Mike Long Leaves Bring the Fresh to Focus on OMG Machines

Mike Long Leaves Bring the Fresh to Focus on OMG Machines
The internet marketing power duo have chosen to break-up..

Mike Long and Kelly Felix have decided to part ways and focus on their respective own products.

Going forward, Kelly Felix will continue to manage and run Bring the Fresh and Mike Long will be focusing his energy on OMG Machines along with David Mills.

Here is what was released within the Bring the Fresh members forum.

“Guys, for the past 4 years I’ve had the pleasure of working on BTF with my great friend Mike Long. And David Mills was also instrumental in helping BTF as well.

So with mixed emotions, I am announcing that Mike has officially moved on to other ventures. Specifically, he has moved on and partnered full-time with our own BTF success story, Greg Morrison, over at OMG Machines.

We are both excited at the new opportunities. Mike and Greg and David Mills will continue to deliver great, cutting edge content over at OMG, and I wish them the absolute best.”

So what does the future hold for Bring the Fresh?

Kelly Felix expressed that he is excited to have BTF to himself and that this will be the first time he has complete 100% ownership of a product.

Fortunately for Kelly Felix, existing BTF members will most likely stay as members considering it is not a recurring monthly payment for access. But going forward, I do think the sales of BTF will start to go down as Mike Long has always been the face of Bring the Fresh and written most or all the sales copy.

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Time will certainly tell the fate of Bring the Fresh..

What do you think? Will Kelly Felix be able to continue Bring the Fresh with success?

Jay Neill

Jay Neill

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