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favicon generatorThis cool site generates a favicon which are those little icons that reside in the address bar of a browser.

Simply upload an image to the site and press ‘create icon’ and in a few seconds you have an icon to place on your own website. Favicons are great to add to any site as they add that extra element of style. Keep in mind though that Favicons can only be used on your own hosted sites. How to add a Favicon to your site Once you have your favicon, save it to your computer and then upload it to the root of your website – where are you webpages are hosted. Sometimes you need to add some additional code to the home page.


Click here to make visit the FavIcon Generator site

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Jay Neill

My name is Jay Neill, an affiliate, coach and marketing enthusiast who helps people get started in the world of affiliate marketing via live weekly training sessions. Follow me on socials.

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  1. Hi Jay!

    Thanks for the review! I am a WA premium member and I enjoy the training which is a gold mine for the online marketers and all others that would like to learn about online and affiliate marketing in total. The engagement, support, shared knowledge, platforms, the volume and quality of the lessons, classrooms, and training is outstanding. Along with the great support. I am glad to be part of such an online community!

    Btw, thanks for your weekly lessons and live training!

    Best regards,

  2. 11 years? permit me to call you my senior colleague 

    Wealthy affiliate is community that teach people how to succeed in online marketing business they have unbeatable record in helping beginner reach their target I`m one of the thousands they have help to reach their goal I celebrate my one year anniversary with them last year November.

  3. Jay, I am in the third year of my Wealthy Affiliate (WA) membership.    I view the money that I have spent on my  membership as a worthwhile investment into my business.   I have learned so much about the retail industry since joining Wealthy Affiliate, that I became inspired to open a brick and mortar shop last fall.   The shop compliments my other business activities.   

    Last weekend, I was able to start watching your the series that you created a year ago about getting local businesses ranked on Google.   You did a great job walking us through what needs to be done.   Unfortunately, I have a type of business that Google wants to verify by sending me a post card and me entering some code in.    So, I can’t talk about how my rankings on Google has improved yet.    

    When you first did this series,  it was not really applicable at the time.  So, I am extremely appreciative that the live webinars that you teach are recorded and made available for people that missed it or that want to watch it again.  

    For those people that want to build an online affiliate marketing business or that want to market their own store, I will say this:  Jay’s does a great job describing WA above.   WA is a great program.   You would be very fortunate to join and have Jay as your mentor.   He is extremely knowledgeable and a great trainer.  It helps that he has a great sense of humor.   It make the learning process a little less daunting.      

    Best wishes.      

  4. Thanks for the amazing article and review for Wealthy affiliate (WA), you really covered it all in details . i’m WA member and would say one of the most important points you covered very good is the training ,as when i started i did not have any idea about how to build a website and how to make profit from it . and after few days i start feeling confidant that’s its very easy and helped me a lot

  5. Wow, Jay, This is an awesome post. You cover just about everything.  WA is exactly how you have described it.  Top notch, always improving and the community is so helpful and always there, somewhere in the world, to help.  And, who can beat the price of a Premium Membership, (especially on Black Friday) with so much to offer?

    The only question I would have is… Where does one go to find the will to continue?  The answer is, I think, inside us.  What are your thoughts?  What keeps you going?


  6. Hi Jay, I always like to read about this fabulous company and his successful members.

    I’m a member for almost two years now and never regretted it a moment. Of course, there are some moments when things look hard but isn’t this in every job?

    I have learned so much from this platform and from you in person as well, I often see your webinars, some live some when I need information.

    To everyone reading this, I totally recommend at least trying this platform if you are interested to invest your time in making money online.

    Have a great time, Stefan 🙂

  7. Hi Jay,

    Glad to have stumbled on your site while I was doing some research on affiliate marketing! I have been with Wealthy Affiliate for about a year now, and can see that what I learnt and put into use is working! I’m getting a good stream of organic traffic coming to my site. Oh and I love all your weekly webinars, they are a great source of inspiration to me, always looking forward to learning from you. 

    Thanks for sharing all your expertise so freely within WA. See you!

  8. Hello Jay,

    As a beginner to Affiliate Marketing and currently training at Wealthy Affiliate your review established a level of validation for me. Having come from a background minus all forms of affiliate marketing, zero experience, your review created a sense of comfort validating the affiliate program (Wealthy Affiliate) I chose to participate in to be a good one!

    Thank you for that!

