Hempworx Mlm Review

Online business opportunities come and go every day with the most popular ones following trends in society. One example of this, is a company that has recently come into light called HempWorx.  Is HempWorx a legitimate company to do business with, can you really make money with their products and services or is this one that you should be avoiding for better opportunities?

That’s what we’re going to talk about in this HempWorx MLM review.

What is HempWorx?

Hempworx ProductsBefore we get started talking about exactly what the HempWorx company is, I wanted to talk a little bit about what products HempWorx has to offer. The products that HempWorx currently has to offer are all created using hemp-derived CBD and include products like:

  • CBD Oils
  • CBD Pet Oils
  • CBD Infused Dog Treats
  • CBD Creams for Anti-Aging and Pain Relief

If you’re confused about what CBD is, that’s completely understandable.  Let’s take a quick look at exactly what CBD is because it’s going to be important further down in this review.

What is CBD?

If you’ve turned on your television, check the news on the Internet or listen to the radio recently, then you’ve most likely heard that CBD oil is a very hot topic in the world of medicine and medical marijuana. CBD oil is sold in various places around the world, ranging from stores to online dispensaries in Canada.

While there are not many studies to back up their claims yet, many people are finding relief from a lot of different illnesses like multiple sclerosis, migraines, epilepsy, seizures and more from the use of CBD oils and other CBD products. When you’re talking about marijuana, especially in a medical sense, there are two primary chemicals that are most often discussed. These chemicals are CBD and THC. THC is the chemical that most people are familiar with as it’s the one that generates the “high” effect when people consume marijuana.

In the medical cannabis community, CBD is the one that is frequently talk about as it is the chemical that is most often associated with providing medical relief for various symptoms of diseases. It’s been proven to be especially effective for illnesses related to the brain and immune system. Because of this, CBD has been gaining more and more popularity as more people are exposed to the possible benefits that medical cannabis may have.

The HempWorx MLM Opportunity

Now that you understand a little bit about the products that the HempWorx company has to offer, let’s talk a little bit about the business opportunity that the company is promoting.

When I first started looking into this business opportunity, I noticed something that was very deceptive right out of the gate. On the business opportunity page, it claimed that you were signing up to be a HempWorx affiliate.  This would make you think that it’s an affiliate marketing business just like many of the others that I’ve talked about in numerous reviews here at Affiliate Resources.

Reading a little bit more into the “business opportunity”, I quickly realized that it is not an affiliate program. Instead, it’s an MLM company that for some reason or another is trying to make it sound like you’re working as an affiliate marketer instead of building an MLM business. I’m not sure exactly why the company is trying to phrase things like this, it certainly sends up a red flag to me as it should you also.

How Much Does It Cost to Join HempWorx?

Just like many other MLM groups, there are a lot of different options when it comes to signing up for the “HempWorx business opportunity,” and it gets complicated quickly.

You can get started for as little as $59 for the “Entry Pack of Pet Products at $39 + $20 Affiliate Fee,” but as you can see in the image below, you could end up investing as much as $619 for the “Executive Pack at $599 and $20 Affiliate Fee”. Just like many other MLM’s, you must continue buying a pack every single month regardless of if you use it or not.

This is because if you haven’t bought a pack yourself, and you will be paid for that month of sales that the people you “recruit” have generated.

Hempworx Mlm Review - Compensation Plan Overview

Again, this business opportunity claims to be an affiliate model, but as you can see from the prices above, the fact that you must recruit others to your “team,” and the fact that you must buy a product from the company before you can ever earn any money from them, it’s easy to see that this is in fact an MLM business model rather than an affiliate one.

Can you Make Money with HempWorx?

If you’re looking into the HempWorx business opportunity, then you’ve probably seen a lot of other people online claiming that they’ve earned thousands from the company. I’m not one to say whether they have or haven’t. In fact, I feel more than certain that they have.

After all, people have been making a lot of money selling marijuana for centuries, LOL.

