eleven40 Pro Theme Review

eleven40 pro themeThe eleven40 Pro Theme is my personal favourite WordPress theme for niche based affiliate websites. The theme is created by StudioPress and built on their famous Genesis framework. I feel that the eleven40 Pro Theme is (so far) their best WordPress theme available. Learn more about it in my eleven40 Pro Theme Review.

Eleven40 Pro is a very simple WordPress theme and very easy on the eyes which makes your readers focus on content which then gives users the ability to have more user engagement.

eleven40 Pro Theme Features

Because this is a premium theme from a reputable theme developer, it offers a rich wheelhouse of cool (easy to use) features. Let’s break the most popular ones down.

Ninja Geek Coding

The developers at StudioPress did an awesome job at coding the eleven40 Pro Theme.

Having a solid code base for any WordPress theme is extremely important because it will help your site’s speed and get better rankings in the search engines because according to Google, they like to see websites that load quickly for a better user experience. And because the eleven40 Pro Theme has very clean structure code, it aides in obtaining better rankings.

Mobile Friendly Theme

Eleven40 Pro is a responsive theme which means it adapts to the visitor’s browser environment and will automatically change if the visitor is on a mobile or tablet device. And because Google has recently made mobile ready websites a ranking signal, there is no additional work needed to make your site mobile friendly.

Additional Landing Page Template

eleven40 Pro Theme Review - landing page template

This one feature was the biggest reason why I use the eleven40 Pro Theme. If you want to make one of your WordPress pages into a landing page, eleven40 Pro can do this with a single click.

By changing the template to ‘Landing’ within the Page Attributes, it removes the everything including the menu and just leave the content to be viewed. This creates an awesome distraction free page that can be used for a variety of landing page purposes.

I personally use the Landing page template for my main affiliate review pages and have seen an increase in conversions because of this.

My Final Thoughts on eleven40 Pro

The eleven40 Pro WordPress theme is by far the best one out there because it is easy to use, customize & implement on website.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a blogger, affiliate or web designer, the eleven40 Pro theme is suitable for everyone and I highly recommend it.

When you purchase the eleven40 Pro theme, you are allowed to use it on as many of your own sites as you want.

Eleven40 Pro Theme

Eleven40 Pro Theme





      Overall Quality



        • Very SEO Friendly
        • Easy to Use
        • Very Diverse


        • Expensive (but worth it)

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