    If I may, I’d like to ask a couple questions. Having no experience at all within the affiliate industry and entering into Wealthy Affiliate’s affiliate program, what is your opinion on how I should approach or what is the best way to maneuver through the wealth of training and materials?

    Also, as a newbie to affiliate marketing and to Wealthy Affiliate, what would you say is the #1 problem newbies in common have struggled with within Wealthy Affiliate Training Programs?

    I’m excited to move through the training at Wealthy Affiliate, and very interested in your response!

    Great Review!


  9. Hi Jay

    Just came across your site and man have you written a great review

    I have been looking for so long to find a platform that has everything I need and this place looks so great

    you have explained all the points of Wealthy Affiliate and what is offered and it is amazing.

    I am going to join for free to see what’s going on inside but I feel I am going to buy premium as I really want to build a successful future online for myself and my family and you have sold me for sure

    Thanks and I’ll see you on the inside I hope

  10. Wow 11 years that is such a long time, a lot must have been achieved during this period I’m guessing you’re one of the pioneer members. joining wealthy affiliate has been great for me so far within a month I’ve learnt a lot and I have started building my site. there’s still a lot to learn and action to take, I hope I’m consistent enough to make this a great success.

  11. Jay,

    I’ve been in your online training and learned a lot. Your review of WA is very detailed and covers all the bases. I dropped out last year for a while and have since rejoined due to the enormous tools and learning that can be achieved. I am with you on promoting WA to the world. 

    I haven’t found anyone that doesn’t want everyone to succeed and produce the best selling WEB site around. 

    I look forward to attending more of your online training sessions.

    Winslow White

  12. Wait wait wait. Other websites charge you that much extra for privacy protection? I thought that that was just a given in the system. Did I take it for granted along with the email accounts stuff?…I guess I never really gave the domain price much comparative thought when I went into wealthy affiliate. 

  13. Hi Jay, I’ve been a Wealthy Affiliate premium member for little over 12 months now. It is one of the best decisions I ever made. The training has just been fantastic and your weekly live classses are awesome. I usually need to replay them a few days after because they’re on at midday on Saturday in my part of the world and the kids always want to be out and about. That said, depending on where we are sometimes I can catch it live.

    With regards to members creating their own training, I see some fabulous training. I’ve never created any myself, and I’m wondering how I do that? I don’t consider myself an expert in anything online though so I’m not sure if I could create training? My background is more in motivational psychology and wondering if creating some training in this area might be beneficial to the community? I’d appreciate your thoughts. And thanks for being an awesome trainer.

  14. Hi Jay, thanks for your own contribution on the wealthy affiliate platform, You are hardworking and your live classes trainings are pure work of genius, I am just a newbie on the WA yet and I am enjoying every bit of the tutorials and trainings? Can ordinary members create training also, aside 

  15. Hello Jay, I like to greet you again! Look, I have several questions, to tell you that in the marketing business, I have been trying to make an income for 7 years. I am a member of several marketing platforms, such as: JVZoo, Clickbank, Clicksure, Clickbetter , Hotmark, Alibaba and Amazon. But I did not understand the mechanics of how to link the banners, the promotional emails, but now, I know how this whole thing works. I want to tell you everything I know and I have been learning about Affiliate Marketing, and about this, I want you to locate me at what level I am, please, okay?

    I do not have products, I want to apply the little that is here and go slowly. Te us also the payment per click, but here you have to pay for each product that is sold or you are selling.

    What I am interested in now is to focus on training, above all, to know how to configure my website well (I already did one and I did not like the erase and I did another one), but now, I just want to please that you locate me well in this Theme, to have content and Where do I get content for my website ?, the niche is: Affiliate Marketing.

    I hope your answers soon and guide me, please. I am a member of rich affiliates, I have been a month and a half and I am a Premium member. Okay? Where do I find you?

    Thanks and see you soon, best regards, your Friend:

  16. Hi Jay,
    This whole affiliate marketing is new to me. I stumbled upon another company and as a big researcher, I looked into said company and happened to incidentally find WA. As I continue to research, I keep running into different reviews such as yours. As many have mentioned, by far yours is so much more detailed and less feeling of pressuring you into joining.

    I currently work full time Mon-Fri 8-5 and a full-time mommy to 3 as well. I have a few questions:
    1) How much time will I require per day/week to even see any results?
    2) I noticed you don’t mention joining premium (which many of the previous sites I came upon kept constantly pointing out). Is it possible to even make any kind of money just by joining for free, or is it necessary to join premium?
    3) I am still on the fence about joining, what is something that would absolutely make me take the leap?

