Googlesniper3If you have ever heard of George (Montagu) Brown, then you are probably aware of his less than ethical methods of marketing in the past. George has a “brand-new rollout” of his Google Sniper program titled Google Sniper 3.0.

Now, before I talk about this new system, I want to take a  look back at one of his last product offerings that was titled George Brown’s PREDATOR. The following is a screenshot of someone leaving their thoughts about George Brown’s PREDATOR on the Warrior Forum.

Yes, I know that this isn’t a review of PREDATOR, but this is the caliber of product that George Brown has been known to release in the past. The thing that concerns me is that there are many users that state his products have resulted in them having accounts closed for spamming or other suspicious activities.

With the knowledge of how some of George’s previous products have went, I carefully decided to give the Google Sniper 3.0 a whirl.

Review of Google Sniper 3.0

The very first thing that I was forced to notice was the buying process. It took over 15 minutes just to get to the product! This is because I had to navigate past 4 additional sales offers.

But the worse part about the buying process was almost being tricked into a monthly recurring payment membership of $47 a month with Google Sniper 3.0. There is a small button on the sales page that indicated you are getting access to Sniper X but no mention of any sort of recurring fee. Have a look at this screenshot below.

Now, if this is left checked, then upon the checkout, there is a small mention of Future Payments of $47 a month. Have a look.

But if you uncheck the box and then visit the checkout, the Future Payments of $47 a month is gone. If the Google Sniper 3.0 product is so awesome as it mentions within the sales page, then why do they need be sneaky about the recurring monthly fee?

I made a video of me buying Google Sniper 3.0 which goes through the entire process of the upsells, downsells and revealing this little monthly fee trick. Watch the video and you’ll see exactly what I mean.

Once I finally got through all of the up-sell attempts that Google Sniper 3.0 threw at me, I was able to see the “meat” of my purchase.


I have to admit, the product is laid out pretty well. As instructed by the link directly below the introduction video, I headed into the “Sniper Cash Machine Course.”

I found the first video of the Sniper Cash Machine to be a 16-minute video discussing why you should sell the Google Sniper 3.0 training. The remaining videos varied in length and gave you instructions on how to sell Google Sniper 3.0.

In the past, users have said that using some of George’s training had resulted in them getting accounts banned from various email and social networks. After watching the Sniper Cash Machine videos, I can understand why.

You are instructed to use your social profiles to blatantly advertise for Google Sniper 3.0. While simply posting status updates on Facebook isn’t something that can get you in trouble, many of the other things you are instructed to do (direct email friends and family and direct message friends on Facebook) are considered to be spamming and can result in account termination and possible legal actions.

You are instructed to do this because your friends, family, and co-workers may spend “potentially over $200” and they “trust you so they convert.”

Just think of how happy your boss would be to see the following “done for you Facebook status update.”


The second part of Google Sniper 3.0 is a 108 page pdf. This pdf covers basic things like setting up a WordPress blog, finding niches, finding keywords, etc.. but there is a major flaw to it.

As I was reading it, I couldn’t help but think it was a bit dated as many of the things I was being told to do were typical strategies from several years ago.


Then I had the confirmation that the guide I was reading was a bit dated. The image below was actual “proof” of the guide working and as you can see, it’s proof from quite a while ago.

Quite a bit has changed as far as internet marketing is concerned since 2009. The other thing that really bothered me was that Google Sniper 3.0 was supposed to be fully updated. The pdf continued to mention Google Sniper 2.0 updates.

There was a bit of a silver lining in some of the “Sniper X” training that is supposed to be current, but most of that seemed to be roughly 6 months old as well.

There is one final area of training in Google Sniper 3.0 which is the “Google Sniper Bulletproof Manual.” It is a 60 page pdf and video that promises up-to-date information about getting your sites to stay ranked.

I can honestly say that this is the best part of the training. It does deliver some good information, but it still refers to Google Sniper 2.0 throughout the guide.

