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Working from home is a lucrative business. There are many businesses that offer flexible ways to earn extra money. Selling services can be more lucrative than selling products. Whether you choose to sell services part-time or full-time, services tend to bring better commissions. But that also means there’s more pressure. In Stream Energy’s case, you may not get what you signed up for. In this Stream Energy MLM review, you will learn why you should avoid this company. Here is a hint: it’s all in the math!

What is Stream Energy?

In 2005, Rob Snyder and Pierre Koshakji founded Stream Energy with the goal of offering affordable energy rates to residential and business customers in Texas. The company eventually expanded into several other states, including New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Illinois, and Washington, DC. 

Stream Energy is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company that hires independent contractors through Stream Ignite MLM. Between 2020 and 2021, the company appears to have a steady $700 million in revenue.

It is worth noting that NRG Energy purchased Stream Energy in 2019 for $300 million.

Are Stream Energy Products Worth Their Price?

Stream Energy sells packages of electricity, natural gas and renewable energy. Customers can choose between fixed and variable rates.

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Here’s how the plans work:

Fixed-Rate Plans: These plans are designed to protect customers from fluctuations in the market price. The fixed-rate per kWh is valid for the entire term of the contract. Customers can get a good deal on a fixed-rate plan but termination fees may apply.

Variable Rate Plans: These rates are tied to the market price for energy. This means that customers’ bills can go up or down at any time. There’s no monthly contract or termination fee. The price per kWh varies from month to month.

The following rates are based on rates in Houston, Texas.

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As you can see from the rates above, Stream Energy customers pay a higher electricity price. 

Are the products worth the price? Not quite.

The Stream Energy Opportunity

As a Stream Energy associate, you will be responsible for attracting new customers and managing their accounts. Customers sign 12-, 24-, 30- and 60-month energy contracts. 

You will receive training and there’s no prior experience required.

How Much Does It Cost To Join Stream Energy?

If you sign up as an Associate, you will need to pay $329 for the “Power Pack” kit. This kit includes associate support and the “Power Center” Online Management Tool as well as live training and events.

Add to that a monthly fee of $24.95, which includes a monthly magazine subscription, the Message of the Month CD, access to the Advanced Reporting System and the Prospecting Center.

Can You Make Money With Stream Energy?

This is how these programs usually work. Distributors make their money by selling energy packages to customers. So they get a commission for the initial sale and a monthly residual commission from the customer’s monthly payments. 

In this program, Ignite pays you $0.50 for each customer you sign up. Yes. You read that right – fifty cents. So if you sign up 10 customers, you will receive $5.

But the real money is in the recruitment. When you build a team, you earn residual income from each customer your team recruits. When your team recruits people for their own team, you earn even more money.

But let’s look at the actual facts according to Stream Energy. In the 2015 Ignite Stream Income Disclosure Statement, you’ll notice that only directors are listed. The lowest level of director is the Qualified Director. The average annual income for Qualified Directors was only $49.52. That’s a little more than $4 per month! 

Let’s do the math. You pay $299 to sign up plus $24.95 per month. That’s about $600 for the first year. Subtract the average commission of $49.52 and you are $550.50 in the red! So who do you think is really making the money here?

Pros of Stream Energy

No Experience Required: you do not need to have experience in sales. All training is provided.

No Inventory: Since these are services you’re selling, you do not need to purchase and stock products for demonstration purposes.

Flexible Schedule: If you currently have a day job, you can do this job on your own time.

Cons of Stream Energy

BBB Complaints: According to the BBB (Better Business Bureau), there are many customer complaints demanding refunds, poor customer service, and unnecessary fees.

Litigation: Stream Energy is the subject of a number of lawsuits accusing the company of violating federal racketeering laws by selling services.

Privacy Issues: customers are required to provide their Social Security number and driver’s license number. Although the company prides itself on its privacy policy, it does not hesitate to ask customers for private information. This information is apparently required in order for customers to make a deposit on the services.

Is Stream Energy A Scam?

Now that Stream Energy is owned by NRG Energy, there is no telling how this opportunity will play out. If the company is to be believed, you probably will not make any money here. In fact, you’ll be out of pocket long before the commissions kick in.

Final Thoughts

Working for MLMs has always been a losing game. You’ll spend a lot of time and money trying to reach a financial goal that will keep moving farther and farther away. 

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