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Selling products in your spare time is an attractive option for people who need extra money. One of the promises of these jobs is that you can set your own schedule. The other promise is the “lucrative” commissions you can earn. Many of these products are products that people need in their lives, so they are a little easier to sell. In this Infinitus MLM review, we’ll take a look at what you probably don’t know about this type of business.

What is Infinitus?

Infinitus Mlm Review - Infinitus Founder Ankit Jain

Infinitus is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company headquartered in Hong Kong. It was founded in 1992 by Ankit Jain, who is also the current CEO. It manufactures Chinese herbal health products that are sold through representatives.

Infinitus has 30 branches and over 7,000 franchise stores. In 2017, Infinutus’ sales were 24.9 billion yuan, or about $3.91 billion USD. They are a very successful company. But in recent years, the company has had some problems.

Are Infinitus Products Worth Their Price?

Infinitus has four product lines: personal care, household care, health food and skin care. It’s difficult to find pricing information, but I’ll give you an example. One of the products in the health care line is calcium tablets. The price is listed as $27.99 CAD. This is equivalent to about $22 in US dollars.

Infinitus Mlm Review Calcium Supplement

The problem is that there is no nutritional information that I could find. It is recommended to take four tablets a day. But it does not state how much calcium is in each tablet. It’s not listed on the website either.

The Infinitus Opportunity

Since this is an MLM business model, potential representatives sign up with an existing representative and become part of their downline. This means that you become a recruit of that representative. Usually, new reps have to buy a starter kit, attend training, and organize parties to demonstrate and sell products.

In full disclosure, it was very difficult to find credible information about Infinitus. The information presented here is typical of how MLMs operate. However, some numbers are available.

How Much Does It Cost To Join Infinitus?

According to my research, it costs about $25 to join. As a new representative, you will also need to purchase a starter kit.

You should also be aware of hidden costs. These are costs that are not reimbursable, such as gas, phone, and lodging if applicable.

Can You Make Money With Infinitus?

Representatives earn 25% of the selling price of Infinitus products. As with all MLMs, the more you sell, the higher the commissions and the closer you get to advancing to the next level. Each level has a sales quota that you must meet in order to advance. To advance to the next level, Sales Supervisor, you must sponsor 15-25 recruits and earn $1,211-1,730 per month CAD.

Pros of Infinitus

Product Variety: With four product lines to choose from, a representative can increase their commissions with different products from different product lines.

Make Your Own Schedule: In this job, you can work part-time or full-time, nights or weekends only.

Commissions Increase With Sales: the more products you sell, the more commissions you get. 

Advancement Opportunities: You can advance to higher positions by making sales and recruiting people to join your team.

Cons of Infinitus

Crappy Commissions: It’s always important to read the fine print. Below is a screenshot of the estimated earnings for a typical participant.

Infinitus Mlm Review - Infinitus Earning Disclaimer

I realize that the print is quite small so what is underlined is this: “A Typical Participant in the Plan is expected to earn between CA $49 and $964 annually.”

I want you to focus on the word “annually.” Not monthly. Annually. Let’s break it down to monthly. With the information Infinitus provides, you can expect a monthly commission between $4.08 and $80 CAD! 

You Pay Your Own Expenses: This can really eat up the commissions you earn. If you subtract the money you spend on gas and phone calls, your commission shrinks even more.

Lawsuit: Infinitus made exaggerated claims about the effectiveness of its products. This involved an infant in China whose parents spoke with an Infinitus representative who advised them to suspend medical treatment. The family spent over $11,000 on Infinitus products that did not improve their daughter’s health. The child eventually developed a heart problem and low blood sugar. 

Infinitus offered the family 600,000 yuan in compensation if they would withdraw the complaint, but the family refused.

There are other similar complaints about the lack of effectiveness of these health products.

Is Infinitus A Scam?

Infinitus has made billions of dollars over the years, so it seems that their products are in demand. It is not a scam, but you really have to work very hard to make decent money here. These products will be harder to sell if they have a reputation for being ineffective.

Final Thoughts

Statistics do not lie. Only about 1% of people make a full-time income as a representative of an MLM. The company gets most of the money from the sales you make. 
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  1. I did not know what Infinitus was until I found out that it is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company.

    I am into Affiliate Marketing and this sounds like a good product to promote.

    It seems like the company is doing very well with lots of members and revenue.

    You do sell a lot of products like personal care, household care, health food and skincare.

    It is a shame that the prices and nutritional information are hard to find.

    The commission of 25% is not bad but I have a feeling it is a Pyramid scheme.

    I used to sell Amway and the setup was the same I did it for a while now I only do Affiliate Marketing.

    Thanks for an interesting read


  2. Hi there, I worked for a MLM company, Usborne Books, and know how difficult it is to make money with a MLM company if you are not constantly recruiting new team members and building your down line. Most of the MLM companies that I have looked at, are actually based in the USA and specifically Utah. So to find that Infinitus is actually based in Hong Kong, makes me curious to explore them more. 

    Can one join them as a resident in Italy? You mention that with the calcium supplements, there are no guidelines. Does Infinitus have any guidelines or specs for any of their products? Thanks

  3. I have never heard of this. Tell me, how effective do you think this product is? Also, I can see that it is a pill. Are pills safe to use? I don’t really have good experiences with pills so I will be sure to wait for your feedback. Thank you so much in advance. 

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