    Thank you for your time.

  17. Hey Jay
    I want to learn affiliate marketing and earning money from it. I am totally blank what can I do? Because don’t have a website or blog even any list of emails. How can I start now, please assist me as soon as possible.

        • Hey Steve,

          I totally agree with you on the support.
          For me, the support is a pinnacle part of any online community as it makes members feel that much more welcome.

          Appreciate your thoughts man!

          • Hi Jay, please append my earlier post with the continuation below. Little fast on the submit button there.

            After last Christmas I first got serious about doing successful business online, had no idea how I would get there. I watched a free “get rich quick webinar” which left me wary. Fortunately, in reading reviews about that provider along with doing other research I did, I stumbled upon WA. While only having been here a short time, like you I haven’t looked back.

            Kudos to everyone in the WA community!!

  18. You’ve definitely made quite the journey with WA! I’m glad I found WA because it was completely straight forward on how to make money online, not some fad with crazy upsells and promises.

    What I liked most about this review was that you showed real RESULTS. WA can replace a full time income and release you from that 9 to 5 you dread. But you’re also blunt about it taking real work, because, of course, this is a business!

  19. It has been great to follow your success on football snack helmets and other case studies about how to build websites with wealthy affiliate.
    My biggest problem with websites is how much time it takes to learn all this stuff like SEO, content writing, wordpress and social media.
    What is your best advice for someone (me) who is snowed under by the amount of training required to do this well?
    Seriously, Janelle.

  20. Hi there,
    Well done on an awesome detailed and thorough review of Wealthy Affiliate.
    You are living proof that this business works and as you write, that 10 years later this business is still profitable….what other endorsement do we need.
    Thanks again and best wishes for the next ten
    Cheers…..Phil Browne

    • Hello A Habil,

      1) Yes, I have other niche website that are not related to online marketing. This is one of them: https://footballsnackhelmets.com/
      It is the result of a live case study that I did inside of WA.

      2) MLM typically have several tiers and WA does not do this.
      I think that it is best to start with something that isn’t related to make money online as you want to get a good grasp on the core concepts of online business.

  21. I was looking for the best affiliate marketing platform on the web and someone introduced this website to me. He also warned me to be aware of information overload.

    Is it true that the information there can be at times overwhelming?

    I have seen review of other affiliate marketing coaching programs and the features wealthy affiliate offersmlre resources at cheap prices.

    But the issue that holds me back from joining is the overload and success guarantee. How sure are you that I will get to earn money up to a full time income with Wealthy Affiliate? Also, how can I solve the overload barrier?

    Looking forward to your answer before joining.


    • Hi vishal,

      Sure thing, if you actually search ‘keyword tool’ inside of the Wealthy Affiliate search bar, you will find some tutorials on how to use the WA keyword tool.

      • Hi Karin,

        Thanks for your thoughts!
        You mentioned something that I feel is important for any form of success.
        It’s a willing to learn – such a great asset to have when it comes to starting an online venture!

  22. Hey Jay, thank you for your testimony and personal review of Wealthy Affiliate. It’s always better to have someone on the inside giving the review instead of someone on the outside looking in. Now that I have a clearer idea of Wealthy Affiliate I might just give the free starter membership a try….thank you Jay for your insight.

  23. Hi Jay,

    After reading your Wealthy Affiliates review I had to sign up to see what this is all about. I’m looking forward to the training! I can’t wait to get started and build my first website! Thanks agin for the awesome review on Wealthy Affiliates Jay. I’m also looking forward to your training as well.


    • Hi Jojo,

      Inside of WA, there is a tab called Success! Here’s a screenshot: http://take.ms/kJVhf

      When you click on this, a bunch of success stories will show up ranging from attaining a new ranking to a huge increase of profits.

      This for me is a great motivator as you can see other people achieving great goals with the same tools and training that you are using.

      • Hey Eric,

        I love my Friday nights as I get to hangout with the entire world. It’s so cool that folks from all over the world come and attend live. This means that people are up in the wee hours of the night just to attend.. a very humbling experience. 🙂

          • Hi Leon,

            Thanks for chiming in here.
            I’m glad to hear that you realized there is no such thing as a “get rich quick” scheme. It simply isn’t a real thing.

            Hard work, determination and a wee bit of insanity is the cocktail for success.. 🙂

  24. Hi Jay, great WA review, on a great looking, clean site! All the info a person needs to make a educated decision as to weather WA is worth the time is right here. I also want to commend you on your awesome Friday evening webinars! Always great advice,I learn a lot of good stuff every week! A great addition to the training already available within WA. Thanks for all you do!