Also, as with any other MLM program, typically the ones who jump on board first are often the ones who really make a lot of money with the company. Unfortunately, many of these MLM companies end up being shut down later and people who have made significant amounts of money end up losing all of it due to government intervention. After all, there’s a very thin line between an MLM opportunity and a pyramid scheme. Often, this line can be very difficult to discern and will go undetected for many years.

Also, unlike true affiliate marketing programs where you’re paid based on how many sales you can generate, with an MLM, you often earn more money by recruiting others than you do selling products. Basically, this means that your success is dependent on how good the people under you are instead of how hard you’re willing to work.

Hempworx Mlm Review - Example Payout

Pros of HempWorx

  • CBD Product Popularity
    As I mentioned at the start of this article, CBD based products are becoming more and more popular. As research continues to come out, they will probably continue to gain even more popularity as a natural medicine in the future. It is important to note that there are some people questioning the quality of HempWorx products.
  • Low Initial Startup Cost
    While the costs of staying a member of the HempWorx business opportunity can certainly add up quickly, the initial startup costs aren’t that high. For right around $60, you can get started with the business, if that’s what you want to do.
  • Relatively New MLM
    I’m personally not a fan of MLM opportunities, but it is much easier to earn money with the newer MLM then one that has been around for several years. Again, it’s important to remember though that many MLM companies are later shut down through government intervention.

Cons of HempWorx

  • Could Become Expensive Quickly
    While there is a less expensive option to get started with the company, it is important to remember that you must continue buying a pack every single month before you can earn any money. It could become very expensive quickly to continue buying packs month after month while you’re getting started with your business.
  • Questionable Parent Company
    As mentioned in this Reddit post, the parent company that runs the business opportunity side of HempWorx is known as My Daily Choice, Inc. This company has been around for quite a while and seems to be very unpopular, even among MLM business owners, involved with other companies.
  • Barrier to Sales
    While more research is being conducted on the medical benefits of CBD and CBD oil, the bottom line is that there isn’t a lot of information available yet. Yes, CBD has helped many people, but just like many other nutritional supplements, there currently isn’t enough information for people to be able to determine if it’s effective.Unlike other nutritional supplements however, CBD if often discussed in the media. It’s become a popular and controversial topic that almost everyone has heard about. For people signing up to HempWorx, this means that potential customers are far more educated on the topic of CBD and could perhaps be leerier of even hearing you out before you have an opportunity to talk to them about its potential benefits.Many people also base their opinions of medical marijuana on their political affiliation and years of bad publicity on the plant. With all these issues taken into consideration, selling the products alone could be challenging without trying to sell the MLM opportunity on top of the products.
  • Question of Legality
    In some areas, products containing CBD are still considered to be illegal. More information on this below.

Is HempWorx a Scam?

Taking everything mentioned above into account, I have to say that I really don’t believe HempWorx is a scam. I do think that it’s a legitimate opportunity like those offered by MLM companies such as DoTerra, Thirty-One and even Avon.  However, I do have a few concerns with the products being offered when it comes to selling them as a business.

First, as I mentioned above, CBD products are technically still illegal in many areas, or they at least require a prescription for you to be able to possess them. Sadly, many people believe that it is legal to possess CBD products anywhere because they are made from hemp and contain little to no THC. Not only that, but HempWorx claims that it’s 100% legal to own these products anywhere. What they may not tell you however, is that just recently they stopped selling their products to people living in Canada.  As this news article confirms, HempWorx claimed that it was 100% legal to use and possess their products in Canada, but after a government investigation, they quickly stopped selling their products to Canadians.

If you were an existing business owner in Canada that had invested thousands of dollars to get your HempWorx business started, imagine the frustration you would’ve felt when you learn that the company you had put so much money and trust in was suddenly illegal to operate in your home country.

Even worse, because CBD and related CBD products are considered a gray area in many US States, if marijuana is still illegal in your area, you could potentially lose your home, children and any other property associated with running that business. You could even potentially face jail time just like you could with marijuana if authorities wanted to really be technical about it.

