Push Button Traffic 3.0 Review

Making money online can’t possibly be as easy as pushing a single button, right? Well, according to Billy Darr and the team over at Push Button Traffic 3.0, it can be. Can this “magic” software really get your online business unlimited traffic in 45 seconds or less as the sales video claims, or is it just the big red button that should never be pushed? Let’s dive into this Push Button Traffic 3.0 Review!

Push Button Traffic 3.0 Review Sales Page DiscountReview of Push Button Traffic 3.0

I’ve been reviewing various online marketing courses and products for several years now, and I can honestly say that I have never seen a buying process quite like this one. First, if you take the time to scroll all the way to the bottom of initial sales page, you’re greeted with the first of many special discounts that you “qualify” for. This discount is for five dollars off the software that claims to be able to get traffic to your website in 45 seconds or less. If it worked half as well as the sales page claims it does, then why in the world would they be willing to give the software up for a measly $12?

The fact that they were offering this discount before I even had the opportunity to see what the contact links looked at on the bottom of the sales page really threw up a red flag about the legitimacy of the software to me, and so I decided to dig into it just a bit further. I was able to find the reason that they would offer this product so cheaply inside of their privacy policy as you can see in the screenshot below.

Push Button Traffic 3.0 Review Privacy

So, by purchasing the software, you are agreeing to be contacted in the future by Billy Darr and the rest of the Push Button Traffic 3.0 team as well as any other affiliates that participate in the launch in the future. Also, reading further down in the privacy policy revealed that they also reserve the right to contact you via phone, and that they may share your information with online advertisers to serve you more custom-tailored ads in the future.

The agreement goes on to say that they may reveal personal identifiable information to credit agencies and collection agencies, and as you can see below, they reserve the right to share your information without any additional notice or give you the ability to opt out of messages. They actually refer to it as being their “company policy” to do so. All in all, just by purchasing the software, you give away a lot of your personal information to a lot of people.

So Many Upsells!

After making the initial purchase for Push Button Traffic 3.0, I was greeted with an upsell and downsell process that took more than 15 minutes just to get through. Yes, you read that correctly, it was 25 minutes before I could even access my initial purchase due to getting through a barrage of upsell and downsell offers that included:

  1. Upsell: Push Button Traffic 3.0 Elite Edition for $27 – This upsell offered 2 more “traffic sources,” some training videos, the ability to post images, and a 1 on 1 chat with Billy Darr that promises to show you how to finally quit your day job (be warned the solution is to probably buy another course.)
  2. Downsell:  Push Button Traffic 3.0 Elite Edition for $17
  3. Upsell: Push Button Traffic 3.0 Automation Edition for $37 – This upsell offered an automatic version of the software that the sales video literally says, “this option is great if you’re lazy.” It also included 5 sub accounts, more video training, and commercial rights to use the software for clients. Don’t forget that by using it on client accounts, you’re allowing clients to be contacted for additional services.
  4. Downsell: Push Button Traffic 3.0 Automation Edition for $27
  5. Upsell: Push Button Traffic 3.0 Done for You Setup’ Edition for $197 – With this upsell, they set a sales funnel up for you.
  6. Downsell: Push Button Traffic 3.0 Done for You Setup’ Edition for $97 – Noticing a pattern that every time I say no, they just make the same product a bit cheaper.
  7. Upsell: Push Button Traffic 3.0 500k Affiliate Method for $27 – This upsell is for training that will supposedly teach you how to make 500k per year.
  8. Downsell: Push Button Traffic 3.0 500k Affiliate Method for $22 – They say they’re giving you a $10 discount, but, they’re only giving you a $5 discount.
  9. Upsell: Push Button Traffic 3.0 Reseller Edition for $97 – They provide you with the ridiculously long list of upsells and downsells that you’re currently reading.
  10. Downsell: Push Button Traffic 3.0 Reseller Edition for $47
  11. Upsell: 5X Traffic and Profits Software for $27 – ANOTHER UPSELL
  12. Downsell: 5X Traffic and Profits Software for $27 – More of the same
  13. Upsell: 100 Done for You Campaigns for $27 – More Upsells
  14. Downsell: 100 Done for You Campaigns for $17 – You get the idea
  15. Upsell: 1 on 1 Coaching from Billy Darr for a Month for $97 – I’m sure this is what the original 1 on 1 bonus meeting is all about all the way back in upsell number 1.
  16. Downsell: 1 on 1 Coaching from Billy Darr for a Month for $47
  17. FINALLY, access to the original purchase!