  25. Hi Jay.

    I am a big fan of your trainings, and I have often thought about signing up for a hot seat, but I haven’t got around to it yet. Maybe I’ll take a deep breath sometime in the nearest future and actually do it.

    Your website is so great, and you make it all seem so simple, which it is when you know how to do it, and what better place to learn, than right here at WA?
    I will definitely be coming back to it for inspiration.

    Hopefully I will achieve the same level of success that you have.


  26. Great review on Wealthy Affiliate. I’m a current member of wealthy affiliate. I’ve been a member for about two months so I’m relatively still new to the online world. I like the well detail article which you explain precisely. You have been a member for ten years and that’s impressive. You’re one of the real people that live successfully through the help of wealthy affiliate. I hope to be successful too. I certainly would encourage others to be a member

  27. What a fantastic review

    I have just completed my first month as a premium member on WA and I am loving the progress I have been making.

    Reading experiences like yours, ten years down the line give me a real buzz, as you are living proof of what can be achieved through Wealthy Affiliate.

    I only hope I can have something like the success that you have!

  28. This is yet another convincing and thorough review of the Wealthy Affiliate online program.

    I am actually a premium member, recently having joined up. However I started building my own affiliate marketing blog sights over a year ago Boy did I make a lot of mistakes. Mistakes I would not have made had I come across and joined WA early on.

    Luckily I did find WA a few months ago and started the free training. I learned a lot about what I had been doing wrong. I made some changes to my sites and saw some impressive results in about a month.

    Anybody reading this and thinking about joining WA, do it. You will not disappointed.

    TD Bauer

  29. Hi Jay,
    Thanks for this in-depth review.You have just clarified the benefits of registering my domain with WA compared with other registrars.

    Personally, your live case study has helped me redefined how I perceive affiliate business or marketing, business building. Your passion towards this topic is catching. I bet you have transfered this to me. You have been really helpful.

    I have been in online business for 3 years now and I have done several courses from the best in the industry, but i tell you WA is the best of them all interms of being helpful for the newbies and those that have been in this business for a while. it’s basically incomparable.

    Thanks Jay for your help.

  30. Hi Jay, I personally am a member from WA and have known about WA through your website!

    I feel your review on WA is really accurate and I totally agree with your point of view.

    Anyways, I am a little confused on whether I should start with bootcamp or certification. What are your views on that? Thank you!

  31. Hi Jay
    An awesome Review of Wealthy Affiliate.
    You have gone through everything that Wealthy Affiliate offers, and your own personal story. I might just jump on board, and try things out.
    Like like of other people online, i have lost money to scammers, but Wealthy Affiliate looks like ‘the real deal’.

  32. Hi Jay, I love this review.

    I am already sold on Wealthy Affiliate; have been a premium member since January 2017 and have attended several of your weekly training sessions.

    Every point you make is so true. F

  33. Hi, Jay,
    This is a very thorough review of the Wealthy Affiliate program and a must read for everyone interested in starting an online business or wanting to learn about website design.

    I am in my 2nd year at Wealthy Affiliate and began my studies here as a very “green” newbie. My progress has been constant and grows at a very comfortable pace that I can set for myself.

    I have attended many of your webinars and will continue to do so. I learn so much from them and the rare one that I cannot attend is always available in recorded version shortly afterward.

    In addition, the easy-to-follow training videos that Kyle and Carson produce are another reason for keeping everyone here focused and committed to learning.

    The ” Live Chat ” forum, the possibility to have your questions answered almost instantly, the Keyword Tool and the Bootcamp all make the Wealthy Affiliate “community” a pleasure and joy to belong to.

    Can’t say enough about this dedicated and helpful community. Thanks!


  34. Hey There,
    Great post about WA. I myself have recently started and I must say that I agree with everything you are saying. I love the fact that you included Kyle and Carson’s story in the beginning and made them sound like real people, because it truly does appear that they care about helping people learn and be successful online. I look forward to seeing you in some of the live video trainings!

  35. Hey there Jay,
    I am amazed by this updated review of the Wealthy Affiliate program. I must say I don’t find a single con about WA. I was still feeling a bit skeptical about joining the program, but now that I know more in depth about the founders and the community I’m definitely giving it a shot. I hope WA helps me reach the success I want for my online business. Thanks for sharing this!

