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Making money online can feel like an impossible goal. One new product called Flipp Ninja promises to show you a “five-minute copy and paste hack to make money online by this time tomorrow.” In this Flipp Ninja review, we’re going to see a Flipp Ninja can help you make money or if it still needs a bit of time in the dojo.

What Is Flipp Ninja?Flipp Ninja Review

Flipp Ninja is a course created by Art Flair and Pallab Ghosal that is supposed to teach you a method of making money online that according to their sales page, can be executed by anyone in as little as 24 hours.

On the sales page, Flipp Ninja claims that if you start today you can make your first profits by tomorrow and earn $25-$100 every single time you take five minutes out of your day to do the method that the course will reveal.

Since this is such a tempting offer, it’s hard to say no to this product.

The Flipp Ninja Buying Process

The front-end sales page for Flipp Ninja is straightforward. At the top of the sales page is the bold claim that you will make $25-$100 each time you do the action in the course and that this action only takes five minutes. Below that is a sales video that features a lady outlining just how easy the entire process is, but not giving anything away as to what you’ll be doing exactly. All that is said is that it is simple, easy and anyone can do it.

Heading down the sales page, there are a few testimonials that show earnings ranging from $15 all the way up to $100 and finally the buy button at the bottom of the course allowing you to purchase it for $12.97.

After making the purchase, you’re taken into the Flipp Ninja sales funnel. Because the sales funnel has so many additional upsells and downsells, I’ll briefly outline them below.

  • Upsell #1: Flipp Ninja Done-For-You Package ($35.82) – This upsell promises to take all the work out of doing your own flips and allow you to make more money while freeing up your time. Keep in mind now you still have no idea exactly what you’re supposed to be doing on your own, so having someone else do it for you doesn’t make that much sense.
  • Downsell #1 – Flipp Ninja Done-For-You-Package $12 Discount ($25.21) – The same offer as the first upsell, minus stock images and music.
  • Upsell #2 – “Unlimited Traffic” ($197) – This offer sounds too good to be true and after listening to the sales video, it’s still not very clear as to exactly how you’d get “unlimited traffic,” but it sounds like you’d be allowed to run ads on a Facebook page, group or other similar page.
  • Upsell #3: Flipp Ninja Resellers License ($97 for 300 licenses or $197 for 1,000 licenses) – This gives you the ability to sell Flipp Ninja using their videos, sales pages and funnel.
  • Upsell #4 8 x Case Studies ($25.27) – This upsell gives you 8 Case studies that the Flipp Ninja team put together outlining some of their flipping campaigns and some additional “advanced training. “This upsell looks a little rough because it says in the sales video that if you say no, you’ll never be able to get the offer at the same price again. As you can see in the images below from the sales video and one from the members area that will talk about in the review below, this isn’t the case as you’re able and encouraged to go back to that upsell and any others on the first page of the members area.
  • Downsell #2 – 5 x Case Studies ($15.23) – The same offer as the upsell above minus 3 case studies.

Flipp Ninja Review Questionable Upsell

Flipp Ninja Review Members Upsell

Pros and Cons of Flipp Ninja


  • Does Show A Method That Could Possibly Work
    The ‘method’ this course teaches you that is not for everyone. More on this in the review below.


  • Questionable Sales Funnel
    Some of the offers in the sales funnel show scarcity that doesn’t exist. Once inside the member’s area, you’re encouraged to revisit upsells that you were threatened to “never be able to access again,” according to the sales video.
  • Members Area and Training is Full of Upsells and Other Products
    Even once you’re inside the training, there are tons of additional product offers, upsells and you’re instructed multiple times to join groups and buy services from the product creators themselves.
  • The Course is Challenging to Understand
    Throughout the sales funnel, Ari presents every upsell and downsell. Yes, Ari has an accent, but the sales videos are clearly spoken and easy to understand. Once inside the course, Pallab takes over for the training. He has a very thick accent, speaks English as a second language, and often has significant noise in the background of the videos. These issues combine with the overall broadness of the course make it very challenging to follow and understand.
  • Questionable Method
    The method that is discussed in the course is a very questionable one that many people claim doesn’t work.
  • Course Feels Rushed and Unscripted
    The course felt like it was done on the fly with no prior scripting or plan. The information is presented in what feels like a live manner. Prime example is the image below that Pallab draws up while talking about how their method works. It’s challenging to read and have any idea as to what’s going on, in my opinion.

Flipp Ninja Review Video Quality

Flipp Ninja Review –Stay Out of the Dojo

After going through this course in its entirety, I have to say that I’m a little bit more than disappointed.

First, as I briefly mentioned in the con section above, there are a lot of upsells, recommended products and affiliate links sprinkled all throughout the members area and course videos inside of Flipp Ninja. The very first thing you’re greeted with after logging in is more offers. After finally getting through the long sales funnel prior to accessing your purchase, you’re taken to a members’ area like the one in the screenshot below.

Flipp Ninja Review Welcome Area

Notice in that image that the very first thing you see is an email sign-up form to watch a live webinar followed by a recommended product. Scroll on down and you’re greeted with a welcome video from Art that once again pitches the upsells in the sales funnel as well as the recommended product and live webinar. The members area feels like nothing more than an additional sales page, in my opinion.

To top it off, once you’re inside of the training itself, you’ll find instructions to sign up for multiple additional products through affiliate links and several Facebook groups where Pallab is a member or admin who offers services for sale in the group.

While there’s nothing wrong with trying to earn more money by promoting a few other products or affiliate links inside of training, I feel like there should be a little bit more transparency when doing so.

The training itself felt rushed and thrown together on the fly, in my opinion. Not to mention that it was very challenging to understand the training as Pallab has a very thick accent and their significant background noise in multiple parts of the training.

Tack all of that on with the method that you’re using to make money being very questionable in nature and considered a poor way to get traffic by many marketers in the industry, and it’s a course that I would recommend avoiding.

So, What’s Better Than Flipp Ninja?

Flipp Ninja promises to show you away to make money online quickly and easily. In my opinion, fails to deliver on that promise. However, the good news is that there are many other products out there that can show you how to build an online business and make money online for years to come.

If you’re looking for a way to earn money online in an ethical way without having to rely on gimmicks or false promises, take a moment to check out my top recommended resource.

Once inside, you can expect to find a method of building an online business that can stand the test of time. It’s how I got started making money online and there have been countless others over the years who have posted success stories inside of the members area.

Top Recommendation
Wealthy Affiliate

This is where I learned how to get started in online business and it is the only community that I trust for honest top level training on how to make money online. I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate for its training, tools, live support and included hosting.

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