Affiliate Programs

Affiliate Programs

If you want to get involved in the world of affiliate marketing then you will need to find one or multiple affiliate programs that offer a commission for each sale driven by you.

Don’t worry, we can help you find some awesome affiliate programs. But let’s learn a bit about affiliate programs first.

What is an Affiliate Program?

An affiliate program is a commission based system where a company pays you a commission (also known as a referral fee) percentage when a customer that you refer (online) ends up purchasing a product.

Need clarification? We’ll use Amazon as an example because they have an affiliate program.

Let’s say I have a website that is reviewing the latest kindle reader and it costs $100. On my kindle reader review webpage, I will have a special affiliate link that takes people to Amazon and everytime someone buys a kindle reader (who come from my link), I get a commission of 4% to 8.5% based on the volume of monthly sales. That equates to $4 to $8.50 per sale.

Amazon handles all the payments, tracks all of your commissions and even provides you the links and tools needed.

Essentially, all I need to do is drive traffic to Amazon and they’ll take care of the rest.

How to Join an Affiliate Program

Signing up to affiliate programs is very easy and takes only a few minutes. In most cases, you will need a website created with some content on it. If you don’t have a website yet, you can go here to get one started for free.

Once you sign up with an affiliate program and you get approved, they will send you your own affiliate link which you can place on your website to start earning commission.

Now, there are a plethora of other things you would want to do on your site to gain more traffic to your website which increases the amount of potential commission. Have a look around our site to learn more about getting more traffic to your site.

What are the Best Affiliate Programs to Join?

Below is a list of recommended affiliate programs that are considered high quality when it come to:

  • Quality of products
  • Payout consistency
  • Affiliate support