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These days, it’s getting harder and harder to find reputable work-from-home opportunities. Selling products is a common way to earn extra money and allows you to create your own schedule. PM International is a German company that sells health products under the brand name FitLine. But are these products different from others? In this PM International MLM review, we’ll see if the products are worth your time.

What is PM International MLM?

PM International is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company founded by Rolf Sorg in Germany in 1993. It manufactures health products under the brand name FitLine and is an official supplier of various sports teams.

PM International had annual sales of $1.71 billion in 2019. According to the company, there are more than 150,000 FitLine distributors worldwide. The company has received numerous awards for beauty and health innovation, top innovators and the fastest growing direct selling company in the world in 2021.

Are PM International Products Worth Their Price?

PM International uses an exclusive system called the NTC-Nutrient Transport Concept. This proprietary system claims to deliver nutrients where they are needed, down to the cellular level. This system is so popular that top athletes use many of these products. The products are made with natural sweeteners and flavors and contain no preservatives. 

So let’s take a look at one of the products. I took a product sample that I found on the company’s website. Many people would be interested in taking a shortcut to losing weight. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if all you had to do to lose weight was drink a cup of tea every day?

Pm International Mlm Review Herbalism Team

I’ve never come across a product that can guarantee weight loss, and this product is no exception. It says the product has “harmonizing effects on losing weight and weight control. It helps with weight loss by reducing cravings for sweets. So it’s probably just a very good herbal tea.

The price isn’t too bad either. At $15.50, it sounds average for a fancy tea. But are there other similar products that do the same thing?

Green tea, white tea, and matcha tea have proven to be extremely beneficial in aiding weight loss. These teas can be purchased for far less money.

This tea has the same effect as other herbal teas. It’s just a little more expensive. Customers do not necessarily have to buy expensive teas from you when they can get a similar product cheaper at their local health food store.

Of course, this is just one product among many. There are tons of such products on the market.

The PM International Opportunity

To sign up, you need to sign up through a distributor and buy a starter kit. You will also have to sign a document agreeing to use the products, maintain a healthy lifestyle, and follow an exercise program. The “contract” is made with yourself.

How Much Does It Cost To Join PM International?

To sell FitLine products, you’ll need to buy a kit.  There are four to choose from:

Start-Up 25 with Activize Set: €70.82

Start-Up 50+ with 3M Optimal-Set +Generation 50+ autoship: €175.44

Manager Quickstart with 6 x Optimal-Set: €512.

Teampartner Start with 3M Optimal-Set autoship: €87.84

Pm International Mlm Review Products

The kits are listed in euro and in price according to the country they are purchased in.

There will also be hidden costs that are not reimbursed by PM International. Any personal expenses associated with selling products are not recoverable.

Can You Make Money With PM International?

The way to make money with this program is to rise in the ranks. You start as a Team Partner. To move up, you need qualifying points. There are 12 ranks in total. 

One of the big problems with this plan is that you have to buy and use the products. So you are automatically a customer. 

As a Team Partner, you will get 20% commission. If you have recurring orders of 100 PV (points volume), you will receive an additional 10%. 

You will also receive royalties from your Active Manager based on his group volume, which is based on a point system. Each point is equal to $0.50. 

For each person you personally sponsor, you will receive a one-time pool bonus of $60 USD. But only if your new recruit buys the Pool Pack for $481 or $500. 

So there is some potential, but it comes at a price.

Pros of PM International

Bonuses for New Customers: every time you sign up a new customer for a plan, you get a bonus.

Discount on Autoshipments: By subscribing to auto-shipments, (which is mandatory) you qualify for an additional discount.

Performance Based Compensation: There are many different options for compensation such as bonuses, royalties, management bonuses, Car Bonus Program and Pension Plan.

Cons of PM International

You Have To Use the Products: This probably ties in with the investigation listed below. But in order to be successful in selling the FitLine brand, you have to use the products so you have first-hand knowledge about them.

PM Investigation: According to the Distributor application form, by accepting the terms, you accept that PM will investigate your reputation. PM also reserves the right to collect, process, and use personal information about your relationship with PM. 

Auto Shipment: All distributors must sign up for auto shipment. This means that you are responsible for paying all shipping charges.

One thing to note here. These products have been approved by the FDA. The FDA doesn’t approve dietary supplements. 

Is PM International A Scam?

PM International isn’t a scam. It’s a very successful company. But to be successful here, you need to be interested in fitness and a healthy lifestyle. You also need to be aware that as a distributor, you will only receive commissions. That’s it. No base salary. I don’t know anyone who can live like that.

But PM International does offer a few perks that I have not seen at other MLMs, such as pension plans, cars, and vacations.

Final Thoughts

Selling products in your spare time will never give you a decent income. You won’t earn as much as you think if you consider the hidden costs. The MLM business model gives the company all the benefits and the money – not you. It will be very difficult to make a full time income here.
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