    • Hi Maria,

      Yes, there have been times when I wanted to quit and this is the result of industry frustrations and personal life events.

      But with the support I have inside of WA, Kyle and Carson – I was able to push through those walls.

      I have started and failed at several niches and that is what I like about niche marketing is that every site you build, regardless of success or failure is a learning lesson for the next venture.

      Thanks for chiming in.

  36. Hello Jay,

    I am very impressed with your review of Wealthy Affiliate. I have read many online reviews of many ways to make money online. In a great many of these you either get wild claims about making a fortune or a superficial review that makes you wonder if the reviewer has the slightest idea of what they are talking about. I must say your review is the exception. You obviously have great knowledge of Wealthy Affiliate and explain the program in great detail without hype. I appreciate the excellent information.

    Very refreshing!



  37. I love the material covered in this website. In fact, I have been very diligent in trying to get my website up and going and I plan to use your website as a tool. I have to say that if I wasn’t already a wealthy affiliate premium member, your website would have convinced me to give it a try. The content provided was engaging. The theme itself was simple with an easy flow and easy to read without getting distracted. Thank you for the insight on your personal experience. It was very motivating.

  38. Hi there. It’s a pleasure to read your Wealthy Affiliate Review.
    I’m allergic to hyped up reviews online, so when I read this one I was able to relax and enjoy the info and the story behind WA.
    Back in the day , that keyword list Kyle and Carson used to produce would have been a god send to anyone who had a clue what to do with it.
    The kw tools have come a long way and so have all you guys involved in WA.
    Thanks for the awesome work. J

  39. Hi Jay,

    I’ve been a Wealthy Affiliate member for 5 months now, and I have to say it has been GREAT. I came in as a total noob and I have learned tons with the WA courses AND your weekly live sessions.

    Every now and then I have doubts of the things I’m doing but as you said the community has always been a great help. Be it on the live chat or on questions blogged.

    I have 0 regrets on joining WA and would recommend it to anyone who is wondering if they should join.

    Thanks for everything,


  40. Wow this the best Wealthy Affiliate review I have seen soo far and I have seen quite a few. Already being a member of Wealthy Affilite myself I can only agree with what you are saying. What you get at Wealthy Affiliate you won’t find anywhere else (at least not at this price) so all you need to succeed is to be dedicated, willing to work and most importantly you need to believe in what you are doing?
    This is where I struggle right now. Any tips on how to keep motivated and how to find the right mindset to success?

  41. What an amazing review. I found your review is full of wonderful and helpful tips with an inspiration and motivation part for a new member of wealthy affiliate community like me. I hope I could reach all the 10 yrs in wealthy affiliate community and some remarkable training like you did. Also a successful Online Business for me in the future. You are such an inspiration. Thank you for sharing.

  42. Hi Jay I just wanted to say I love your website and frame work. It was very informative, and interesting to read. Joining Wealthy affiliate was the best decision I made. I cant believe the amount of training I’ve received and how much I learn every time I log in. You, Kyle and Carson really do an awesome job with the whole platform. I highly recommend Wealthy affiliate to anyone interested in starting their own online business, no matter what their skill level is. Thank you

  43. Hi Jay, I just wanted to say thanks for laying it all out like this. There’s a lot of conflicting information online and so it’s good to get solid and detailed information before joining. (even if it’s free to join!)

    I think the fact you’ve been a Wealthy Affiliate member for 10 years says a lot! You must be getting results in your own online businesses to still be with them after all this time.

    Wealthy Affiliate might be ideal for me because I’m not scared of hard work, I like learning new things and I realise that buiding an income generating website can take time. I’m excited to get started and I’ll try not to ask you too many questions as I work my way through the courses! Thanks again, Simon.

        • Hi Laurie,

          Before starting a website, you need to learn the fundamentals of running an online business.
          When you sign up to WA and have access to the free starter account, you will start the level 1 training which walks you through all of these fundamentals.

          This training will also guide you on creating a website including a platform that’ll help you create one.

          Go ahead and get your starter account rolling at WA as there is no cost and you don’t need to enter any credit card details.

  44. Hi Jay,
    I have been a member of WA only since January but it has changed everything for me. I have long been searching for something of this nature, and WA has delivered. The community there is top-notch, and you always find quick help when you need it. I would recommend it to anyone… even with no experience, it has opened my eyes to the world of online money-making! It’s so much easier than anyone thinks. I love being able to work right from my laptop.

