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Work from home opportunities come in many forms so why not fitness videos and associated products? If you’ve ever had trouble sleeping you’ve probably seen a few fitness infomercials shown in the middle of the night. Maybe one of those infomercials was for Team Beachbody. Some of those fitness sites sell their videos and products through direct marketing. This makes them a possible work from home opportunity for you. In this Team Beachbody MLM review, I’ll check out the videos, products and membership options to see if this can help you make some extra money. (Hint: probably not.)

What is Team Beachbody MLM?

Team Beachbody was founded by Carl Daikeler and Jon Congdon in 1998 and is headquartered in Santa Monica, California. Their product line is focused on weight loss products, fitness and home exercise videos. The products are sold through direct marketing Coaches.

With the growing popularity of weight loss products and programs, Team Beachbody managed to grow into a $1 billion business as of 2017. They have attracted a whopping 28 million dieters over the years and currently have over 400,000 Coaches.

Are Team Beachbody Products Worth Their Price?

One of the most popular products in their catalog is Shakeology. This is a protein shake that comes in several different flavours and contains digestive enzymes, probiotics, fiber, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. They also have a few vegan options.

Team Beachbody Mlm Review - Shakes

The shakes are backed with a 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the product just return it.

These shakes replace one meal each day and are used to help reduce weight in conjunction with an exercise program. Customers seem to like them but it should be noted that they are not FDA approved. The site clearly states that as well. Team Beachbody make no guarantee as to how much weight you may lose or a specific time frame for weight loss results because results will vary.

The shake powders list for $129.95. If you sign up to be a coach you can get this product for $97.46. Either way, this is a one-month supply which works out to be around $4.33 per day. A lot of money for a protein powder.

But they are convenient. Simply mix two scoops of the powder with water, milk, soy milk or other milk and you’ve got yourself a meal in a glass. Perfect for busy people who’d rather spend their spare time at the gym or working out in their home.

Team Beachbody Mlm Review - Videos

Team Beachbody also have another product called Beachbody On Demand. This is online access to fitness programs for any fitness level. You can download the workouts to use offline and your subscription comes with workout calendars and progress trackers. The details are as follows:

12-month Shakeology Challenge Pack – $160: includes your Beachbody On Demand annual membership and a 30-day supply of Shakeology. You’ll then be enrolled in the monthly auto shipment of Shakeology at a price of $129.95 per month.

12-month Membership Plan – $99: this plan for the Beachbody On Demand annual membership only.

So when it comes to price, what does all this mean? The shakes are expensive when you break it out to a daily price. There would be other protein shake products you could compare them to but they may not have similar ingredients.

The Beachbody On Demand annual membership for the fitness videos is probably a better value.

The Team Beachbody MLM Opportunity

Team Beachbody Coaches earn money a little differently than other MLMs. Coaches start out as customers that use the products. Many customers are happy to simply buy the products online. The only way to get a discount on the products is by signing up as a Coach. You can then create a part-time or full-time opportunity from your membership. Coaches are assigned to customers when they are looking for a coach. You don’t have to peddle the products at work or have parties.

How Much Does It Cost to Join Team Beachbody?

If you want to become a Coach, you can sign up online for $39.95 which buys you the Digital Business Starter Kit. The kit gives you 30-day access to an online Coach Office and support tools. In addition, you’ll also be charged a $15.95 monthly fee to maintain access to the coaching tools.

You can operate on your own or tick the option to have a Coach work with you to help build your business. This person then becomes your sponsor and up line and will get a commission from your sales.

Any personal expenses related to your business are not included in your membership and are not reimbursable.

Can You Make Money with Team Beachbody?

As a Coach you can promote products and memberships through a website provided by Team Beachbody. Many Coaches use social media to promote their business but you are not allowed to actually accept orders or new Coach signups through your social media accounts. All new business must be conducted on your website space within Team Beachbody.

Team Beachbody Mlm Review - Compensation

Even if customers sign up Beachbody On Demand, you have to be at the Emerald Level in order to have customer leads assigned to you. The problem with those leads is that you only get commissions on any products purchased after you become their Coach. And this does not include products they initially purchased.

