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One of the biggest challenges with folks who are new to internet marketing face is selecting the right niche to pursue. One tool that promises to make this process a little bit easier is Jungle Scout. In this Jungle Scout review, I’m going to be looking at if the tool is a sound investment, or if you would be better off looking elsewhere for market research assistance.

What Is Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout is a tool that promises to be able to help you select a profitable niche the first time on Amazon. It does this by allowing you access to the Amazon sales database through a Web App or Google Chrome extension. The web app allows you a little bit more of an insight into what’s going on behind-the-scenes inside of categories on Amazon while the Chrome extension allows you to have instant insight into different products and categories as you browse them on the Amazon website.

The web app is a little bit more expensive than the Chrome extension, but the web app does provide significantly more insight into many of the analytics that you’re going to want access to like overall category sales, pricing, and potential gaps in the market when it comes to product competition inside of categories.

Who Is It For?

Jungle Scout could be very beneficial for a variety of different people who are wanting to do business with Amazon. If you’re wanting to sell on the Amazon platform through FBA, Jungle Scout is going to give you critical insights that will help you to identify where there is lacking competition inside of product categories.

On the flipside, if you’re wanting to create a new Amazon Associates niche site, Jungle Scout is going to give you the ability to identify which categories are selling significant amounts of products so that you can figure out which ones would stand to have the most profitability when it comes to overall sales figures and commission percentages. As an affiliate marketer, if you were to combine the data inside of Jungle Scout with niche competition analysis, then you could certainly create an Amazon Associates niche site that could generate significant profits without being in a market that is overly competitive.

One final group of people who would benefit greatly from the use of Jungle Scout are those who are wanting to create an e-commerce store using Shopify. By taking the data inside of Jungle Scout, you would know what products are selling very well on Amazon, and then use that data to create your own Shopify ecommerce store that sells similar products in the category.

How Much Is It?

jungle scout web app

Again, there are two different options available for Jungle Scout. First, let’s look at the pricing available for the Jungle Scout web app. The web app is available as an ongoing membership fee. There are three different options available including startup, standard and business levels.

Also, for all three levels, there are monthly and annual membership options. A monthly startup membership is going to cost you $39 per month, the standard one is $69 per month, and the business membership is a whopping $99 per month. Annual pricing for the same packages will set you back $29 per month, $49 per month, or $69 per month, billed in annual increments. As you can see, the costs of the web app can end up being significant.

jungle scout extension

The Google Chrome extension for Jungle Scout on the other hand is priced out to be a one-time fee with unlimited access. There are two options available for the extension including light and pro. Access to the light version of the extension is going to cost you $97 versus the $197 one-time cost of the Pro version. Considering the data that is available inside of the extension versus the data available inside of the web app, both options are still pretty expensive.

The Jungle Scout Review

When all things are considered, if you’re wanting to create any kind of online business that is going to be dealing in physical goods, having the ability to see inside of the data of Amazon’s sales is something that could really help to boost your success rates. The opportunity score inside of the Chrome extension is incredible and can provide you with insights into where gaps in the market currently exist. Not only is this going to tell you exactly how many sales a product is getting, it’s also going to allow you to see where people are more likely to spend their money inside of any category on Amazon.

By having access to this data, you could create similar products to sell on Amazon itself through FBA, or you could simply create a new niche site that focuses on promoting the top-selling products inside of any niche on Amazon. Unfortunately, for many people who are just getting started with affiliate marketing or selling on Amazon, access to this program at any level could be out of reach due to the high costs associated with it.

While the data that it does provide could give you a leg up when it comes to identifying the best niches to pursue, there are other ways that you can determine whether a niche is worth entering without this data.

Pros and Cons of Jungle Scout


  • Opportunity Score Is Awesome
    As mentioned above, having access to the opportunity score allows you to know not only how many sales a product is making, but also how much opportunity exists within any given category inside of Amazon.
  • Incredible Opportunity for Success
    Being able to know how many sales a category or product gets as well as knowing how to analyze how much competition exists inside of the niche are amazing data points for affiliate marketing or e-commerce sales. This tool can literally take the guesswork out of whether a niche would be successful before you ever put any effort into trying to make sales in the niche.


  • Cost of Web App for Those Just Getting Started
    Unfortunately, the cost of the web app is a bit expensive for those who are just getting started with online business. If it is affordable for you, it is certainly a tool that is worth having in your arsenal at least for a few months.
  • Chrome App Is a Bit Pricey
    With the data that is available inside of the chrome app taken into consideration, it is a bit pricey even for established business owners. While it can be very beneficial to have access to this data, the data inside of the web app is much more in depth and allows you to get a clearer picture of the overall profitability of any category on Amazon.

Can You Find Profitable Niches in Jungle Scout?

Regardless of whether you are wanting to sell on Amazon through FBA, create a new Amazon Associates niche site or if you’re wanting to create your own stores on Shopify, having the data available to you that Jungle Scout provides is going to give you a significant advantage over your competition. For those who are on a bit of a tighter budget, buying the web app for a month or two to gain access to the data it provides is certainly a good idea. For those who have the funds available, purchasing an annual membership as well as the chrome extension is going to be an investment that you are sure to not regret.

