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Have you ever purchased an item off the internet based on a product review you have read? If so, that means someone made a commission from your purchase.

There are tons of people who make a nice living from writing online reviews of various products that are for sale on the internet, and you can be the next person who can do this.

I am going to teach you step-by-step on how to make money writing reviews online. Ready?

How it Works

The premise of writing online reviews is having a website where people can read your content and then click on links that lead them to another website where they can make a purchase. It is your job to inform your readers of the pro’s and con’s of the product you review. But before we jump into having a website, we need to have a product to write about.

Finding a Product

When researching products to write reviews, there are two types of criteria for finding a product.

  1. Is the product available to buy online
  2. Does the product have an affiliate program

One of the most popular places to shop online is Amazon. They have an endless amount of products and they have an affiliate program where you can earn up to 10% commissions for each successful sale you refer from your reviews.

There are tons of other places online where you can find products for sale online and have affiliate programs, but I recommend getting started with the Amazon’s affiliate program because it is easy to signup and people trust Amazon for their online purchases.

Once you sign up with Amazon Associates (their affiliate program), you can start searching for a product to write your review.

To make it easy on yourself, I recommend you start with a product that you are familiar with and have had personal experience with using the product. This will make writing your review easier and more authentic.

Get a Website

You need to have your reviews online somewhere on the internet so people can find your content and the best way is to have your own website. Depending on your technical ability this can either be easy or challenging. Either way, building a website doesn’t have to be complex or expensive and there is one place where I recommend you build your website.

Wealthy Affiliate is an awesome supportive online community where you can build your website for free. They have a system in place called SiteRubix which builds your website within a few clicks and the best part is their starter level gives you two website for free. This is a perfect solution for writing your reviews online because there is no cost involved and you don’t need to give any credit card info. You can check out Wealthy Affiliate here.

Here is a quick video showing you how easy it is to get your first website setup with SiteRubix.

How to Write Your Review

Now that you have a website in place and a product to review, it is time to actually write your review.

In my experience as an online marketer, I have learned that people (in most cases) tend to skim reviews and don’t take the time to read the entire review. So with that in mind, we want to proved an area within your review where they can get an overview of the product and if you recommend it or not. The best place for this is at the start of your review.

Here is what a typical layout of an online review would look like:

My Rating: [YOUR RATING OUT OF 10]

[Product Overview]
[Best Feature]

Right at the top is an area where people can get a summary of the review and where to buy it. This tends to work very well and has been proven to be successful when it comes to earning commissions.

When writing your review, be as authentic as possible and share your real world experience with the product because people are essentially relying on your opinion for their purchase. If you say the product is awesome, then they will most likely purchase it.

Here is a real example of an online review of a blender called The Vitamix 6300. This website is actually a real live case study within the Wealthy Affiliate website I was mentioning earlier. They walk you through the entire process of building a real online business from start to finish.

Getting Visitors to Your Website

Now that you have a website in place with your written review online, we need to get visitors to your website. The good news is that you have already accomplished one task for this. And that is writing your review.

When people search for reviews online, they typically go to a search engine such as Google and type in [product name review] and click on the result which seems most relevant and enticing. When you write content that mentions the [product name] and review (called keywords), Google sees this and places your website within their search engine. So, it is important that you use these phrases within your content.

As a rule of thumb, each review you create on your website should contain the following:

  1. Keyword somewhere in your page/post title
  2. Keyword somewhere in the first couple of paragraphs
  3. Then write your content naturally (don’t focus on the keyword)

Follow these 3 rules and Google will help you find visitors to your website by placing your content in their search engine.

Another task you should do is share your content via social media. By posting your reviews on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ you are leveraging the vast amount of people who use social media by letting them know about your review.

Profiting From Your Reviews

It is important to understand and consistency is key when it comes to make money writing reviews online. You can’t simply write one review and expect the money to roll in because that simply won’t happen and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

When you follow these steps and start writing several reviews, you will start to see the commissions come in. It takes some work and time, but don’t give up because the money will come.

The Caveats and Solutions

There will be times when you get frustrated and want to give up. It may be a technical issue or you simply need more guidance. Whatever the case, I recommend you signup with Wealthy Affiliate because they offer the guidance and support you will need eventually.

In fact, it was the guidance that Wealthy Affiliate offers which helped me get started with online marketing. I have created a Wealthy Affiliate review which you can check out or simply visit them now and get rolling with your 2 free websites.

If you have any questions about what you just read, please feel free to ask in the comments area below and I will respond in a jiffy!

Top Recommendation
Wealthy Affiliate

This is where I learned how to get started in online business and it is the only community that I trust for honest top level training on how to make money online. I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate for its training, tools, live support and included hosting.

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  1. Hi, Jay!
    First, This article is the best and really informative article. It is short, simple, but PERFECT! I must say that.
    However, I am confusing about the price. I never include the price of any products on my website. When I started my website, my friend told me not to include the price of those Amazon products as it against the rule of Amazon affiliate program.
    Hope you can clarify about this? Thanks

  2. Hello, Jay. I enjoyed reading the content of your website. I also enjoy the training that you provide me and the other members here at Wealthy Affiliate University. The training here is excellent; I am recommending others to join Wealthy Affiliate University to get training if they want to start a career in Affiliate Marketing. Take care, Jay.

  3. Hi Jay,

    I am glad you are feeling much better.I watched this artcle live when presented on WA and has helped me in measurable ways.Thank you for all your help.

  4. I just got done reading your post on how to make money writing reviews on line. I’ve got to say that although you have given me a lot good info on: How it Works, Finding a Product and Making a Website. But on How to Write a Review kinda touched base with me, as I’m like the person you mentioned that skims the review and not entirely reading it. Never would have thought about how to lay that out that way because of the way most people read reviews.

    When Sharing your content you mention FaceBook, Twitter and Google Plus, do you think adding Pinterest and LinkedIn is a good idea or should I just stay with the three you mentioned?


  5. Good information in your article, but can you tell me if you need permission to do a review on someone’s product? Thanks.

    1. Hi Nina,

      Generally no, you don’t require permission to review someone’s product.
      If you are using Amazon as your affiliate program (as mentioned above) then there is no need for permission.

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