Does this one section justify the price of the entire product? No because you can actually also find the same information that is in the “Bulletproof Manual” several other places online for free.

Who Is Google Sniper 3.0 For?

If you are new to internet marketing and want to get a basic grasp of what internet marketing is all about, then the main guide pdf does still have some value in it. I would stay far away from the methods outlined in the “Sniper Cash Machine” as they are borderline spam actions that can get your social accounts banned, internet cancelled or worse.

Aside from people who have no knowledge whatsoever on the basic concepts of internet marketing that you can find on YouTube, here, and many other marketing blogs for free, I really can’t see many other people benefiting from the basic courses at Google Sniper 3.0.

Pro & Cons


  • No additional upsells inside of course
  • Product is easy to navigate and laid out well
  • The Bulletproof Manual is fairly up-to-date and gives a decent blueprint for site development


  • Methods taught in the Sniper Cash Machine course are unethical and illegal in some areas
  • Too many upsells and downsells while trying to make your upfront purchase
  • Deceptive hidden subscription add-on
  • While there were proof elements given, many of them were dated and some were 5-years-old or older
  • Some of the information in the main PDF is now dated and some suggestions that are made can actually hurt your Google rankings due to changes in the way Google ranks sites
  • Asks you to sell to your friends, family, and co-workers before teaching you anything about the course

Does Google Sniper 3.0 Offer Support

Google Sniper 3.0 does have a support system in place in the form of email.


They state that it can take several days or a week or longer to receive answers to your questions. They also state that they will not give any support until you have your campaigns fully setup. This basically means you are on your own and need to rely solely on the training itself for support.

My Final Thoughts On Google Sniper 3.0

The main PDF Google Sniper guide was probably a very valuable resource when it was first created, but now serves as a great reminder of how things used to be. While there are a few “golden nuggets” of information in the course, there really isn’t much that you would miss by reading many of the free “What is internet marketing” e-books that are online.

The dated guide, spammy social media tactics, and the fact that you are encouraged to sell to friends, family, and co-workers prior to having any knowledge about the product other than how much they pay you per sale, really bothers me.

While there are some great points in the Bulletproof Manual, it is nothing that is revolutionary or ground-breaking. It certainly doesn’t justify the price for the entire course.

In short, I would have to say that you need to avoid this course, and search for some of the more up-to-date training courses out there.

Google Sniper 3.0 vs Wealthy Affiliate

When comparing Google Sniper 3.0 with Wealthy Affiliate, there really is no doubt that Wealthy Affiliate is superior in all aspects of training and features.

Have a look at this comparison table.

What Is Better Than Google Sniper 3.0?

If you are looking for a place that will:

  • Have support available when you need it
  • Not have requirements for you to ask for help
  • Give you fresh, current, and updated training
  • Provide live weekly training sessions
  • Show you an ethical way to make money online without selling to your friends and family

Have a look at my #1 Recommended Resource

Top Recommendation
Wealthy Affiliate

This is where I learned how to get started in online business and it is the only community that I trust for honest top level training on how to make money online. I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate for its training, tools, live support and included hosting.

Get a Free Starter Account Read the Full Review

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  1. You know what’s funny? In 2009 I was pretty desparate for making money online and I was a noob with internet marketing too. I bought Gsniper (first version) and I started making wp niche sites. Wasn’t very successful, put in more effort and money than I got out of. BUT….
    The course taught me basic SEO skills and how to work with WP.

    9 years later: got my own small but succesfull SEO firm in Austria (where the competition isn’t really hard) and a good bunch of clients.
    The basic on page optimization stuff from the gsniper course works well for my clients, although I do not focus on search volume and keywords density anymore.

    As for George Brown: This guy knows his target audience better that the target audience knows itself. That’s why he is selling his crappy systems so well. Only desperate people buy these get -rich-quick courses. That’s internet marketing at its best actually.

