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If you’ve ever worked on an Amazon affiliate niche site before, then you already know how time consuming it can be to create good looking affiliate links to Amazon. The EasyAzon plugin is supposed to help you save a significant amount of time when it comes to creating Amazon links, and help you to ultimately make more money from your Amazon affiliate efforts. In this EasyAzon review I’m going to look to see if this plug-in holds up to all the hype, or if it falls short on delivery.

What Is EasyAzon?

Easyazon Review IconEasyAzon is a plug-in created by Chris Guthrie that allows you to obtain Amazon product links inside of your WordPress posts rather than having to go to Amazon itself and create a link manually. As most marketers will have multiple links to Amazon on many posts, a plugin that promises to do this could be a significant timesaver.

First Impressions of EasyAzon

The checkout process was relatively simple and there was only one upsell for a plugin that generated table comparisons. So, once I declined the offer and made my purchase I downloaded two required files. To use EasyAzon Pro you must upload and install both EasyAzon as well as the EasyAzon Pro plug-in. As someone who doesn’t like to have a lot of plug-ins on site, this was a small concern. Rather than having only one plug-in, in order to take advantage of EasyAzon, you must install two. For some, this is a big deal, but if you have too many plug-ins on site, it will begin to affect your page load times.

To ensure the plugins didn’t slow my site down, I tested the page load speed before and after installing EasyAzon, and noticed no significant difference in page speed both on desktop and mobile.

Once the plug-ins were installed, I proceeded to get the APIs from Amazon.  This is a required step to for the plugin to work and EasyAzon’s instructional videos made this very easy to set up and get running. Once everything was ready to roll, it was time to test out how well it created links.

Does EasyAzon Do What It Claims?

EasyAzon made link creation a breeze. If you want to insert an image for example, all you have to do is click the EasyAzon button above the post creator and select “image link.” Then, simply type in what you’re looking for on its search bar, and it displays a very nice list of products matching the keyword you’re entering. Then, all you must do is select the image and size that you want to use and click insert. It places a very nice image right where your cursor is located, and you can wrap your text around it to create a great flow on page.

Easyazon Add Image

Text links work similarly, and with just a couple of clicks you can have a great text link that displays the price of the product when you hover over it. It also shows a small thumbnail of the product and allows users to click straight over to Amazon.

Easyazon Text Link Popup

So, the linking system does work as advertised, and it works very well. Best of all, it gives you more images to choose from then the site stripe on Amazon itself. This is a big deal as per the Amazon Associates’ terms of service, you can’t host images on your own site.

If you’re trying to just use the site stripe, then you are only allowed to choose from one image, and even at its largest size, it’s relatively small. By taking advantage of the API however, you are given a few more options as far as image selection is concerned. Best of all, contrary to some reviews of this plug-in, I found that all the images that I selected were hosted by Amazon and not uploaded to my own site. Because the plug-in works in this manner, you have a broader selection of images while also adhering to the terms of service requirements.

Advanced Features Of EasyAzon

EasyAzon does have some pretty handy features in the backend. You can select options in the settings area that affect all links created by the plug-in. This is great as you can do things such as set every link to Amazon as no follow, set links to open in the same page or on a new tab, and set up link localization so that you make money from sales in other countries.

While these settings are quite useful, the two that really stand out are nofollow links and link localization. Nofollow links are extremely important as you do not want to be creating affiliate links as “dofollow links.” It’s very easy to forget to set an affiliate link as nofollow. If you do this too often, you will find that your site can begin to suffer in the search rankings as you are passing along a lot of link juice to Amazon.

Easyazon Nofollow

By selecting this change one time, you can ensure that every link created by EasyAzon is a “nofollow” link. This will make certain that you are not giving away too much of the ranking power of your site.

The other great option offered by EasyAzon is the ability to set up link localization inside of the plug-in. As mentioned in this post, link localization can really increase your overall Amazon earnings. It’s a great way to really add to your sites earnings every month without having to create any additional content or try to increase your rankings on the search engines.

It takes advantage of the fact that you’re already getting traffic from other countries, and allows you to earn revenues from versions of Amazon in your visitor’s home country. I was really impressed with how well the link localization of this plug-in worked, and found that it frequently found the exact same products in other countries’ versions of Amazon.

Easyazon Localizer

Best of all, unlike other link localization options, there are no additional fees or expenses for this feature. Instead of charging per click as many other options do, the link localization inside of EasyAzon is included in your initial purchase fee.

Pros And Cons

There are a lot of features inside of this plug-in that I really liked, including:

  • Saves Time – Just as the product sales page claims, this plugin really can save you a significant amount of time when it comes to creating new product links.
  • Adds Prices To Items – Since the plugin complies with Amazon as far as price displays are concerned, you can show prices on items that you are linking to. This is especially useful for text and single product image links.
  • One Setting For NoFollow – Instead of having to manually add nofollow tags, or use an additional plugin, this setting allows you to quickly make all your Amazon affiliate links nofollow.
  • Link Localization – This is hands down the most impressive feature of the plugin, in my opinion. First, it’s accurate and displays the same product very frequently. Second, there’s no “per-click” fee as there is with many other options on the market.

There were a few things that I was disappointed about with this plugin as well, including:

  • Lack Of Tables – While you can purchase an additional plugin called Tablezon, that adds on to EasyAzon’s functionality; inside of EasyAzon itself there are no options for table creation. Many competitors of this product, while slightly more expensive, offer this option with their base product. Also, if you choose to use Tablezon, it’s one more additional plugin, bringing the total to three plugins while others do the same thing with only one.
  • Multiple Plugins – Again, I don’t like to have too many plugins on site. This one uses two while others allow similar benefits but with one plugin.

