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Selling products in your spare time is a pretty common way to make a little extra money. And I do stress, “a little.” These companies rely on distributors to do all the leg work while the company makes all the money. In this LR Health and Beauty MLM review, we’ll tell you why this probably won’t work for you. It all depends on location.

What is LR Health and Beauty MLM?

LR Health and Beauty is one of many multi-level marketing (MLM) companies that sell products through distributors called LR Partners. The company was founded in 1985 in Germany by Achim Hickmann. The products are available in 28 countries across Europe, Australia, Russia, and more. They do not operate in the United States or Canada.

Their focus is on Aloe Vera products and beauty products. Other products include nutritional supplements, anti-aging products, perfumes, aftershave, and some jewelry. 

Are Products Worth Their Price? 

For the purpose of this review, we’ll focus on the Aloe Vera products. The Aloe Vera plant has many healing and nutritional properties. It has amazing compounds that can treat a wide range of problems such as canker sores and blood sugar levels. It also has medicinal benefits. It has antioxidant and antibacterial properties and can reduce swelling and even lung congestion.

Lr Health And Beauty Mlm Review - Products

 The products included in the package above are Moisturising Concentrated Gel (90% Aloe Vera); Instant Emergency Spray (83% Aloe Vera); and Protecting Propolis Cream (79% Aloe Vera).  This package sells for £42.49 on the Amazon website. (Unfortunately, there are no product prices listed on the company website.)

These are skincare products that moisturize dry skin and help with skin irritations such as sunburns, shaving, rough knees and elbows, calluses. The emergency spray can be used for sore throat, ear pain, and even dull hair.

Product Reviews 

According to Amazon, the reviews for this particular product are pretty good. But there were only three people who wrote a review for the package. There were many reviews for the individual products. Most of the reviews were quite good and customers have found the products to be quite helpful in dealing with skin conditions. 

It’s difficult to see how much these products weigh so it’s unclear if customers are getting value for their money. The package dimensions are 22.9 x 19 x 5.1 centimeters and weigh 0.54 kilograms. That’s 9″ x 7.5″ x 2″ and 1.20 pounds. So it wouldn’t seem like the products themselves are very big. 

The LR Health and Beauty Opportunity 

Once you sign up with a sponsor, you’ll be required to buy a starter kit. The kit contains order forms, a welcome binder with training info, product catalogs of the different collections, sales information. It also includes a number of products such as aloe vera drinking gel, perfume samples and aftershave samples for men, aloe vera hair and body wash, tooth gel, (toothpaste), aloe vera special care box (concentrated gel, cream, and spray), and product brochures.

Training is provided through your sponsor and the information in the starter kit. You can then start selling products one-on-one, through parties, and the online shop.

How Much Does It Cost To Join LR Health and Beauty?

The starter kit will cost you 230 euros. There doesn’t seem to be a registration fee or monthly fee.

But there may be hidden costs such as Internet service, phone call charges, shipping, taxes, and handling charges.

Can You Make Money With LR Health and Beauty?

All the money you make will be through sales alone. You’ll earn 40% commissions on products you sell. If you have a team, you can earn monthly bonuses of up to 21% on all overall sales. 

There are no PVs (Personal Volume) to meet or minimum monthly quotas to earn commissions.

You are not expected to recruit people to your team but that’s another way to earn money. The more people on your team, the more money you can make.

Unfortunately, there’s no public information with exact commission numbers and no income disclosure statement available. So there’s no way to know how much LR Partners have made in the past.


Decent Commissions: LR Partners earn 40% commissions on products. This is the difference between wholesale prices and retail prices.

No Quotas: As a representative, you won’t have to meet a monthly quota in order to earn commissions.


Expensive Starter Kit: The starter kits are 230 euro each. 

Pushy Sponsors: According to my research, sponsors don’t like it if you quit. They say it’s not a problem if you quit but they may harass you if you change your mind. These may be isolated incidents.

Limited Availability: the products are only available in EU countries and some non-EU countries such as Russia, New Zealand, and Australia. 

Misrepresentation: In some cases, LR Partners try to recruit new people by making false claims about the income they can make and the exciting bonuses. In one instance, an LR Partner claimed that if you can recruit four people you earn a car. 

Is LR Health and Beauty a Scam? 

LR Health and Beauty is not a scam but it is a typical direct selling company. If you live outside Europe, this is not the opportunity for you anyway. One interesting note is that these products have been endorsed by Bruce Willis, the actor. In fact, there’s even a Bruce Willis Personal Edition aftershave in the product line. Star power like that lends the company and its products more credibility. But, in the end, it’s another MLM.

Final Thoughts 

This particular opportunity isn’t for everyone because it’s only available in European countries for the most part. Assuming you live in a region where you can avail of this offer, you need to sell in order to make money. It doesn’t matter how great the bonuses are. If you can’t sell enough products to qualify for them, the bonuses are moot. 

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