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There’s a strong demand for good quality cookware and kitchenware. If you could take the pain out of the shopping aspect by selling to customers directly, you might find yourself making a ton of money. That’s how Princess House works. You demonstrate or display products and take orders. Pretty simple, right? Maybe. In this Princess House MLM review, I’ll look at what they have to offer to see if this is a good deal or if you’ll get burned.

Princess House Mlm Review - LogoWhat is the Princess House MLM?

Princess House is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company that was first started by Charlie Collis in 1963. They are headquartered in Taunton, Massachusetts. Their product line include high-quality kitchenware, bakeware, glassware, cutlery, home accessories and weight loss products. They have over 37,000 Consultants across the U.S. The products and the Consultant opportunity is also available in Australia and Canada. In 2015, Boston Globe rated it one of the top women-owned business in Massachusetts.

Are Princess House Products Worth Their Price?

Princess House has a large range of products to choose from. The main focus is kitchen products such as bakeware, cutlery, glassware, tableware and home accessories. But they also have other products such as garden products.  The products in the catalog are beautiful but expensive.

Princess House Mlm Review - Product Set


In the image above, you get a 4-quart casserole, 6-quart Dutch oven, 10-inch saute pan and 2 glass lids for $369.95. Contrast that with the Farberware image below.

Princess House Mlm Review - Farbrware

The image above is taken from Amazon. This is the closest comparison I could find. Farberware is a well known and popular brand of cookware. The product above has over 834 reviews and received 4.5 stars. And yet it’s much cheaper than the Princess House cookware coming in at around $100. Not to mention you get more items in the Farberware set than the Princess House set. So there’s definitely similar products at a fraction of the price out there.

The Princess House MLM Opportunity

As an MLM, Princess House products are sold through direct selling. To get started as a consultant you need to be sponsored by another consultant. As a Consultant, you would present and/or demonstrate the products by having parties. Friends or family members can also host parties. Anyone that hosts a party usually receives a free gift. You would earn commissions on all products sold. The more parties you hold, the more money you can make.

How Much Does It Cost to Join Princess House?

Once you sign up through a sponsor, you have to purchase a starter kit that costs $139. The starter kit includes $585 worth of products. You’ll also receive free training and a free website.

But let’s not forget the hidden costs of joining an MLM. Since you are paid only on the products you sell, you won’t get paid for any of your expenses such as gas, food, phone calls, etc.

Can You Make Money with Princess House?

The main way you will earn money is through parties and your dedicated webspace. You’ll earn 25% commission for sales $1,250 and under. With sales over $1,250 your commission increases by 5% to 30%. Consultants are paid every week.

Another way to make money is through recruitment. By recruiting other people to join your team, you will earn additional income through their sales. The bigger your team the more you can earn.

Princess House Mlm Review - Compensation

It’s possible to make money here but you will need to have a decent network of people to tap for parties and recruitment. If you already have a job, you could have an endless stream of people to recruit and have parties. But if you are going to make this a full-time job, you may find that your contacts dry up quickly once everyone you know has been to a party or asked to join your team.


Consultant Discounts

As a Consultant, you can get discounts on all your favourite products. This is probably one of the main reasons why people join MLMs–to get their favourite products at a discount.

Wide Variety of Products

There’s a large selection of products in the catalog so chances are you’ll be able to sell products to a pretty wide network of people.

Shipped Directly To Customer

All products can be shipped directly to the customers so you won’t have to maintain any inventory. Especially helpful for heavy products like pots and pans and large heavy sets.


False Income Claims

Truth in Advertising is a non-profit organization that investigates false advertising and deceptive marketing. In 2018, Princess House was found to have had many claims around inflated income claims to promote the company.

Consumer Affairs Complaints

There are a tons of verified complaints logged with Consumer Affairs from all across the U.S. about poor product quality and even poorer customer service. Customers complained that they spent a ton of money on pots and pans only to have the non-stick coating start to peel and random dents in the pots. Complaints about Customer Service being rude and not helpful.

BBB Rating

Princess House have an A+ rating with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) but only 2.5 stars. There are two customer complaints about paying a lot of money for poor quality products with no response from the Consultant. Unfortunately, Princess House has not responded to these complaints.

Is Princess House a Scam?

Princess House has had it’s problems in the past but they also have a decent reputation and generate a good profit each year. They have been in business for over 50 years so that tells you they must be doing something right. While it may not be a scam, it may not be the best way for you to make money.

Keep in mind that you are starting out in the red from the moment you join because you’ve had to cough up $139 before you even make a sale. I get it. They want to make sure you’re committed so you have to use your own money to buy products to sell. I guess that’s incentive to at least sell enough to get your money back.

Final Thoughts

MLMs tend to make a lot of inferences about how much money you can make and how easy it is to have parties, etc. It’s never a walk in the park though. In this case, the first benchmark is $500. To make $500 you’ll have to host four parties. The products for the most part are good quality and you don’t need any special skills.

On the other side, the products are expensive so trying to get customers could be difficult. Lots of people join MLMs because they like of being their own boss. If you want to be your own boss, check out my #1 recommendation on how to start your own business. You’ll learn how to start a website with awesome training, hosting, 24/7 support and great tools to help you in your business.


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