    I gave up on affiliate marketing 6 years ago. And went into SEO for local clients. My experience from aff. marketing was really helpful in getting into the heads of my clients. So in some way I have thank George Brown. But I would never-ever fall for one of his sales pages and products again. It’s all free info up for grabs, wrapped in a nice digital product with fantastic copywriting and some crazy ideas.

  2. I agree with you, google sniper has a lot of outdated information, I remember I bought the version 2 and the gs 3.0 the information inside the guide is almost the same.
    Thank you for the great review.

  3. As an Internet marketer, I can say George Brown is one of these scammers out there. So definitely I would never ever recommend one of his products. Fortunately there are honest people out there who teach you to good marketing practices. Actually I am a proud member of Wealthy Affiliate and just upgraded for the Premium membership. This is the best thing that could happen to you if you are serious about ethical Internet marketing.

    Take care,


  4. I was one of the stupid people that buy the upsells and everything else and I can say that this is a BIG SCAM don’t buy this crap, this English guy just going to take your money an give you absolutely nothing, again I’m saying – DONT BUY GOOGLE SNIPER.

  5. And offfffffffffffff COURSE you’re a Wealthy Affiliate Member.

    Step 1: Call Everything a Scam
    Step 2: Promote Wealthy Affiliate

    I ALMOST believed what you were saying about Google Sniper until I saw the Wealthy Affiliate Recommendation, then I knew you could not be trusted. So hey, at least you WA guys make it easy to spot yourselves – so thanks for that!


  6. This is the worst review ever. This is absolutely false “Methods taught in the Sniper Cash Machine course are unethical and illegal in some areas”.

    You have never launched a sniper site. i can tell because you’re trying to sell wealthy affiliate. If anyone is a scammer. TRUST ME ITS YOU!!

    1. While trying to find the logic in your comment, let me say thank you for your honest opinion.

      I recommend Wealthy Affiliate because it is an awesome community that helps each other and goes above and beyond what is expected of a purchased information product.

  7. IM is getting harder as the years pile on and so people are left to spam and promise things they cannot provide, hence all the trash online. Programs like Wealthy Affiliate may be honest, but there is a steep price to pay for those and the rewards do not come quickly.

    1. As with any business Marquis, you need to invest your time and money to get a return.

      The investment at Wealthy Affiliate is for tools, training and support.
      In fact, just a few minutes ago I helped a member set up their Amazon affiliate links on her site. And this was all done with the live chat inside WA.

  8. Now, i would like to say that this article is a bit NON informative about a lot of things..and i recall this same article bashing project breakthrough,pay per click sites and now google sniper ..BUT YET YOU ARE TRYING TO SELL US ON WEALTHY AFFILIATE …so all i would like to say is this people don’t trust any of these guys….truth be told …i have went through training for Project breakthrough, wealthy affiliate and google sniper..and the only good thing that came of them is the technique that PB AND GOOGLE SNIPER provides….do things on your own…im not trying to sell you so please don’t think that….im just telling you my experience….project breakthrough tried to up sell and take over your email list……..wealthy affiliate try to up sell in the end,,,and google sniper has bad customer service…..but i truly did make money with PB AND GOOGLE SNIPER ..”technique” i didnt use anyones tools are sites…i bought my own sites and traffic and took a training on how to get ranked on google….do not advertise on social media……im making $1,673 a day it took me 10 months to do it but hey i got there…profit drops sometimes to $$400-500 a day sometimes… this came.all because i promoted others people products on click-bank and my own product….using google sniper and PB techniques do things on your own…take the training and don’t buy anything from these guys……ITS all bullshit..and scams…they make all the money and you pay for up sells….pay for your own landing pages and traffic..and get your page ranked on google…..promote a product ..with promotion banners to other peoples products ..that will give you passive income/rebill…….and you’ll be fine….be patient ….ok..y’all have a nice day…and good luck….life is a patient and climb it..

