Pampered Chef Mlm Review - Make Money Selling Kitchen Tools?

For anyone who loves kitchen products, the Pampered Chef might be a great way for you to earn some extra money in your spare time. And if things to really well, you may even be able to parlay this opportunity into a full-time job. So the target market for these products will be pretty broad. Most everyone has to cook for themselves or their family so this looks like a pretty easy sell. In this Pampered Chef MLM review, I’ll check out the products to see if you can really make money selling them.

What is Pampered Chef MLM?

Pampered Chef was founded by Doris Christopher in 1980. In 2002, it was acquired by Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Corporation. The company is currently headquartered in Illinois and has a sales force of around 35,000 consultants. Their product line offers a range of kitchen products such as cookbooks, kitchen tools, cookware, bakeware, gardening tools, and more. The products are available in the U.S., Germany and Canada.

Are Pampered Chef Products Worth Their Price?

Pampered Chef Mlm Review - Pampered Chef Cookie Sheet Set

Pampered Chef have a wide range of kitchen products. Pair that up with anyone with a pulse and you will have a large customer base. Afterall, most everyone needs kitchen products. Whether they like to cook or not, people still have to eat.

So while Pampered Chef has a lot of great products to choose from, they may not be worth the price. In fact, many of the products are exorbitantly priced. For instance, the Cookie Sheet Set comes with two cookie sheets and a Mini Nylon Service Spatula for $50. This set is actually discounted.

And of course all the reviews listed are 5-star reviews. There are no bad reviews of this product. You have to ask yourself if you or anyone you know would spend $50 on two cookie sheets and a spatula.

There are certainly less expensive cookie sheets you can buy that equal the quality of these cookie sheets.

The Pampered Chef MLM Opportunity

To get started, you’ll need to buy a subscription and a kit. Generally, you sign up through a sponsor. If you don’t have a sponsor, one will be appointed to you based on your location. Once you have your kit and receive a bit of online training, you can begin to host parties. There are a number of different types of parties you can profit from.

You can do this part time as a way to earn extra money or full time. The more time you can spend selling products, the better your chances of making sales.

You won’t be paid an hourly wage. Any money you earn is based on the products you sell. You receive a commission for all the products you sell. Any commissions are paid by direct deposit twice a month.

How Much Does It Cost to Join Pampered Chef?

The starter kits are designed so that you can immediately start your own business. There’s a choice of 3 different starter kits as listed below:

Starter Kit:  $99 and includes over $400 in products and online business tools

Deluxe Kit: $159 and includes over $700 in products and online business tools

Ultimate Kit: $259 and includes over $1,100 in products and online business tools

The online business tools include marketing emails you can send to your customers as well as newsletters, a personal website that can be customized, and special dashboards for hosts and guests.

There’s no yearly membership fee but if you use the eBiz Tools, you’ll get three months for free. After that there’s a monthly fee.

Can You Make Money with Pampered Chef?

There are a number of ways you can earn money by selling the Pampered Chef products. Depending on how much you sell, commissions start at 20% and can go up to 27%. You can earn an extra 3% on products sold by your team. You’ll also receive bonuses that include free products each season, additional training, and points toward vacation rewards. Here are the different ways you can make money:


By getting people to join your team, you’ll be creating a down line. As a sponsor to your down line, you’ll be responsible for their training but you will also receive commissions on their sales of 3%.

Personal Website

You’ll have your own personal website space to promote products to customers. This will extend your reach far beyond family and friends.


  • Live Party: these parties are hosted by you, a friend or co-worker and can include anything from drinks and snacks to a cooking demonstration.
  • Virtual Party: Using social media like Facebook, invite your friends to log on from any location to watch you display and/or demonstrate the products.
  • Catalog Party: This is a pretty easy party because all you have to do is send the catalog out through email and wait for orders to come in.
  • Fundraiser Party: This is a party where a percentage of the sales are given away to a charity instead of the host receiving any rewards.  The funds can be directed to any charity you choose. Pampered Chef also supports Feeding America and the American Cancer Society.
  • Wedding Shower: When someone gets married, they usually get a lot of kitchenware so hosting a wedding shower for a bride can be a great way to sell products.

So there are plenty of ways you can make money with the Pampered Chef. It will really come down your time and motivation.


Voluntary Withdrawal of Unsafe Products

If Pampered Chef is notified that any product is faulty, they will immediately investigate, withdraw the product and recall the product for anyone who purchased it. There were two products listed on their website that were recalled because they were faulty in some way. the Garlic Slicer and the Ice Cream Dipper.

Product Discounts

If you are really into your kitchenware, you’ll enjoy getting 20% to 50% discounts on all products.

30-day Product Guarantee

Another great selling point for your customers is the 30-day guarantee. Other product guarantees may not be so great. The Lifetime Guarantee only covers repairs or replacement in the cases of defects. The guarantee type is indicated by a symbol on the product listing in the catalog or on the website.

No Inventory

You don’t have to store any products except for your starter kit. All products are shipped directly to the customer.



There are plenty of dissatisfied customers according to the BBB (Better Business Bureau) website. The complaints range from faulty or defective products, insufficient refunds, and poor customer service. On the plus side, Pampered Chef have responded to the complaints listed.

False Income Claims

According to the Truth In Advertising website, there have been a number of false income claims from Pampered Chef representatives and consultants.

Pampered Chef Mlm Review - Pampered Chef False Claims
False Claims from The Pampered Chef

Monthly Targets

You will need to make at least $150 in sales each month to keep your membership active. According to the Pampered Chef FAQ page, most consultants make $300 or more in sales from their first three parties which will earn them $100 in free products. This may or may not be achievable for you depending on how much time you can put in.

Expensive Products

Taking a look through the catalog and you will see that the products are quite expensive when you compare them to their counterparts. High-priced products may be difficult to sell.

Is Pampered Chef a Scam?

As an MLM, the Pampered Chef is yet another company that sells products on commission only. Even most car salesmen gets a base salary of minimum wage for their time. The time you spend selling products is not paid. You only earn money when you sell products. So while this may not be a scam, it’s not exactly a great deal either.

My Pampered Chef MLM Review: Final Thoughts

When you factor in the time you will spend to sell products and after calculating your net earnings, you’ll see that there are better ways to make a buck. Yes, it’s a flexible work schedule but there’s pressure involved here too. In order to maintain your membership, you’ll have to make $150 in sales each month at a bare minimum. That amounts to $30 in gross commissions. Factor in your time and expenses and ask yourself if it’s still worth it.

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  1. THE information in this article is not all completely true.

    Consultants only need to submit (in Canada) $200 in sales once in 6 months to maintain their consultant status and discounts. If a consultant wants to earn other perks such as a permanent raise – you must reach a certain “career sales level” – which resets to ZERO after 2 consecutive months of not submitting “min sales”…..but for some that is not a concern – as they still get their discount and have parties when it suites them!

    Also to clarify when you purchase a consultants KIT – your website is included FREE for 90 days. After that You can still be a consultant without a website – but have to manually enter all orders yourself! Or can renew your website for 6mth or 12 mth price options.

    I would argue that to be successful in any business venture your WORK ETHIC AND HOW ORGANIZED YOUR ARE, are important variables!! Today Many Consultants in all sorts of Direct Sales Make Money without putting in insaine hours! They have routines, systems, automate where possible …with party scheduling apps. I agree, like ALL BUSINESS ventures NOT all succeed!

    Lastly PRICE! When comparing products you must compare LIKE PRODUCTS! So if you look at WALMART for similar quality cookie sheet they sell for $20.97 (not sure about size comparision)….So very close in price for the similar PC product!!

    Thanks for listening

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