Get Better Email Open Rates With These 3 Strategies

I think at some point in time we’ve all heard the expression that “the money’s in the list.” While this is true, it needs to be modified just a little bit to, “the money’s in the responsive list.”
If no one is opening your emails, then you aren’t going to have any money coming in, or have very many visitors to your new content, right?

That’s where the tips below can really come into play to help you out. The following tips are time-tested ways to really get your email list to become more responsive. For you, the results will be more recurring visitors to your content, and ultimately more money coming into your accounts month after month.

Always Use Images

Stop and think about all the email that you receive on a daily basis. According to Life Wire, the average office worker receives a whopping 120 emails per day. Let’s face it, that’s a lot of email.

When you’re learning to create your own online business, this number drastically increases. You’re constantly barraged with offers, specials, and the newest ‘one button no-effort needed’ scams to be released. As you can imagine, if your audience is receiving hundreds of emails daily, they’re going to forget who you are, especially in the beginning.

Normally, they sign up for your special free offer, and by the time they receive your second email, they’re already wondering who you are. They’ve forgotten that you gave them a great freebie, and now only see you as yet another marketer trying to sell them something.

If you take just a few seconds to include a headshot, especially if it’s the same one you’re using on your site and social media, then your contacts will know there’s a person behind the business and will have that moment of clarity and form a connection between you, your site, your offer, and your email.

For those of you who are subscribed to receive my emails will see how I place a header image of myself in every email. Here’s a screenshot to show you how this looks.

Jay'S Welcome Email Header

By making certain you are always including a quick photo, you can help to increase personal and brand recognition with your contacts. Over time, if you’re providing quality content, you can even find yourself hitting their whitelist filters which will result in far less credibility when a random subscriber marks your emails as spam.

Use RE: On Occasion

This is one that some email marketers recommend while others say to stay as far away from it as possible due to the spammy nature of the subject line. Personally, I say to use it occasionally.

Why occasionally?
For starters, if you try to always use the RE: tag in your subject line, yes it will often begin to look spammy to your subscribers. However, if you use it every now and then, I think it helps to convey a message saying “hey, join in on the conversation!”

This is especially true if you’ve been doing a series of posts on your site in recent weeks or months talking about one particular subject.

Doing a 6 week series on email marketing? Then perhaps at the end of the segment, after providing weekly updates, you could send out an email titled “RE: Getting more email conversions,” and then begin the email with something along the lines of “Hey, I really hope that you’ve had some success implementing what we’ve been talking about the last few weeks. Oh, if you need to catch up, head over here to start the series.”

Implementing this type of strategy is helpful in a couple of ways. First, it lets your followers know that you are pushing out new stuff that will help them, and second, it subconsciously lets them know that you can be reached via email for any additional questions.

Again, use this one in moderation though. The last thing you want to do is find yourself being marked as spam mail too frequently. It’s a one way ticket to the bulk mail filter if you are.

Have Consistency With Your Greeting

It’s important for you to decide early on exactly how formal you want to be with your audience. If you’re fairly informal with the content you’re publishing on your site or videos; let that carry over to the conversational tone of your emails as well.

Consistency In Your Greeting

One quick way that you can always maintain the same tone with your email campaigns is to always use the same greeting. If you’re trying to create a more approachable image, you may want to start things out with something like “hi folks,” “what’s going on,” or “how’s it going.”

If you’re wanting to create a more professional image and message, then something along the lines of “name,” “dear name,” or the simple “hello” would be best.

The bottom line is that over time your audience will begin to look forward to your emails. Because of this, you always want to make sure that they continue to have the same feelings of warmth and professionalism that they’ve grown used to.

Another great tip if you have a closed group on Facebook or within a forum system somewhere is to try to greet your followers by that name.

For example, if you owned a website called ‘Marketing Mothers’ and also had a closed Facebook group that you were mailing by the same name, make that your creating. Something along the lines of “Hey there fellow Marketing Mothers!”

This will create a feeling of being part of a group and can result in your followers feeling like help is only a couple of clicks away whenever they may need it. For you, it will create a feeling of community that your customers will try to visit frequently, resulting in even more exposure to your messages.

It can also result in more group signups by putting links to messages inside of the group within the email body itself. When non-members try to access them, they will be asked to sign up for the group. This results in you building another channel in which to communicate with your audience.

Final Thoughts

These email marketing tips will help you to not only build a much more responsive following, but also increase the duration of your existing email followers to become life-long.

If you’re able to create a strong enough following, you will have a group of people who are willing to not only buy from you, but also go to bat for you if others are trying to shame your name or products.  Just always remember before you schedule that next batch email, or click the send button on a quick release, that ultimately you are sending messages out to a group of people who trust you, and truly want to see what content you have to offer.

By approaching your email marketing in this way, you can begin to form a relationship with your email followers that will stand the test of time for many years into the future.

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