Sixty Minute Flips Review

What could you do with an extra $700 in your pocket in as little as an hour? Does this sound like an overhyped sales pitch to you? Well, that’s what I thought too when I found myself on the sales page for Sixty Minute Flips. Could this claim really be true, or is it just another overhyped product that falls short when it comes to delivering value? That’s exactly what I’m going to be looking at today in this Sixty Minute Flips Review.

What is Sixty Minute Flips?

Sixty Minute Flips is a training product created by Lance Groom, Trevor Carr and Gary Garnett. In simplest terms, it’s a course that is supposed to teach you the ins and outs of buying domain names online for around $9 – $15, and then selling those domains for a nice return on investment quickly.

The course promises to teach you how to find domains that you can register for a little bit of nothing and flip in very little time (anywhere from hours to just a few days) and make profits ranging from $40 to $700 or more.

Who Is It For?

If you’re wanting to learn a good way to make some extra cash on the side and you don’t have the time to really invest in a full-time online business, then Sixty Minute Flips may very well be exactly what you’re looking for.

While it’s certainly not a new concept, the training included in the course is more than enough to get you started down the road to earning some great returns on what you could easily spend on a cheap fast food meal.

How Much Does It Cost?

That’s really the beautiful but deceptive part about this course. When I first saw the promises and claims of success on the sales page, my initial thought was, “Sure, you’re going to teach people how to make upwards of $700 for a measly $7.”

Well, I’m happy to say that’s exactly what Trevor and team did. They delivered, and did so in a big way, in my opinion.

Review Of Sixty Minute Flips

As I mentioned above, when I first landed on the sales page for this product, I was a bit skeptical. It certainly wasn’t the first time I’d seen crazy promises for a very small price. After making my initial purchase, I was greeted with an expected upsell page, but something seemed a bit different to me. What was it?

Plain and simple, it was value. I’m not a fan of upsells at all. That’s because they normally are just more features or information that I feel should have just been included with the original course.  Thankfully, the upsells in this sales funnel were valuable. I didn’t believe they should have been included in the original course, but they were nice optional pieces of supplemental information that could bring value to the course by expanding into different areas.

The upsells in this funnel included:

  1. Upsell: A 4 Minute Flip Case Study for $17
    Yes, some people could argue that this should be included with the course, but honestly, I can see why it should be an upsell. The initial purchase was for training on how to do the flips, this case study puts you over Lance’s shoulder as he shows one of his sites selling in 4 minutes.
  2. Upsell: Instant List Building Strategies for $17
    This one promises to teach you how to build a list inside of Warrior Plus. While I’m not particularly a fan of Warrior Plus or the Warrior Forum, I could see it being valuable training if that’s where you want to sell your domains.
  3. Upsell: License Rights to Sixty Minute Flips for $47
    This gives you the resale rights to the product as well as all the upsells and sales pages. Again, not something I’d be interested in, but I can see it as a viable upsell.

The one big thing that I noticed when I was clicking “no thanks” on all of these upsells is that fact that not once was I offered a downsell. With products in this initial price point, that’s almost unheard of.  Normally, you are presented with an upsell, and then given the same offer with some amount of money off, in the form of a downsell. This always makes me think of how people who just purchased the upsell would feel if they only knew that by simply clicking no, they could have saved a bit of money.

Getting into The Training

Sixty Minute Flips Review Members Area

When I first got into the member’s area, I was a bit surprised. The first thing I noticed was that the site was very neat, organized and professional. Certainly not what I expected from a $7 product. Also, there was a lot of training inside of it. It has 10 modules and 2 bonus modules with most of the modules containing multiple videos.

After watching the introduction video, I got started with the live coaching replay that Lance put together.

Just A Little Repetitive

After sitting through the 1.5 hour live coaching session, I headed into which starts to teach you about selecting domains that may be good candidates to flip, and I quickly realized something. The live training, I had just watched was basically just a 1.5-hour recap of all the other modules. My advice, if you pick up this course, skip the live training, watch the intros, and then head straight into module 2 as it’s much easier to follow in sections instead of one large clip.

Sixty Minute Flips Pros and Cons


  • Very Informational
    Lance and team leave nothing out. From how to find great potential domains to how to transfer them to buyers, they cover everything you need to know to get started. One thing that I will mention is that the training is designed to sell domains quickly. If you take a little more time, you could get substantially more money on other sites or even consider turning the domains into your own online business instead of selling them.
  • Easy to Follow
    So long as you’re starting with module 2 and moving down, the training is very easy to follow and doesn’t let you get too lost along the way.
  • Very Reasonably Priced
    You really can’t go wrong on this one, especially at a $7 price tag. If you’re interested in domain flipping, and you followed this guide, odds are that you’ll at least make your money back and maybe even more.
  • Valuable Upsells, No Downsells
    Overall good buying experience.


  • Additional Software Requirements
    While Lance does give you ways to use the software he uses for selecting great domains to flip, they can be finicky at times. For full use, you must purchase a membership. The good news? The links to the site aren’t affiliate links, so there’s no hidden intentions there at all. He tells you how to work around the restrictions and leaves the final decision up to you.
  • Not Really A Full-Time Business
    Yes, you could potentially work this full-time, but I don’t really feel like it’s a full-time online business. You’re very reliant on always having to find new domains, and the entire process is extremely hands on.
  • Difficult to Scale
    Yes, you could find that winner that will make you $500 +, but how many duds will you buy in the meantime.
  • Too Many Emails
    In the time since signing up for the course, my inbox has been flooded with emails from this group offering coaching and other products.

Final Thoughts on Sixty Minute Flips

Overall, this course delivers exactly what’s promised. It teaches you a way to make as much as $700 in 60 minutes or less by flipping domain names. While I do recommend it for people who are looking to just add a little bit of extra money to their paycheck, I really don’t feel like it is a steady enough business model to turn into a full-time business.

Instead of just buying domains and then immediately selling them for a quick return, you could easily and quickly create 10-20 pages of content and make significantly more money selling a finished site, or even better, turn it into a long-term passive income niche site.

Ultimately, I have to say that if you’re looking for a great way to make a little bit of extra money on the side, check out Sixty Minute Flips, the team’s created a great course for a very low price.

On the other hand, if you’d like to create your own online business that can earn you money time and time again for years, instead of just once before you must look for another domain to sell, then check out my top recommended resource to learn how you can build an online business today that can still be earning you money for years in the future.

Top Recommendation
Wealthy Affiliate

This is where I learned how to get started in online business and it is the only community that I trust for honest top level training on how to make money online. I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate for its training, tools, live support and included hosting.

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  1. Do not buy this – it is rubbish. All you get is a number of disconnected videos which assume a helluva lot of insider knowledge, but is definitely NOT for the rank beginner. And when you ask for help you are simply ignored. Avoid.

  2. Thanks. It’s something that interest me to try. Maybe I’ll just pay for the basic $7, maybe the case study along with it, and see from there if it is something I can do.

  3. It really looks like a cool way to make a few extra dollars on the side. The question I have though, is how much is that software you it is required for that?

    1. Hey Guy – there are different price packages for it ranging from $19 to $49 a month. I am of the opinion that your sweat equity (aka time) is worth more than paying for it. So, I don’t think you need it.

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