Overall Rating

With all things considered, if you’re wanting a way to create beautiful looking Amazon ads on your site, a way to get link localization without paying per click fees, or you just want a way to save a significant amount of time when it comes to creating Amazon affiliate links, EasyAzon performs these functions and performs them well.

Even though it contains two plug-ins instead of one, it didn’t add any significant decrease to my overall page speed, and the amount of time that it will save when it comes to link creation is well worth the investment. Tack onto that the fact that you can use more images than you can from the standard site stripe, and this plug-in comes in as a winner.

Now, if you’re wanting to create tables, don’t like having multiple plug-ins on site, or want a more all-inclusive option, there are some better products out there. With the price that this one is available for however, you really can’t go wrong by giving it a spin.

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  1. Do you know if Easy Azon lets you add UTM codes to the links? Or tracks them as Events in Google Analytics? Sending that information to my analytics is essential to my link tracking to see what works and what does not.

    I would also be concerned if the plugin was saving the images to the WordPress media library like Alan mentioned above. That would be a deal breaker for me. Any Amazon affiliate plugin that breaks Amazon’s terms is dangerous! I’m not risking my account lol.

  2. Hi, im by no means a tech savvy person, but when you inspect the code in websites that use this plugin you can see the images are saved and stored which is against the T&C, and could risk a ban.

    I’ve checked multiple forums and some users who share the emails they got from amazon regarding this plugin, the representatives say it is indeed breaking the rules.

    The plugin developer has also been notified about this months ago but doesn’t seem to give an update on this situation.

    Some have said that although it seems images are stored , in reality they are not because it is done through a proxy server but i could not find any more info about this.

    Now as a solution some people say to just use stripe but in my case amazon doesn’t provide a linkable image, its either text or text + image which just looks ugly and out of place in my site, so im in a bit of a tight spot when it comes to linking images.

    Im not questioning the quality of the plugin since it has mostly positive reviews, but as far as i’ve been reading, none of these are aware that the plugin itself may risk an account ban.

    Sorry for the long comment but i’d appreciate your take on this.

  3. Hi Jay.

    I do not understand this part you say about this point. ((This is a big deal as per the Amazon Associates’ terms of service, you can’t host images on your own site.)) Put it in laymans language please..Thank you. Am new in this field.

  4. Hi,

    I am new to amazon, i tried to send traffic there a couple of days back, checking the info today there were 150 clicks but this is on a 24 hour cookie, TBH I was not aware of that and assumed it would be at least 2 weeks.

    Can anyone offer real life examples of how this software / add on actually boosted your numbers?

    I spend too much time testing stuff, it would be nice to have someone come in with some definitive info..

  5. I’ve always struggled with getting Images for posts from Amazon while not violating their terms of service.

    With the EasyAzon plugin, does it allow you to set a ‘Featured Image’ of a wordpress post to be one of the Amazon product images? For instance, if I’m writing a review for a Potato Peeler, I’d like to set the Featured Image of the wordpress post to be the image of said Potato Peeler (from the Amazon product listing).


  6. Hi Jay,
    I am still confused about how Easy Azon is handling Amazon’s policy of “no copying of Amazon’s images”– at least that’s what it sounded like and, maybe I didn’t interpret this correctly but it sounded like EasyAzon is giving you photos. Does Easy Azon get the photos from the manufacturer? I have added an e-commerce subdomain to pupcorner and used woo commerce with an e-commerce theme. I want to get this right so You are an expert with this so what exactly do they allow when it comes to photos?
    Thanks very much,


  7. Thanks for this Jay. After just spending a few days struggling with setting up one link from Canada, and then for some strange reason not being able to get the HTML’s inserted into my site ( and yes, I was in the text) I finally resorted to the images found on the site stripe and then the text links. This makes it all so much easier and doing it without having to worry about breaking any rules.

  8. Very easy to read. I like the part about the nofollow link. Honestly, I had no clue. I thought was only with pages. SO BIG thanks to pointing that out. As a matter of fact yesterday I was looking for a product in Amazon, and man it can take time with so many steps like download the image and uploading, etc. EasyAzon can save time. Thank to be on top for us.

  9. Hi Jay, great review. It seems that there is always an easier way to do something you just have to research it. That plug-in looks to be really effective.

    One thing that caught my attention was the no-follow tag for affiliate links. What are your thoughts on that? Is the no-follow a recommended approach to better SEO?

    Thanks for sharing

  10. EasyAzon sounds like a great plugin for anyone using Amazon affiliate links on their website. I find the current process time consuming and annoying to copy the code from Amazon’s page and paste it into my post, especially the images. It’s always difficult for someone without programming experience to make sure the code is embedded properly so that the image and text look good on my site.

    I like your step-by-step trial of using the plugin and how it actually worked on your site. It’s very helpful to see the work in process and the actual result.

    For me, the other con is the price since I would like to see a few more sales from Amazon before I take the leap and start using the plugin. However, maybe having this plugin with get me to put more Amazon links on my site, which would essentially pay for itself. Thanks for sharing your insight on this plugin!

  11. Hi Jay, I have just started blogging with a new site and doing research for an easy and uncomplicated way to create product links with Amazon. EasyAzon seems up for it and the pros outweight the cons. Therefore ready to give it a try. Thanks for the review and advise.
    Best regards

  12. Great review and easy to read. I am new to plug ins and how they work on my site. Not only did this review teach me a little more about them but has given me a tool to try that could help me in the laborious job of getting links from Amazon. Thanks for the research
    With Grace and Gratitude

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