First, it’s important to note that I absolutely despise up sales with passion. Sometimes, one upsell is understandable if it’s a standalone product that will greatly help people buying the original course or product. That isn’t the case with the majority of the upsells listed in the sales funnel for this product. Instead, they just add to the original product a little bit and, in my opinion, should be included with the original product.

Looking at the Product…Finally!

After finally getting through the exhausting sales funnel, the actual product itself was a little disappointing. In a nutshell, it posts to all your social media channels after you upload content to the cloud software. That’s it.

Push Button Traffic 3.0 Review Product

Honestly, it’s really nothing that is groundbreaking, and many other companies offer a similar service. Even worse, for the software to work correctly, you must provide all your login credentials to every social media account that you want the software to post to. Looking back at that privacy policy, this is a very concerning issue.

Again, just to recap, the developers behind Push Button Traffic 3.0 reserve the right to share any information you give them with a whole lot of people potentially. This also means that any information they can acquire from your social media platforms can be shared with others as well. I don’t know about you, but that’s a scary situation to be in, in my opinion.

Also, the original sales video claims to be able to get traffic to your site in 45 seconds or less. While social media marketing is indeed powerful, you still must build an audience or promote your shared content via paid advertisements. Without doing this, your traffic will be very limited, if it occurs at all. All this software does is post to your existing accounts. To gain any substantial traffic, you’ll still need to go out and build a following as well.

Who Is Push Button Traffic 3.0 For?

Due to the openness of the privacy policy and the fact that the software requires you to share so much personal information to use it, I can’t recommend this product to anyone. There are just far too many loopholes in the privacy policy that could be taken advantage of that would make the recent events surrounding Facebook in regard to the 2016 United States presidential election and Cambridge Analytica look like a walk in the park.

Also, many platforms forbid the use of software like this and many more change their rules frequently. If you happen to use the software and a platform changes their rules, you could have your accounts shutdown without warning.

Pro & Cons


The amount of data being collected in exchange for a posting software is just not worthwhile. Yes, it would help you to publish content on social networks much faster, but at what expense? Is that convenience worth your information being shared with others, or even worse, your clients’ information?


Ridiculous Privacy Policy
By purchasing Push Button Traffic 3.0 you’re giving the company the right to use your information as well as share it with numerous other people and companies including credit reporting agencies and collection agencies.

Insane Number of Upsells
Upsells are a hassle but having to say “no” 16 times to gain access to the original product is absurd!

Software Requires Access to Your Social Media Accounts
For the software to work, you must share the information to login to your social media accounts. By doing so, according to the companies’ privacy policy, you allow them access to the data you share on those accounts.

May Get Your Accounts Banned
Due to the ever-changing rules of video hosting platforms and social media networks, there’s a good chance that your account may be banned should they forbid the use of this type of software. Many networks already have.

Saves Time, But Not That Much
The most time-consuming part of running successful social media campaigns is the creation of the content you intend to share. Sharing it across multiple platforms is as easy as clicking copy-paste.

My Final Thoughts on Push Button Traffic 3.0


Because of its’ ludicrous privacy policy, I honestly must recommend staying far, far away from this product. With all the personal information you’re potentially giving up, the software simply doesn’t offer enough value in the tasks it performs. Ultimately, it may be able to deliver some traffic to your site, but it won’t be as life-altering as they claim unless you put in a LOT of work behind the scenes.

What Is Better Than Push Button Traffic 3.0?

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Wealthy Affiliate vs. Push Button Traffic 3.0

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