  9. Hello jay! It’s juba from Wealthy Affiliate.

    You know I saw your video review and I must say that it’s exactly what happened to me with google sniper. I actually paid a monthly fee for 10 months (470$) I could have built a website and invested my money wisely.

    I was so excited buy all the promises that I didn’t notice anything. I was dreaming of a 6 figure income in the coming 4 months. Lol
    Don’t be rude with me I have been scammed by the famous george brown.

    I was actually looking for a keyword to write my testimonial about Google Sniper and I found your awesome review. You are a big inspiration for us all. BTW I love your webinars on wealthy affiliate and I thank you very much for making us as members grow our business.

    PS: I actually purchased google sniper 2.0 and then I was upgraded for google sniper 3.0 because I was a paying member. I confirm that the manual and the map is exactly the same. The only thing that was added was the cash machine, meant to make him more money. I learned how to scam people with private messages on twitter and facebook, lol

    What the hell I was doing?! fortunately there is wealthy Affiliate A big thank you for you all.

  10. I am a student of google sniper now for over a year, I have to say I am very very happy with the product, It is a tough course for a noob, but , You have to learn this as it is a foundation of IM. I joined wealthy affiliate and just could not afford the monthly fees at the time, plus there are softwares that were an additional cost as well over at wealthy affiliate. The GS pdf is only $47 and the videos come with it, You will have 59 days to review, I have come a long way since last year, I am doing really well and understand this course and got support within 6 hours. I have taken many many im courses and such and have seen none like GS, If You buy the course and say it is a scam, then im-internet marketing, is not for You, to put it bluntly., Maybe stick with Your job.

  11. HI Jay
    Thank you for this review of Google Sniper 3.0, had it not been for such a detailed review, I might have fallen for their tricks. Mainly because they’re good at selling and promoting it.
    Keep up exposing those scams – let’s flush them all out

  12. Hey Jay.

    Awesome review of Google Sniper 3.0.

    I have been following your training on Wealthy Affiliate and must say thank you for the effort you have put in. I have learned more in the last month than I had learned over years of trying to sort through all of the scams out there!

    I am busy doing research for my own review of Google Sniper 3.0 and watching your video of purchasing it has really opened my eyes to a few things that I had overlooked. The product has always been dodgy in my opinion, but now I can see exactly how much of a scam it is!

    Thanks for the great info!


    As a last note, I originally opened your review (Google page 1, position 1) on my android phone using chrome, the layout cut off most of the content. Not sure if you are aware of this?

  13. There is nothing free in this world now. Enough with these crab about free online money making and Google sniper
    Sick of hearing it

  14. This is great Jay!! I am a member of WA and I am looking for a product to promote to my list. I literally googled Google Sniper and your review came up first! HA coincidence? Nah, I know exactly how you got on page 1 ;)

    Thanks for the fantastic review. I will NOT be promoting this product to my list.

  15. Thanks for the review. One thing I have noticed lately with the past few “product name” reviews I have been Googling for more information on I keep finding sites like this that all have the EXACT same Wealthy Affiliate comparison table with multiple links all over the site promoting WA. Now I’m not saying WA is trying to scam anyone because I know for a fact it’s one of the best programs out there, it’s just curious that I keep seeing this on multiple sites. It almost seems like a clever marketing tactic on WA’s part. But this site appears to be legit, and very nicely designed, so I can be too sure.

    1. Hey Tim,

      Thanks for your thoughts.

      Wealthy Affiliate offers a tools that allows you to create a comparison table for any review you may be writing about and then can embed this on your website.

      Here is a screenshot of the tool inside WA:
      As you can see, it gives you the opportunity to create comparison between what WA has to offer and the product you’re reviewing.

      If you have any other questions, let me know.

