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Selling products in your spare time may seem like a great way to make extra cash. But if those products ship from a foreign country, it could be difficult to earn money. Will your customers be willing to wait an extended period of time? In this eCosway MLM review, we’ll look at what this company has to offer. There are a few ways to make money but it’s probably not what you would expect. 

What is eCosway MLM?

eCosway is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company headquartered in Malaysia and has been in business since 1979. It has expanded into other nearby countries including Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Taiwan. It’s the parent company of eCosway. Products can be purchased in the U.S. through their website and through representatives called “Smart Earners.”

In 2016, the company rebranded with a new logo. It’s not just an MLM. It also has retail stores and online stores. The product line is quite varied from household cleaning products to fragrances and nutritional supplements. 

There’s also an opportunity for members to run a physical store that will give them a 5% commission on all products they sell. Products are sold in stores and shopping malls. 

In 2020, they had an estimated revenue of $368 million. It’s unclear how many Smart Earners work for eCosway.

Are eCosway Products Worth Their Price? 

eCosway sells a large range of products that include dietary supplements, personal care, kitchen and cookware, household cleaning, cosmetics, fragrances, and more.  The products are sold in many countries, including the U.S., but they all come from Malaysia. 

Ecosway Mlm Review - Se Pendant

In the case of the SE Pendant, (above) this product was banned in 2010 due to a customer complaint. The levels of radiation it contained exceeded the level permitted for the public.  

Ecosway Mlm Review - Products

The hand lotion (above) is listed on Amazon for $13.90. It has a 4.5-star rating and 11 reviews. It’s hard to tell how popular this product is. Most of the reviews have no content–just a star rating. It’s difficult to determine if the products are worth the price.

The eCosway Opportunity 

To join eCosway, fill out a membership application form, include your sponsor’s ID information, and pay the membership fee. You are then a Smart Earner and part of your sponsor’s downline. You can also complete your membership online. 

eCosway Smart Earners have to buy products in order to introduce others and make sales. You can also set up a physical store and sell products online.

How Much Does It Cost To Join eCosway?

Membership is RM53.00. RM is the Malaysian currency, Malaysian Ringgit, and is equal to approximately $12.68 depending on the exchange rate at the time of conversion. According to my research, a starter kit is mentioned, but there’s no information as to what it is or how much it costs. 

There are also hidden charges you may not have thought about. These include phone calls, Internet access, and gas and maintenance for delivering products.

Another hidden charge may also be shipping, taxes, and handling. It’s unclear whether the customer or Smart Earner pays these charges.

Can You Make Money With eCosway

Finding information about eCosway’s compensation plan has been difficult. One thing that will throw you off is that it’s calculated in Malaysian currency. But you can qualify for bonuses and incentives based on sales. The commission rate is only 5%.

Commission Chart 

Ecosway Mlm Review - Sales

The above chart will give you some idea as to how the compensation is structured. If you accumulate RM1,000 ($239.26) in sales during the year, your membership renewal is free.


More Selling Opportunities: Even though you work on commission, there are more ways to connect with customers. You can sell products online, in a retail space, and even set up your own physical store.

Minimum Sales Quota: In order to qualify for commissions, you must have sold a minimum of RM50 ($11.96). 

Inexpensive to Join: It doesn’t cost very much to join and there doesn’t seem to be a starter kit you have to buy.


No FDA Approval:  It’s important to note that since none of these products originate in the U.S., the FDA has no jurisdiction and therefore has no approval authority.  It’s unclear if the FDA would monitor these products if complaints were raised against them.

Lawsuit: In Australia in 2015, a lawsuit was brought against eCosway on behalf of a woman who, acting as a store operator, claimed she was an employee and entitled to minimum wage, annual leave, and other employee entitlements.

Hidden Charges: there’s no reimbursement for any hidden charges incurred during the course of doing business for eCosway. These charges include but are not limited to phone charges, Internet access, gas, and maintenance on your vehicle.

Is eCosway MLM a Scam? 

With eCosway products, there’s a lot more competition since products are sold online, in shopping malls, physical stores, and through Smart Earners. You may think there’s more opportunity here because you can actually have your own physical store. Just know that you will only earn 5% commissions on the products you sell. The cost of setting up a physical store far outweighs the 5% commission.

Final Thoughts 

These products can be bought directly from the website so there’s not much incentive for customers to buy directly from you. Setting up a physical store takes a big investment and you will only earn 5% commissions on eCosway sales. 

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