How To Write A Blog Post During Your Lunch Break

For many people who already have a full-time job, the dream of creating an online business that will provide a full-time income seems like an impossible reality.
Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be. By following the tips listed below, you can begin to create incredible content that your audience will love in as little time as you’re allowed for your lunch break. Here is how to write a blog post during your lunch break.

Planning Ahead – 2 Things to do in Advance

If you’re working a full-time job, odds are you do at least have a couple of days off per week. While it’s understandable that you want to spend time with your family and relax a little, it’s important that you take a couple of hours on your days off to prepare for the busy week ahead. The key is knowing exactly what you should be doing in those few hours to really give yourself a leg up for the rest of the week.

1. Keyword Research

On your off days, take a couple of hours and invest them in keyword research and audience research. Go ahead and map out what keyword you plan on targeting for the week. Once you have your keywords, go ahead and write down the headline titles that you plan on using for your posts.

2. Research the Topic

Also, jot down a couple of quick questions that your audience may have about those topics. This will let you already have a solid idea of what you’re going to be writing about in each blog post throughout the week and will put you on a much stronger footing when it comes to knocking out the actual post as quickly as possible. Once you have your post ideas in mind, you’re going to want to grab your laptop and head somewhere that will allow you to write at your best.

Where to Go for an Optimal Writing Environment

Since you’re going to be trying to create content within an hour, it’s important that you find an environment that is optimal for writing. If your job has a break room that many employees don’t often hang around during lunch, then you may be best off heading there. However, if your coworkers go to the break room for lunch every day, then you’re going to want to find a more optimal environment where you can write in peace and quiet. Since many restaurants and cafés have Wi-Fi access available for their patrons, if you have one that you can get to within five minutes, then you can pack up your laptop and head there.

Try to find one that promotes a quieter environment where employees and other patrons aren’t talking loudly and really trying to hustle to meet the demands of the lunch rush. If you’re in the US, some of the larger chain stores that really promote quieter environments are places like Starbucks and Panera Bread.
If you’re heading to a restaurant, try to seek out a location where everything is full-service, so you can focus on writing for the maximum amount of time possible instead of having to wait a counter for your food to be handed to you. While it may not sound like a big deal, those 3 to 5 minutes spent waiting on food can often be the difference between a completed post and having to try to remember your train of thought later in the evening.

Utilizing Drafting Options

Once you know where you’re going to be working from, there are a couple of things you can do to optimize your time spent creating content even further.

1) Just Get the Words on the Page

Don’t focus on aesthetics at all. Once you have your content written, you can always come back later and add images, links, and other styling options to the post.

Sitecontent Editor From Wealthy Affiliate

Use a tool like Wealthy Affiliate’s SiteContent platform to just get the words on the page and saved as a draft so that you can come back to your post later. This will let you get the hardest part of content creation out of the way during your lunch break while also allowing you to have the ability to come back and really style it up before you publish it later that evening or the following morning.

2) Don’t Worry too Much About Editing

All you’re wanting to achieve on your lunch break is getting that initial first draft ready to roll so your site always has fresh content available to deliver to your audience. This means that it’s perfectly acceptable to have spelling and grammar issues present when you save your draft at the end of your lunch break.
It only takes a few minutes to run a spelling and grammar tool later while you’re also styling your post with images and links.

A United Community Can Make Things Much Easier

It can often be very hard to stay motivated while you’re trying to build an online business while also working a full-time job. Many of your coworkers, friends and family members will not understand what you’re trying to do, and this can often leave you feeling depressed and as if you’ll never succeed. Because of this, it’s important that you try to surround yourself with other like-minded individuals who understand the frustrations and time constraints that you’re placing on yourself to succeed with an online business in the future.

Find a community that also has several active successful members who have been exactly where you are during their online business journeys in the past. If you’d like to find a community that supports one another throughout the journey to online entrepreneurship, take a moment to check out the opportunity over at Wealthy Affiliate.

