Natura Brasil Mlm Review

If you’re looking for a decent work from home opportunity, you may have considered selling products on the side. These jobs allow you to make your own schedule while making money. Natura Brasil is unique in that they have three product lines you can sell. You’ve probably heard of some of their products and that may make selling them easier. In this Natura Brasil MLM Review, I’ll take a look at the products and the opportunity. Lots of products may not mean lots of sales.

What is Natura Brasil MLM?

Natura is a Brazillian multi-level marketing (MLM) company headquartered in Sao Paulo. The company was founded in 1969 by Antonio Luiz Seabra. Their product line is focused on cosmetics and personal care products. They switched over to a direct selling business model in 1974. They have over 1.7 million consultants around the globe.

As of January 2020, Natura acquired Avon Products. Natura also own The Body Shop. Both of these companies as well as Aesop are subsidiary companies. The Body Shop products are sold in retail stores worldwide. As of 1994, they adopted the direct selling model as well. All these products can be purchased online as well as through a consultant.
In 2018, they reported $10.9 billion in revenue which was up from the previous year’s revenue of $141.2 million.

Are Natura Brasil Products Worth Their Price?

Natura products are comprised of three different product lines–Avon, Body Shop and Natura products. The company is committed to creating products that are free from animal testing and are cruelty free. This is especially true of the Body Shop range of products. All the products can be bought online as well as through a Consultant.

Natura Brasil Mlm Review - Natura Products For Sale On Amazon

The products above were found on the Amazon website and ship from Amazon. I took a sample of body lotions from each of the three lines–Body Shop, Avon and Aesop.

As you can see, the difference in price is quite striking. The Aesop body balm being the most expensive. All the products have at least a 4-star rating by customers.

The Body Shop and Aesop products use all natural ingredients. The recently acquired Avon products include natural ingredients but are not all natural. Most of the products have not been tested on animals. Of the products that have been tested on animals, the testing was safely conducted so as to not harm the animals.

Because these products use natural ingredients for the most part, the price may be worth it to customers. This may be especially true now due to the increased awareness of the environmental impact posed by many products.

The Natura Brasil MLM Opportunity

The business opportunity here is a curious one. Most of these products can be purchased online so I’m not sure customers would really need to buy from a Consultant. That being said, you can sign up as a Consultant for Body Shop products and also sell Avon and Aesop products as well.

Natura Brasil Mlm Review - Natura Logo

How Much Does It Cost to Join Natura Brasil?

As a Body Shop Consultant, you don’t have to buy a starter kit but it’s probably advisable. The kit price ranges from $49 to $199. Your sponsor will provide free training and there doesn’t seem to be any monthly membership fees.

Other costs are hidden costs such as gas expense, phone expense and any other expense related to your business. These costs are not reimbursable.

Can You Make Money with Natura Brasil?

As a Body Shop Consultant, you can earn 25% to 30% commissions on your sales. If you want to make more money, you can recruit people to join your team. Body Shop Consultants can host parties or have others host parties in order to make sales. There’s no minimum commission requirement. Consultants earn commissions on all products sold through them. Private Facebook groups can also bring in customers.

The variety and brands of products would lead you to think that there’s a huge potential for making money here. But there are a few problems you should be aware of. One of the biggest problems is that customers don’t have to use a Consultant to get their products. They can order online through Amazon or other online store like eBay. Customers can also walk into a Body Shop store and try out products before they buy.


Consultants Can Sell More Than One Product Line
As a Consultant, you can choose to sell more than one line of products. So if you wanted to sell Avon products, you could also sell Body Shop, Aesop or Natura products as well provided they are available in your country.

Variety of Products
The product line is not only extensive, there are also a few different brands of products you can sell as well. So there’s plenty of variety for your customers.

Different Selling Options
You can sell to people directly or you can create a store on Amazon and sell your products that way. You can also create your own website and sell products directly from your site.


High Competition
There are so many places to get these products that it’s not really necessary for customers to engage with a Consultant.

Not All Products Available
In the United States, customers won’t be able to get all the products. Avon and Body Shop products are generally available but the Aesop products are not available in the United States.

Cancer Risk
In October 2009, there was a warning that certain Avon products contained toxic ingredients. These toxic ingredients, notably parabens, posed a risk of cancer and hormonal changes. The National Cancer Institute asked Avon to replace the toxic ingredients with safer ones. Parabens are used as preservatives.

Is the Natura Brasil MLM a Scam?

Natura Brasil give Consultants an option to sell more than one product line. The company is not a scam but the MLM business model is such that it is designed to maximize profit for the company while paying consultants small commissions. In order to figure out if this is a good deal or not, you would need to take the price of a sample product and determine the minimum commission on that product. Then divide that number by the minimum amount you’d like to make. This will give you the number of units you’d have to sell to meet that minimum.

Final Thoughts

Selling products for an MLM may be a good way to earn some extra money but it is not a business model that can earn you a full-time income. In fact, the statistics on MLMs has shown that only one percent of people make a full-time income and these are the people at the very top.

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  1. Thanks, Jay the very informative review.

    I know that Natura products are available online could be a tough job for consultants to set up physical shops. But I know that, like in Pakistan(my country), India, very few people buy online as they don’t have internet facilities and credit or debit cards. So they rely on visiting shops to buy Beauty or Body Care products etc. But it has a great impact in developed countries as mostly shopping online as it is secure and time-saving.

    As for as we talk about 3rd-world countries, Consultants are still doing very well.

    I agree that the products are very pricey.

  2. I’ve always thought of Natura Brasil products as of good quality once my girlfriend bought some on our trip to Brasil.
    However, I’ve never thought of selling the products but the way you put things it looks like it’s not very profitable… and the idea of having carcinogen ingredients gives me the creeps!
    You’ve done a great post and I thank you for that.
    Keep safe!

  3. I have been researching about this red flag that these products use Parabens as preservatives. And this ingredient is linked to cancer in that it may pose a risk. But I have tried to get deeper into the matter and it’s not much I have found so this flag is kinda turning yellowish for me. But still, I won’t join this MLM. I’ll check out your other recommendations. Thanks for this post.

  4. Thanks for bringing us this review of Natura Brasil.

    I wasn’t aware that these products were all owned by the same company.  They are all excellent products, but I think that they would be easier to sell online rather than by the traditional methods of parties.  If you go down the physical sales route you would need a big area to sell to, or your sales would soon dry up.

    Give me affiliate marketing anyday.  That way I am in total control.

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