Yes, HempWorx claims that the 2014 Farm use bill makes their products fully legal, however there are a lot of people out there that have been arrested, prosecuted and thrown in jail for nothing more than CBD or CBD oils. If you have any doubts, a quick Google search for CBD arrests can really open your eyes to just how “legal” these products are.

Final Thoughts

After looking at everything this company has to offer and comparing it to some of the many other online business opportunities that currently exist, I personally can’t recommend taking the risk of jumping in with this company at the present. There are far too many opportunities on the Internet to make money and run a successful online business to risk one that is potentially still a legal gray area.

Perhaps in the future when laws allow for full marijuana use, or at least full medical marijuana use in all areas, this company would be one to return to and have another look at. However, with the present state of affairs regarding the use and possession of marijuana as well as marijuana products like CBD oils, I can’t recommend joining any program that promotes the sale of these products.

If you want to find a legitimate online business opportunity that you can get started with today however, then take the time to check out my top recommended product. By following what you’ll learn inside of it, you can begin to understand how to run a full-time online business. Best of all, you’ll never have to worry about the cops busting in your front door at 3 AM to seize your business supplies.

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This is where I learned how to get started in online business and it is the only community that I trust for honest top level training on how to make money online. I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate for its training, tools, live support and included hosting.

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  1. I haven’t done as well as Robin, but I have done better in HempWorx than any MLM/Direct Marketing company I belonged to in the past! I am not “affiliate driven” to grow my business, I am customer driven! I want to help people to resolve whatever their health may be, by using CBD. I have far more customers than affiliates! I don’t know what the statistic is now, but when I joined in April, 2018 customers accounted for around 60% of the business. Mine is over 70%! I can climb the leaderboard by recruiting, but my focus is helping people. If my customers really enjoy the products, and they are working for them, they can either refer people and earn free products or pay the $20 fee and upgrade to affiliate. It is not as affiliate driven as you think!

  2. Robin my exact beliefs about MLM. Become an affiliate make your money when it crashes if it crashes then you have just been laid off then go on and look for another job. Its just like when I sold Jewelry and was paid commission. When I sell the company florishes and the tops make bonus but I make my money as well. I dont think that the MLM should be a topic, the discussion should be how well the product work. So glad to read your story.

  3. I have been a stay at home mom for the last 8 years and a baker for 14 years before that. I’ve turned down every single MLM company that has come my way. This all changed when a stranger suggested Hempworx to me.
    Our daughter had serious behavioral issues and violent tendencies. We were desperate to find a solution. She had been on ritalin for 2 years and it still didn’t help.
    Hempworx oil literally changed our lives. After me using it for 23 days my husband commented on how calmer I seemed, how I was sleeping hard at night, and I noticed how I had 0 night sweats, hot flashes, or migraines. We then gave it to our daughter who is officially off of Ritalin! She is happier and healthier. Webused to go to the doctor twice a month for weigh ins or because she was sick. Her epic meltdowns used to be 2-4 a week. Since using this oil. We’ve been to the doctor 2 times! Her meltdowns have only happened twice!!!
    February 23rd will be an entire year! My father in law is off morphine, my mother in law is off her high blood pressure meds….no one in my entire extended family has used Tylenol or Advil in almost a year.
    This product truly works!
    Having said all of that, I had never been a affiliate or rep for any company before this.
    Feb 23rd will be 1 year since I joined to sell and I’m pretty darn pleased!
    I’ve made almost $16,000 dollars and my car payment is getting paid monthly!
    I’ve had a girl 2 levels below me make $2,000 in her first month!
    CBD oil IS legal in Canada but they chose a different CBD oil to be allowed to cross their borders. One of the top affiliates in hempworx is super affiliate. She makes millions a year. She lives in Canada but you can have a online business from home! She has ROCKED her CBD Hempworx job.
    Thanks to the worldwide web, anything is possible with MLM.
    Hempworx ships to all European companies.

