? It’s a little vague, isn’t it? What does the course actually guarantee? There’s no refund so if you’re not happy with the results or the course, you just dropped $500 for nothing. Not to mention the money you spend on ads.

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