  16. Jay
    Thanks for the review. I had heard about Google Sniper some time back and decided not to try it.
    I am a new member of Wealthy Affiliate, and find that to be the best internet marketing training I’ve ever come across. Your webinars are extremely enlightening.
    You have just recently put the large Affiliate bar on the left, and now some of the page is being cut off on the right…at least on my screen it is. Just thought you should know.
    Thanks again for all you do for us newbies. I eagerly await your next webinar.

    1. Thanks for the heads up about the page being cut off. I was experimenting with a new theme when you were here and now you know the reason why I decided to stick with this one! :)

      Thanks again and I’ll see you at the next WAbinar.

  17. Thanks Jay for putting this information out there so well. So many of us have bought from scammers without realizing it until after the hook. I think it is really a sad thing, because people who are sincerely wanting and needed to create honest incomes, are the ones getting stung by programs like Sniper 3. I actually recall the hype around Predator. I didn’t trust what I heard then. I am glad you have the courage to expose this in enough detail that people can see it for themselves. Good job! DaisyB

  18. Thank you Jay,
    And by that I mean thanks for watching-out for us “little-guys” as I had no idea of the past ventures of this guy and could’ve easily been lead to believe this might be legit! Your warnings and recommendations are and always have-been Spot-On and in my best interests and I appreciate that!

  19. if any of you guys have made the mistake by purchasing it then why someone dont upload those files to some torrent site so people can see their selves that if its a scam or if it can make any difference for them

  20. I can’t find a website for FORTUNEA, nor a webpage listing for DAVID FERMA: some guy who’s business name is FORTUNEA, and supposedly lives in Menomonie, WI; who is sending out this kind of trash.

  21. George Brown should be jailed for lying and telling BS. I submitted support ticket at georgebrownsupportdesk and no reply even after a week. One thing I want to point out that if the so called “Sniping” process works then why doesn’t George show the latest sniper sites he built which are making him money ? and for those saying yeah he is showing in the master manual his djk google shadow is ranking #1 and bla bla bla.. for your information these are the EXACT same sites he showed on previous version and just type in any of his keywords “DJK GOOGLE SHADOW” or “Commission Blueprint” in Keyword Planner and you’ll see it doesn’t gets 500 searches per month whereas Sniper criteria says look keywords over 3,000 or 2,000 searches. Those sites he show in his manual are merely getting any traffic and they are NOT making him money.. wake up people please don’t waste money on it.

  22. I bought a copy and it works great for me:

    Google Sniper really is a must for anyone looking to make money online. The 104-page eBook guides you through the process, and is reinforced by the step-by-step walkthrough videos. The monthly option of Sniper X also keeps everything up to date, and gives you even more strategies and tactics to make more money from your sniper sites. But that choice is optional…

    1. @ED how can you say that it works great for you? Have you made sniper sites that rank high in Google? To men, Google Sniper 3.0 is just a rehashed garbage from 2.0 i have the manual of sniper 2.0 and 3.0 and just compare them and you’ll find out that there is no difference between them other than the keyword criteria changed from 13,000 to 30,000 and about ranking site lol just submit to and ping at and get ranked? Wake up guys ranking is not overnight. People are not crazy who works hard on building backlinks and social signals for getting ranked. If that would happen then everyone’s gonna create a site, put 2-page content on it and ping it, get ranked and then everyone would become a 6 figure earner right? Google is not stupid to give you rankings without putting in the effort required for Good SEO

  23. I just want to chip in my 2 cents here. I have google sniper 3.0 and contrary to all the popular review videos circulating around YouTube I have not made a single penny despite the fact that I have 3 sniper sites up. There is even one guy who said he was given a review copy and that he did so well he made more and more sites and that now within his 3 week period he has a total of about $30,000 from google sniper alone. That being said the system has a 60 day money back guarantee so it’s not like you are losing anything if you try the system and do not like it. As for me myself and I all I can say is I was not thrilled to see tons of people say good things and then I haven’t made a penny.