    I stay at home with our 4 year old, but proudly represent this company. Am I making millions yet? No.
    Are people making millions above me?
    I am ok with that.
    A MLM is no different than a large corporation with a CEO, president, Vice President, Director, Manager, Supervisor. Employee.
    The man at the bottom always makes far less than the man at the top. The cool thing about MLM companies that carry products that work, and pay up to 85% like Hempworx, is the products sell themselves and I can climb to the top way faster than any other company like Target. McDonalds, Starbucks, Etc…..your business is only as great as the work or effort you put into it.
    I’m bringing in a lot of money and had no experience, and I’m not having to pay a baby sitter! THATS HUGE!
    Most of these comments above me are from 2018. Can you imagine where those folks would have been if they had taken a chance? There are people that are passing me by and making $3,000-$6,000 a month and they joined after me. I cheer them on!
    We are making a huge difference in people’s lives by sharing about these products. and cheering each other on along the way. I tell my team to reach down to those below and pull each other up to the top! Hempworx has INSANE training 24/7 worth thousands of dollars for free!

    As far as legalities, our company follows FDA laws. Hempworx is legal in every single state. The CBD is derived from HEMP and not marijuana. CBD derived from marijuana is illegal in almost every state. Hempqorx made 7 Million in the first year and 100 MILLION in 2018 and the company is 100% debt free. It was just named the number one MLM company in the world.
    If someone needed a work from home job,
    Hempworx is definitely the MLM to consider.

    I’m so grateful for the products and for the extra little income.

  4. I’m an affiliate of Hempworx. It’s a great product. Very expensive,and good luck making any money. I couldn’t even sell a bottle to my own friend’s.

  5. After an entire year of using every Cbd known to man for anxiety , I found Hempworx to be the superior product . I usually steer clear of MLM companies . In 3 months I have earned more money weekly and monthly at hempworx than my job has provided after 20 years . The company has an 85 percent payout and a duplication structure that is so easy a monkey could do it . Not to mention after 20 years of having to take anxiety meds I am free thanks to their oils . So I’ll take it !!!

  6. Jay,
    have you tried this hemp worx cbd oil to say what your saying to hold water, DOE’S THE PRODUCT WORK is the key question! all l’m getting is mixed signals.

    The company with a great product will make the company grow slowly but surely because it work’s based on all the feed back from consumers and all the studies that are provided on the cbd oil at Hemp Worx / My Daily Choice.

    Ok , As For myself at 64 and my 80 year old mother with chronic pain and more
    it work’s for us, everyone knows how inflammation can cause pain and that the pain pills that are no longer available which is good because of the long term damage it can do to the body and the bones and more, looking forward to your answer please

  7. Thank you . One of the many MLMs that have found their way into my inbox.
    Because of my concerns about the legality of the hemp cb market not interested in purchasing anything I may get stuck with. Frankly cannot afford to waste # on mlms. Staying away.

  8. I am very much against MLM business models, as are many people, so it does not surprise me that your evaluation of HempWorx was not 10/10.

    Essentially with MLM, you are paying to play, and your money flows to the top members. The business model is not sustainable over the long haul.

    Add to the MLM factor the other facts such as CBD is illegal in many states (and in Canda apparently), and the risk of jail, I would not rate this HempWoerx as high as you did.

    Affiliate marketing offers a cleaner way to make money online I think. I do appreciate your subtle nudge in that direction with the article, I think you will save people from losing money, time, effort, and possibly their freedom!

    Having said all of that, I do think it is time to relook at the laws surrounding CBD possession and use, as they are archaic and not based on facts.

    Perhaps once that has been done, and laws changed, there will be real affiliate opportunities that involve CBD. All the research indicates it can be a very useful substance for many medical conditions.

    Meanwhile, learning about how to promote other current legal affiliate products and services is a good idea, as is your suggested platform to learn how to do that properly (Wealthy Affiliate)…

  9. I see why this product might be so controversial after all that component of CBD comes from the infamous plant la marihuana, but I still don’t get why the government is not contributing to the benefits of this component after all its backup by scientific proof and is not some out of the blue claims.