Wa Support Post

Through blog posts, live chat, and much more, the community at Wealthy Affiliate strives to support one another throughout the journey of online entrepreneurship. There are members who have been where you are (including myself), members who are there with you right now, and members who may be further behind in the process than you.  Regardless of your experience level, there are folks who are more than happy to just sit down and chat for a few minutes while giving you a bit of motivation to help you keep hustling away. Often, having the support of a community like that of Wealthy Affiliate is the key between failure and success when it comes to building an online business.

Writing a Blog Post During Your Lunch Break is Possible!

As you can see above, by creating a solid plan before the week begins and then taking steps to really optimize your free time, you can create an online business in as little as the time available to you during your lunch break. Just always remember that you are creating the means to escape your 9 to 5 and provide better opportunities for you and your family in the future while you’re optimizing your free time as much as possible now.

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  1. I only recently started using SiteContent and love using it. I haven’t tried to create a blog post in an hour but I’m guessing it’s possible. I used to spend a lot of time looking for images but SiteContent added an image library so it streamlines the process. Planning would definitely be key to create a post during a lunch hour. Thanks for the challenge! Alanna

  2. Hello there! I just recently created a website and I want to write a blog on my free time. I read your how to guide and I found it really interesting and informative. I think that everything should be planned so that I could easily manage to create a blog on my free time. I will surely do this on my break and try do first draft and then once I get home I’ll try to review and edit it. Thank you for sharing this information.

  3. Haha, when I’ve read the title, I really did ask myself the question, “Could I write a blog post during my lunch break?”.

    I think it’s definitely possible. At first it might be hard, but with practice you can get used to it.

    I would definitely find it quite hard to do at least at first, because I often take quite some time before I finish my posts.

    But, I guess preparation is really important here, so you wouldn’t waste any time when you’re actually in the lunch break.

  4. Hey there,

    I have started seeing how this can work. It’s all about proper planning and proper time management. I have to say I haven’t been a major at these but it’s well worth a try considering the benefits they will bring me in the future.

    I’m going to use your advice word for world and try to work with it in other areas I think need a bit of a boost and see how things turn out for me.

    Thanks a lot. You’ve been very helpful.

  5. Hey, Jay!

    This post is full of great advice for fitting a writing schedule around a busy day. I, too, have learned over the years to do that. But, it wasn’t always easy, and it does require a change of mindset about how we usually do things.

    I used to think that I couldn’t cook food and write, too. But now I keep the laptop on the dining room table while I prepare food. I find it easy to grab a few minutes here and there while something is cooking to get words down. And I let my creative juices simmer while I am doing things like chopping veg.

    The only problem is when I get caught up in the content I am creating and forget to watch the food!! ;-) Luckily, it doesn’t happen too often. Lol

    I also like what you said about doing keyword research in batches to plan ahead. I’m not very good at that yet. I tend to do one at a time, but I know what you’re saying is more efficient, so I’m going to work on it. I’ve heard Kyle and other leaders at Wealthy Affiliate talk about doing their keyword research that way, too. I must get to work on that.

    You make an excellent point about the support of a community like Wealthy Affiliate. It can make all the difference to moving forward or giving up when you struggle to get content in place.

    Thanks for the inspiring post!
    Stella :-)

  6. Hi Jay,
    You are so right that planning and organizing your posts ahead of time can make huge differences in efficiency. And, achieving success with your blog is all about getting your quality content published and in front of your target market.

    When I first started my blog two years ago I would tackle one post at a time and would always experience delays in posting because I wouldn’t research my next keyword until my previous post was published. This approach was SO slow.

    I now devote time twice a month to developing my keyword list and I try to have about 25 keywords in the pipeline. I use SiteContent, which I agree is a fabulous tool, and create documents for all of my keywords. That way, as soon as I publish a post, I’m ready to move on to another on my list.

    You’re offering great advice here that’s worked out well for me and I’m sure will help others as well!

  7. Making good use of all available free time – good advice. I personally have to write and then let it sit for a few days and come back with fresh eyes and mind. The ideas don’t always flow all at once.

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