    What’s worse is when I comment on the YouTube vidoes asking for help talking about not making a penny yet either my comment is deleted by the uploader of the video or they respond with a usual “then you must be doing something wrong” without at least offering to help me in some way. My frustration is at an all time high but I said it once to someone else and I will say it again.

    I have bills that are over my head with debts I can’t seem to get out of and until I make my investment back (the money I paid for sniper, my domain names I paid for, and the hosting) then I will not spend another penny on money making systems online. I appreciate your wealthy affiliate offer but I have been to sites like this all over the place and here I am years later and somehow I have not figured out how to make a single penny online other then selling my unwanted things on ebay. Sorry if I seemed like I was rambling it’s just I want people to see the frustration and stressfulness I am dealing with at this time. I just want to get my life back on track unfortunately I am broke flat out broke and do not even have another penny I can invest at this time. Google sniper used up the last of my money and any money I have left is direct to bill pay. Alright I just go and shut up now. Thanks for posting this though good info here.

    1. I understand what you mean….but also it depends on the products your promoting on your site…brother…you will be fine…just switch to a different product… promote….off of clickbank….

    2. Sorry to hear Google Sniper is not working for you John…..Congratulations for taking action…. Usually endeavors that don’t work are valuable stepping stones to successful ventures….

  24. SO sick of scammers. George is a jerk..and no..HE did not me… I thought It was pretty good. I will say Too many graphics. Too busy. Cliche’. Did better then I have so far !! LOL xoxoxo

  25. Finally someone had the guts to do a negative review about Google Sniper 3.0! Thank you very much for the honest review Jay, i really couldn’t find a honest review about gsniper 3 because all were positive reviews, bonuses and all the “hype” going on about Gsbiper 3.0.. you have really saved me from buying this BS product which is old and outdated and rehashed of 2.0. and I completely agree with Kyle about the sales page.. it really prepares the most desperate of the people to click the “Buy Now” button and even promises sales within 24 hours! the video starts with George’s clickbank account where he show you the money he made promoting Google Sniper itself. This proves that it doesn’t work since there is no get rich over night system out there. I was thinking to join Wealthy Affiliate but I had a question for you

    As a free member at Wealthy Affiliate, can I get started and make some money and upgrade to premium after i started making money or do I have to upgrade to premium in order to make money?

    Again, Thank you very much for such an honest review and probably the only negative review of Gsniper 3.0 on the whole internet because of all the hype going on and the “guru launch”.

    1. Hey Usman,

      I’m glad you found my review helpful.
      I personally think this round of Google Sniper is a cash grab for George based on how he is marketing this.

      re: Free WA membership
      This is really based on you, your drive to learn AND if you take action by applying everything that is taught. I have seen other free members achieve this and tradition into the paid membership though.

  26. That is quite the upsell sequence. You take some time to read the sales page, you are intrigued and ready to buy Google Sniper, you pull out your credit card and pay and then it happens. You have been “sniped” by this program in the most unethical way possible.

    They have not only suckered you into continuity (because you didn’t uncheck the box to get free stuff), you have about 5 more ridiculous upsells to go through before you actually get the product.

    Google Sniper 3.0 is the sort of crap that gives this entire industry a bad rap and I feel sorry for anyone that falls into this “trap”. Hopefully you review will help folks avoid being scammed and jaded by the industry in general.

    1. You’re absolutely right Kyle.

      Stuff like this will leave people with a jaded view of online marketing. Or even worse, will feel this is the only way you can drive any sort of internet success.. by trying to get as much out of someone as possible.

  27. I can remember this guy from over at the Warrior Forum. That Predator product was a joke and left him with quite a tarnished rep for a long time, that’s for sure.

    Thanks for this great review Jay, I think this is another one that I will be avoiding.

    1. Thanks for your thoughts Tony,
      I also had heard about Predator and can recall many complaints about it.

      George Brown’s tarnished reputation certainly has an uphill battle and I don’t think Google Sniper 3.0 will help at all!

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