Side Hustles To Make Money Online

Side-hustles are the new millennial side of the workplace. The more opportunity and flexibility we can offer, the better. If you happen to be working a job that only works on one side of your brain and you’re looking for an outlet that will work on both, then this article is for you! Here are 50 side hustles to make money online that we found to make extra revenue this year and beyond.

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What Exactly is a Side Hustle?

Side Hustles To Make Money Online - Getting Started

If you’re new to the idea of side hustles, then let’s start off by defining what exactly that means. A side-hustle is something that can be done on top of your full-time job without interfering with it too much, so you can still spend the time necessary to get things done.

Whether it’s a blogging side-hustle, a photography side-hustle, or any other online income stream that’s not your full-time job.

Choosing A Side Hustle Income Stream That Works for You

The beauty of having a side hustle is that you can do something completely different. As long as it doesn’t interfere with your day job and as long as you can find paying customers at the end of the day, then that’s all that matters. If you’re looking to make more money in your sleep, this is something worth checking out.

50 Side Hustles to Make Money Online in 2022

Now let’s get into our list of 50 side-hustles we found!

1) Sell Cakes:

If you happen to love cake as much as I do, consider making them and selling them. You don’t need to spend thousands on starting up; you can easily sell cakes out of your own home.

2) Run Errands:

This one may take more time than some other side-hustles on this list but it could really pay off. You can charge people per errand and if you do it enough, you could really make a living.

3) Sell Souvenirs:

Who doesn’t love souvenirs? I know I do! The more trinkets and knickknacks the better so sell those for $1 each on places like Ebay or Etsy.

4) Gigwalk:

Gigwalk is a great app that is free to download. You can do gigs in your town for money, whether it’s taking surveys or testing products in a market. I’ve done some gigs on here and they pay pretty well! With this side-hustle, you could probably make $15 per hour if you’re diligent about it.

5) Open a Lemonade Stand:

This is certainly an oldie but goodie. I remember doing this as a kid and it’s still fun to do now! You could sell dehydrated lemonade powder, lemons, cups, sugar, ice cubes etc. to make out with $15 per hour on the side if you’re really ambitious.

6) Resell Books:

You can sell your used books for a decent amount of money. If you have the time to do this, try selling them on Amazon or Ebay.

7) Become a Mystery Shopper:

This is a good side-hustle if you want to make a little bit extra each week. I did this in college and I was able to make $25 per hour.

8) Become an Eyeglass Inspector:

If you don’t mind wearing glasses, this is a great side-hustle because everyone needs them. Many places will hire people with no experience to inspect the quality of their products so it’s super easy to do.

9) Sell on Decluttr:

I personally love Decluttr. You can sell pretty much anything that you don’t need anymore and get some decent money for it too! They offer free postage so aside from your time, the only thing you have to lose is clutter.

10) Become an Au Pair:

If you’re good with kids, why not work as an au pair. You’ll make extra cash taking care of other people’s children while also having the opportunity to see another culture first hand!

11) Sell Crafts on Etsy:

If you’re crafty, this is a good side-hustle for all those little knickknacks that are lying around your house. You can get decent money on Etsy if you’re someone who is good at designing things, maybe a mug with a funny saying on it or some cute little magnets for your fridge.

12) Sell Your Hair:

Many people sell their hair including celebrities like Beyonce and Charlize Theron. If you have long hair that’s hard to maintain, sell it and make some money!

13) Invest Your Money:

If you have extra cash just lying around, consider putting it into an investment that will grow over time. You could double your money in the next ten years! It’s super easy with something like Acorns where you can automate saving/investing.

14) Fashion Consultant:

If you have a good sense of style, why not try consulting people on theirs. It’s basically just free helping out but you can help them find clothes that will fit their style and make them look good. The catch is that if they buy anything, you get a commission so it’s business for both parties!

15) Become a Blogger:

If you have a talent or interest that people would be interested to hear about, blog about it! You could get free stuff from companies in exchange for an honest review. I did this for a while and it’s quite fun.

16) Tutor Kids Online:

This is another good side-hustle for those who are good at academics. It’s a great way to make some extra cash and help out someone in the process. You can teach children from all over the world so if you’re good at teaching people subjects like math or science, this is a good side-hustle for you.

17) Become an Influencer:

If you’re already popular on Instagram, this is a good side-hustle to try. Many companies will want to work with influencers and pay them just to promote their products! You also get free stuff from companies often too so it’s a win-win situation.

18) Become an Interior Decorator:

If you have an eye for design, take your talent to the next level and become an interior decorator. People will pay you tons of money just to make their house look good so it’s definitely something worth trying.

19) Become a Bartender:

This is an easy side hustle to try if you’re already good with people. If you have a knack for this kind of stuff, why not make some extra money by bartending at night? Or you could even get a day job and work nights on the side . It’s totally up to you!

20) Become an Event Planner:

I love planning events so this is another job that I want to try out. You can make decent money with event planning, especially if you’re good at it.

21) Become a Professional Blogger:

If you’re good at blogging, why not consider doing it full-time? You could actually make money with blogging if you have the right skillset so why not try to take this side-hustle all the way!

22) Sell Your Photos:

I never knew people actually sold photos but apparently it’s a thing. If you’re good at photography, why not upload your portfolio to sites like Shutterstock or Adobe Stock and make money!

23) Become an eBay Seller:

If you have random things lying around your house that you don’t need, consider selling them on eBay. I did this in high school and sold some of my old textbooks and made a little profit which is good if you’re short on cash.

24) Sell Your Old Clothes:

I was literally doing this just the other day and had a pile of clothes that were too small for me which is wasted money…not anymore! You may have old clothes in your house that are too small, dirty or ripped for you to wear. Sell them on eBay and make some money.