  45. Jay I love your review of Wealthy Affiliate. I have recently joined and it has genuinely been a revelation for me. What I love is the level of support and the feel of community between everyone, from beginners to experts.

    I think the important thing is you can try it out for free, or you can pay for the premium membership monthly and cancel if you feel like you aren’t getting anything out of it – I can almost guarantee that anyone who does sign up won’t find this though. It is a fantastic resource.

  46. Hi Jay!

    Wealthy Affiliate is really the place to be if you want to be successful online.

    I remember it was a bit overwhelming when I first joined, but when you start to organize all the info of the training in your head and take action, it all starts to make sense.

    This is an amazing review of what’s actually the community, nothing else needs to be said.

    I’m also a fan of your weekly live videos, Jay. I can’t always watch them live, since I’m on a far-away time zone, but I know where to find them 😉

    Thanks for your work and motivation!

  47. Hi Jay,

    It’s so nice reading this review on Wealthy Affiliate. I like the simple and easy to understand language that you use to explain your points.

    I’ve watched your training videos and I’m still working on my website but I am not realising any returns yet. I wonder what I’m not doing right and I don’t want to give up. One of the major challenges I have is that the free starter registration isn’t free anymore in my country. This makes my website a little bit irrelevant…I think.

    Thanks for your review and training I enjoy them a lot.



    • Hi Nicu,

      Great to hear that you’ve joined WA and I really appreciate that you have learned that hard work is what makes a good online business work and not some quick tool or method.

  48. Hi Jay

    I’m really thankful for wealthy affiliate, if it wasn’t for it, I don’t think that I would where I am today.

    This review will help a lot of people, just like it helped me…I was scammed so many times until I bumped into Kyle’s site.

    Since that day I never looked back, thanks for your training too…it also played a major role in my success.


  49. Looking good Jay!
    I’ve always loved your content, especially your weekly live training and I try my best not to miss even one lesson. They are all very impactful and I’ve managed to rank almost all my pages on top.

    Really appreciate all the time and effort you’ve put into teaching us and I have to admit, WA’s SSL feature is really giving my site positive results. It’s ranking much easier than before too! Out of curiosity though, how long did it take for your site to really take off when you first built it?

  50. This is very well done. Obviously you have been doing this for a long time and I am just starting. I do not have anything to change. I saved the site so I can learn from your site.

    The blogs helped with SEO traffic. I read something on your blog that I believe it talked about in the videos but I did not catch the importance of it. Thanks

  51. Hello Jay. What a great review. I have been a WA member since Nov 2016 and I have loved every minute of the training and support while building my affiliate website. When I first signed up I was immediately impressed with the amount of time that was taken for planning, organising and implementing the training let alone the speed and accuracy of the SiteRubix and integrated WordPress platform in terms of performance and speed.
    Amazing! Still, I am learning new stuff every day. I think the thing I love the most is the way in which the training program and support systems, including the member’s community, instils confidence in you and thereby increases belief in yourself. This I think was probably the most important factor for an affiliate virgin like myself (at least back in Nov 2016, but not anymore) – so if I can do it, anybody really can do this, especially in Wealthy Affiliate 🙂

    p:s I have watched several of your recorded webinars and they are awesome!

  52. I’ve been with Wealthy Affiliate since August 2016 and enjoying it very much! When I first joined I felt like I traveled to another planet. I knew nothing about affiliate marketing. But I was willing to learn as I looked all over to find ways to make money online. All I found were scams. I was also unsure about WA but I read all the good reviews and gave it a shot. I felt like I made a good choice!

  53. Hey Jay…!

    I remember when I first signed up with Wealthy Affiliate little over a year ago.

    I joined really knowing nothing about affiliate marketing and how to go about it. In fact, I had to look up the true meaning of affiliate… lol.

    I had done lots of researching over the years and hesitated joining anything because some of my friends were scammed.

    I’ve been with Wealthy Affiliate now for just a little over a year now and I’m amazed at how much knowledge and how comfortable I am doing things on my site… which I started from scratch here. Wow… you should see it now!! The training is amazing and I do go over them more than once. Lots of fun to learn here! Here we get honesty, integrity… support, etc!!

    Thanks to you, Kyle, Carson and the members I’m proud of what I have accomplished so far. It’s been hard work but all worth it!

    The best part, I’m able to help others with confidence!

    Thanks so much for your review!!

    • Hi Israel,

      Back when I joined WA 10 years ago, it wasn’t as elaborate as it is now, but still very intimidating!

      P.S. I love to hear that I have given you some motivation!