The information contained inside of the Jungle Scout platform can be priceless if you value your time over your money. While other options exist for profitable niche or product selection, Jungle Scout takes a lot of the guesswork out of the equation from the word go.

Final Thoughts on Jungle Scout

In the early stages of your business, spending money can be challenging. Thus, the ongoing subscription cost to Jungle Scout may be difficult for new entrepreneurs. With that said, if you can afford to subscribe even for a couple of months to do niche research, it is definitely a worthwhile investment. If you can afford a longer subscription, it will pay for itself so long as you are taking action and following a proven program that teaches you how to have the most success possible with online marketing. Visit the Jungle Scout website for full details 👈

To learn more about the course that has helped me become a successful niche marketer, please check out my top recommended resource. Combining it with a short subscription to Jungle Scout will definitely give you a head start on succeeding with your online business goals.

Jungle Scout






Overall Quality



  • Opportunity Score Is Awesome
  • Incredible Opportunity for Success


  • Cost of Web App for Those Just Getting Started
  • Chrome App Is a Bit Pricey

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10 thoughts on “Jungle Scout Review”

  1. Thank you, Jay, for this thorough and informative review which has opened my eyes to this tool ‘Jungle Scout.’

    It’s my first time to hear about Jungle Scout. Its indeed a great tool to use which gives me insights into identifying gaps in the market, pointing me to products I can promote.

    Also, a useful tool for creating an e-commerce store using Shopify. I don’t find it costly, considering the priceless information the tool provides.

    I have bookmarked your post. I will refer to it as soon as my application to join Shopify goes through.

    Once again, many thanks.

  2. I’ve been reading a lot about people becoming successful online via Amazin FBA, but was curious about how they choose products to sell. This review explains some of the capabilities available to people aspiring to succeed on Amazon. Would you recommend Jungle Scout for bloggers who are looking for products to review in their niche? Would it be useful for that, or would there be better options for finding that information?

  3. Great review Jay about Jungle Scout. I’ve never heard of this program before — but it sounds like it may be a worthwhile investment if you go the money to spare.

    Have you personally bought this product yourself, and if so did it help you find profitable niches a whole lot easier?

    Thanks again for giving a well in depth review about Jungle Scout.

  4. Hi Jay

    After reading your post I can definitely see why Jungle Scout would having for anybody wanting to tap into the Amazon gold mine.

    I agree with you though, it is pricey,especially for newbies, the ones who could probably most benefit.

    I like your idea of subscribing for a couple of months to get the niche research done, Bu then you had better know what to do with that niche once identified otherwise you’d just be wasting your money.

    Thanks for the info Jay. I had never heard of Jungle Scout and now I’m kind of curious….


  5. Hi Jay, this is the first time I read an article written by you. I’ve been seeing you inside Wealthy Affiliate, and when I got here, my reaction was, “Oh, it’s Jay! Let’s see what is he promoting.”

    After reading your article, I got interested with this Chrome extension, as I also do business with Amazon. But before that, I want to know if this tool website has its own affiliate program? I ask this because, I love making money with the tools I use. Instead of just being “tools”, in my previous online businesses, I love this idea of monetizing the tools.

  6. Hi, Jay. A friend told me about Jungle Scout and here I am checking them out. Thanks for all the great information on Jungle Scout, I now know a lot more about them and what to expect.
    The reason for visiting your Post is because I’m in the first stages of setting up an e-commerce store to sell my own products. I was thinking of starting my online store on Shopify as their prices seem quite fair.
    Can you recommend any other good Online Platforms that can teach me how to open an e-commerce store that charges less than Shopify?
    Really liked your suggestion to check out Jungle Scout for a couple of months to get all the inside scoops. That makes a lot of sense to me and I thank you for your honesty.
    Much appreciated, Jeff.

  7. Thanks for your Jungle Scout review Jay. I think if you are new to navigating Amazon, a tool like this can be a god-send. Its interesting that you advise using it for a time and not just joining forever. Through use of the tool can you learn how to do the same thing on your own? Is that why you recommend limited time membership?

  8. Nice one Jay!
    Never heard of jungle Scout before, but with your review i think it would be a great platform for lots people who are new in online marketing and who would love to use Amazon FBA.I love the chrome extension, its pricey even with all the features

    Thanks once more for the information

  9. Hey there,

    I have been digging more about this product and I really liked the services too. But the chrome thing was what made me not have to use it.

    Your recommendation sounds awesome and it’s way cheaper and better than jungle scout considering the things you will getting on top of proper niche research.

    I think I’ll go with your recommendation. Thanks a lot for the good advice.

  10. Hi Jay, really nice and informative review ones again. I have already watched some videos on skillshare about becoming an Amazon FBA and a friend of mine actually is a successful FBA. This tool here is like the extra insight to spy on demand and your competition. Which is also something that only a few Amazon FBAs do, so it gives you a really good advantage.


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