25) Rent Out Your Car:

This is an interesting one but apparently it’s possible if you own a car. This would be good if you only need your car on days you don’t use it or if you’re going on a long vacation.

26) Become a Virtual Assistant:

This is another job I want to try out because it seems interesting. If you have the skills required for this, good for you, but make sure to do more research before trying anything new.

27) Start a Blog:

If you have some sort of creativity , consider starting a Medium blog. A lot of people make money from their Medium blogs so if you’re good at something, why not write about it and do it full-time?

28) Sell Your Old Books/Textbooks:

Textbooks are expensive but they’re not really useful after a semester or a year. If you have textbooks lying around the house that you don’t need, sell them on places like Amazon and make some money from it.

29) Become a Tour Guide:

This is something I was interested in doing as well but never really went anywhere with it. If you’re good at giving tours and know your city really well, this just might be the side-hustle for you.

30) Become a Social Media Manager:

If you’re good at using social media, which most of us probably are, why not become a social media manager? This is another job I’d like to do in the future but if you don’t know how to, just try to get a side-hustle that involves social media in someway.

31) Become an Animator:

If you’re good at drawing or like making animations , why not become an animator? There are definitely opportunities when it comes to animation so do more research before attempting this if you’re interested.

32) Become a Personal Trainer:

If you have training experience or are really good at staying fit, this might be the job for you. You could work part-time as a personal trainer while you’re in school and keep it once you graduate.

33) Sell Your Old Clothes on Instagram/Websites Like Poshmark:

If you appreciate fashion, chances are you have a lot of old clothes sitting around your house that aren’t being used. If this is the case for you, take pictures of them and sell them on sites like Poshmark or post them on Instagram and tag companies so they can contact you to buy your stuff.

34) Sell Your Art on Etsy:

If you’re good at making art or crafts , why not sell them on Etsy and make some money from your side-hustle? This is another thing I’ve been thinking of doing because it seems interesting.

35) Sell Your Old CDs/Games on eBay:

If you have a lot of old CD’s and games lying around, take pictures of them and sell them on eBay! This is one thing I’ve been thinking of doing forever and I finally did it recently.

36) Become a Receptionist:

If you’re good at talking to people and have the patience for this job, go ahead and look for receptionist positions. It may not sound like the most fun job, but if you’re good at customer service, this is a great side-hustle for you.

37) Become a Substitute Teacher:

This may be difficult but it’s possible. I was actually thinking about this before because my own teacher got laid off and got another job as a substitute teacher. If you’re good at teaching and like working with people, this might be something for you.

38) Start a Podcast:

If you have an interest in starting your own podcast, go ahead and try it out! You can talk about anything that interests you so just think of something before trying to do this.

39) Become a Pharmacy Technician:

This is another job that I’ve been looking into and seems interesting. If you’re good at science and like working with people, this might be a great part-time job for you if it’s available in your area.

40) Start a YouTube Channel:

If you have some type of talent , why not start a YouTube channel? If you’re good at making videos, editing them or just come up with interesting content , this might be the job for you.

41) Become a Dog Walker:

Dogs are cute and if you like dogs, why not walk someone else’s dog on the side? This is something I wouldn’t mind doing especially if I’m around dogs often.

42) Become an Uber Driver:

If you’re good at driving or like doing it, this is one of the best side-hustles that I recommend starting right now! You can drive around whenever you want to and make some extra cash on the side.

43) Become a Lifeguard:

If you know CPR or are a strong swimmer , this might be the job for you. I know many people who became lifeguards and loved it so if you’re interested, go ahead and look into becoming one.

44) Become a Tutor:

If you were good at something in school or just like doing it, why not become a tutor? This is another side-hustle I’ve been thinking of doing because it seems interesting and who doesn’t like helping others?

45) Become a Yoga Instructor:

This is one of the newest side-hustles I heard about but it’s also something I want to do. If you know yoga or like doing it, why not become a yoga instructor? You can teach yoga on the side and make some extra cash.

46) Be an Airbnb Host:

If you have a spare room in your house or apartment , why not try hosting people on Airbnb? This is one of the side-hustles I’ve been thinking of doing because it seems interesting and I like the idea of having people stay at my place.

47) Admin Assistant:

This is another job that I’ve been thinking about doing because it seems interesting. If you’re good at organizing and like working with people, this is the job for you!

48) Babysit on the Side:

Babysitting is an awesome job to have if they allow long-term babysitters. You can babysit whenever you want to and make some extra cash.

49) Start a Cleaning Service:

This is another job that I was thinking about doing because you can have your own hours and decide how much you want to earn per hour . If you’re good at cleaning , this might be the job for you!

50) Become a Personal Chef:

If you’re good at cooking and know how to run a kitchen , this might be another great part-time job for you. You can work as a personal chef on the side or make your own hours.

51) Build Websites: (my recommendation)

Believe it or not, there are people who want their website built for them by actual people. If you’re skilled in programming, design, and other elements related to the different parts of websites, then this side hustle income stream is perfect for you.

Building website is my top recommendation for side hustles because every other side hustle listed here starts with a website! You need a website to promote your services and get your business listed in the search engines.

By mastering the craft of building websites, you can also help others market their side hustles online and earn a tremendous amount of online revenue.

Get Side Hustling!

So, what do you think of these different side hustle jobs? Most of them can be done via the internet and have you make money online. Which one sounds like something you would want to try?

If you have any other ideas that aren’t on this list, comment them down below and I’ll check them out! Also, don’t forget to subscribe for more posts like these. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time!

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