  10. Hi Jay,
    Thank you for writing this review on Hempworx. I have not heard of them before. Like you said Hemp/ Cannabis and related products are illegal in many parts of the world, where I live is one of them. MLM’s are also a grey area in my part of the world as well. I can see how this product would be appealing to some parts of the community, but hard to run a business if you are so restricted around where you can ship products to. It sounds like a local marketing specific product, subject to Government approval. Thanks for making me aware of it.

  11. Hi Jay,
    Thanks for the heads-up on Hemp Worx. I’ve noticed a lot of hype about this business opportunity. I agree they are deceptive in their promotional materials. As an affiliate marketer, I’m always at least curious about new affiliate opportunities that appear lucrative. But I have no interest in MLMs. Thanks for exposing the true nature of Hemp Worx and saving me some time!

  12. Hi Jay, I have heard of HempWorx from some of my friends and from what they’ve said, it’s a good company to invest in but like what you said, the main problems lies in its stability whether or not it’s going to get banned and thus because of this I’m going to stay away from this company.

  13. Thanks for the FAIR review of HempWorx Jay. There has often been a lot of confusion between Affiliate Marketing, MLM and Pyramid Schemes. Your efforts to through clear light on HempWorx may save a lot of innocent people who get duped by such companies. I myself had very bad experience with such MLM companies earlier. Your # 1 Recommendation Programme seems to be much authentic. Thanks for the Review.

  14. Thanks for this very detailed review about hempworx. It seems they are doing what most other mlm companies do — which is to try and rephrase their business opportunity to seem more legit then it really is.

    On top of that, you said they were selling products that were also technically still illegal — which is another major concern for me.

    So taking your advice, I’ll go with your recommend choice and make make money doing actual affiliate marketing — and not try and join a mlm company.

  15. Hey there Jay,

    I have also not been a huge fan of multi level marketing programs especially after I was scammed by one. But I do like the idea of promoting the program while it is still new.

    I had decided to try it out until I read that they stopped promoting their products to Canadians. I’m not a Canadian but what if the same happens in my country?

    That would be a huge loss. I’ll go for your #1 recommendation instead. I don’t want to risk.

  16. My daughter takes this for PTSD, narcolepsy, cataplexy and other things. Hemp is second best to marijuana. We hope CBD will be available on prescription because obviously it will be a stabilized formula. Even though Hempworx is a good company and I highly recommend it you just never know how stable it is. In saying that, it works for my daughter and I’ve thought about for myself. Once it’s available on prescription I’m not sure if there will be much demand for hemp, but before that happens and I’m sure it will, making money from it is best done now!

  17. Jay, I have noticed other networking startups that are beginning to use the term ‘affiliate’ to disguise (I assume) the true nature of their multi-level marketing plans. I understand that MLM is a touchy, or at least a negative term these days for good reason usually.
    I spent 8 years living in Grand Rapids Michigan the home of Amway. I have heard every heartbreaking story you can imagine of the families that bought into that setup. Early on everyone made money, but like most MLM eventually, you get down to the often thousands of people at the bottom of the ‘downline’ that make nothing.
    They support the ones way up at the top of that line. Top MLM pros these days have a large list of people ready to sign up for any new MLM opportunity they offer to them so they have immediate profits and those at the end of his or her list are left out in the cold.
    I don’t really understand the mindset of the person who can live that way. How could you make your living knowing you are deceiving so many? How could you feel good about yourself?
    In every business opportunity there will be those who are hard chargers and become wildly successful and of course, you have the opposite as well. MLM companies prey on that human frailty. You can have the best product out there but if you offer it in an MLM format decent people will rarely become involved after they understand what it really means.
    What worries me is this CBD sounds like it could be a valuable health tool and with MLM companies getting involved it could ruin the image of the medicine and cause people to move away from it because of that.
    Thank you for a detailed review of the opportunity.

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