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If you run an affiliate marketing website that promotes products from Amazon or any other affiliate network, chances are you are running some sort of WordPress site with a fancy pants theme. Focusing on your affiliate campaigns should be more of a priority than any theme and this is why the eleven40 Pro Theme is my personal favourite WordPress theme for niche based affiliate websites.  The theme is created by StudioPress and built on their famous Genesis framework. I feel that the eleven40 Pro Theme is (so far) their best WordPress theme available. Learn more about it in my eleven40 Pro Theme Review.

Editor’s Note: eleven40 Pro Theme is no longer available. The alternative is GeneratePress.

Eleven40 Pro is a very simple WordPress theme and very easy on the eyes which makes your readers focus on content which then gives users the ability to have more user engagement.

eleven40 Pro Theme Features

Because this is a premium theme from a reputable theme developer, it offers a rich wheelhouse of cool (easy to use) features. Let’s break the most popular ones down.

Ninja Geek Coding

The developers at StudioPress did an awesome job at coding the eleven40 Pro Theme.

Having a solid code base for any WordPress theme is extremely important because it will help your site’s speed and get better rankings in the search engines because according to Google, they like to see websites that load quickly for a better user experience. And because the eleven40 Pro Theme has very clean structure code, it aides in obtaining better rankings.

Mobile Friendly Theme

Eleven40 Pro is a responsive theme which means it adapts to the visitor’s browser environment and will automatically change if the visitor is on a mobile or tablet device. And because Google has recently made mobile ready websites a ranking signal, there is no additional work needed to make your site mobile friendly.

Additional Landing Page Template

This one feature was the biggest reason why I use the eleven40 Pro Theme. If you want to make one of your WordPress pages into a landing page, eleven40 Pro can do this with a single click.

By changing the template to ‘Landing’ within the Page Attributes, it removes the everything including the menu and just leave the content to be viewed. This creates an awesome distraction free page that can be used for a variety of landing page purposes.

I personally use the Landing page template for my main affiliate review pages and have seen an increase in conversions because of this.

My Final Thoughts on eleven40 Pro

The eleven40 Pro WordPress theme is by far the best one out there because it is easy to use, customize & implement on website.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a blogger, affiliate or web designer, the eleven40 Pro theme is suitable for everyone and I highly recommend it.

When you purchase the eleven40 Pro theme, you are allowed to use it on as many of your own sites as you want.

Editor’s Note: eleven40 Pro Theme is no longer available. The alternative is GeneratePress.

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  1. hey, I want to buy a WordPress theme for my website, I’m doing Amazon affiliate. which wordpress theme is good for me. some people saying genrate press is best. please help me

  2. Hi Jay,

    I just upgraded my sites to the eleven40 pro theme (through your link, so hopefully you get something for it) but I cannot find a way to change the style of header from the original black and white.

    I have even tried edit the style sheet. I inspected my page and managed to change the color but obviously it doesn’t stay there. When I edited the same section on my stylesheet.css in WordPress… nothing!

    Do you have any advice? I’m not great with coding (as you have probably worked out.



    1. Hey Simon,

      In the general Genesis settings, there are some options to change the colours. Also, go to the set-up guide in the StudioPress website as there are some great walkthroughs on how to make any additional changes.

  3. Hi, Jay,

    eleven40 theme is great!

    I am a WA premium member and if I buy this theme, can it be installed with WA hosting?
    thank you.

  4. Hey Jay,
    I am a long time current WA Premium member (Shipwright is my handle), and i feel like I have been constantly chopping & changing themes as i never seem to find one i’m happy with. For my WA affiliate promotion site I use the ‘Iconic One’ theme that is free, however, in your brilliant recent live demo of showing how to write & post content, you recommended eleven40 pro theme so i thought i should ‘Google’ the reviews and your site came up first (i somehow knew it would lol).

    Anyways, i also use Divi theme by Elegant Themes for other client’s sites i have built, and i find this very hard to master. Will Eleven40 Pro in your opinion be suitable not only for my WA promotion website, but will it fit the bill for any client sites i build moving forwards?

    Great review by the way and I love your site !


  5. Hi Jay,

    I am fairly new to working with theme based site builder. I put a site together many years ago using dreamweaver and another one more recently using the host options. I just began my journey with niche affiliate marketing. I’m in the very early stages. I’m currently using the free omega theme within WA but I believe it lacks the ability to customize.

    If I put the site together as far as I can get with omega, is it possible to purchase Eleven40 Pro and just change the theme without hassle? I appreciate your insights.

    1. Hi Randy,

      Thanks for your question.
      As with most WordPress themes, they come with restrictions.
      The eleven40 Pro Theme (in my opinion) is the most diverse theme for affiliate niche sites as it is simple and easy to work with.
      It doesn’t have a plethora of shiny bells and whistles like other themes (like Thrive Themes) and this is one of the reasons why I like it.

      In terms of merging your Omega layout into the eleven40 Pro, it shouldn’t be a problem at all.

  6. Hi Jay,

    It sounds like the Eleven Pro theme is the theme to have! I have a few questions, though.

    I have an Amazon niche website about hiking backpacks, and I am thinking of changing my Thrive theme for the something else, that would be more versatile. Thus, is the Eleven Pro theme a good fit for an Amazon Niche website? Also by having the Eleven Pro theme will this improve the loading speed of my site? Furthermore, you mention that the Eleven Pro theme is mobile friendly, is that reflected by a better ranking in Google as well? Finally, what is the learning curve for the Eleven Pro theme?



    1. Hi Sonia,

      In my opinion, the Eleven Pro theme is a great choice for small affiliate niches similar to yours because it is fast, responsive (i.e. mobile friendly) and easy to use.

      I have only used Thrive themes a handful of times, but if you’re using their built-in editor be aware that you may lose any formatting that you’ve built using it. I am not 100% sure if there is any sort of export feature – but you may want to look into this prior to making the change.

      This is actually why I don’t like themes that have fancy pants web builders because you end up being locked into their formatting.

      1. Hi Jay,

        I will first look to see if there is any export feature in the Thrive editor since I have used it for one of my posts (homepage) and don’t want to lose the formatting. Hopefully, it won’t be too much of a hassle to switch from the Thrive Theme to the Eleven40 Pro Theme.

        Thanks Jay for your advice on this,


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