The Emerald Level

Before we get too far ahead of ourselves, I want to explain what the Emerald Level is. This level requires that you have 50 PV (Personal Volume). Each product has a PV. You must also have one personally sponsored Coach that is currently active. Ok. Moving on.

For instance, let’s say a customer buys Shakeology on a regular basis and they request a Coach. That customer gets assigned to you. In the meantime, the customer continues to buy Shakeology but you won’t get a commission from his Shakeology purchases because it’s the initial product. You’ll only get commissions on other products outside of the Shakeology purchases.


You could promote products on social media platforms and direct people to your website. Selling products through your website will give you a 25% commission on the retail price. You’ll earn 40% commission on any annual memberships you sell.


Another option is by recruiting others to join your team. Every time one of your recruits buys a Starter Kit, you’ll get $20. You earn higher levels and higher commissions with more recruits.


You Are Not A Fitness Instructor

Team Beachbody make it clear that you are not a fitness instructor. You do not need to have a fitness instructor certification to be a Coach. One less expense for you.

Trade Shows and Expositions

Coaches can promote Team Beachbody at trade shows and expositions as long as prior approval has been granted. This is to ensure that the event is suitable.

40% Commissions on Memberships

If your customers convert to Beachbody On Demand memberships, you will receive 40% commissions on those memberships. These commissions are paid weekly.


BBB Complaints

Team Beachbody is accredited with the BBB and has an A+ rating. Unfortunately, that’s where the good news ends. It has a 2-star customer rating with 154 complaints closed in the last three years. The main issues revolve around accounting and being double billed or customer cancellations that were ignored. There’s also an alert on the BBB website for this company.

Team Beachbody Mlm Review - Bbb Review

High Bar for Leads

You are only assigned leads if you have been paid at the Emerald level or above at least one week in the current month and achieved Success Club 5 status the prior month.

No Commissions on Leads

If you’ve been assigned a customer, you won’t receive any commissions on that customer’s original product purchases or subsequent purchases of their original products. You only receive commissions on any subsequent products after they have been assigned to you.

Lead Grab Back

If an assigned lead makes no purchases for six months, Team Beachbody will take them back and directly market products to them. You will not receive any commissions for any products they purchase.

Not Very Lucrative

Team Beachbody Coaches have reportedly made very little money with this program. In fact, the average yearly income was only $2,600 excluding expenses.

Is Team Beachbody a Scam?

As a Coach for this company it could be very difficult to make money here simply because of the high bar just to make commissions.  Of course, if you know a lot of people who could benefit from these products, that could help you with commissions. It could take a while to make your money back. Before you can get anyone to join you, you’ll should be physical proof that the products and videos work. If not, there’s not much incentive to join you.

Final Thoughts

Working for MLMs like this one is a lot of work that usually doesn’t pay off. But having your own business can pay off big time. If you are willing to put work into creating your own business, check out my #1 recommendation. You’ll learn how to build a business with a website, hosting, 24/7 support and awesome training.

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Wealthy Affiliate

This is where I learned how to get started in online business and it is the only community that I trust for honest top level training on how to make money online. I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate for its training, tools, live support and included hosting.

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  1. Hey Jay, Great review. I did belong to Beachbody a few years back, but only the workout videos. I had no idea they also sold Shakes.
    But what confuses me is they say their coaches are not fitness coaches. Then why do they call them coaches? Isn’t that a bit deceiving?

  2. Hi, Jay
    Thanks for sharing your honest review on the Team Beach body MLM. As I could find this MLM is not doing anything unique for the benefit of their customer and I Doubt if anyone can make a serious income through this program. However, your recommendation#1 seems to be promising and genuine. As you cleared that all the protein shakes have a money-back guarantee, Is the same applies on Annual Membership as well?
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

  3. Team beachbody has done pretty well in terms of reducing fat and keeping the body fit with their products…. They have litrarally made weight loss easy for individuals and their prices too are much ok… Team beachbody body is also doing well in creating Job awareness for young people, by using model to sell their products directly to people in their community. 

  4. This is a very useful review about Team Beachbody MLM and thanks a lot for sharing it with us.
    When it comes to exercise, fitness and weight loss products, I am the most excited because I have been active in this industry for almost 7 years. I always thought I would turn this passion into a small business and make money online but the market is full and it is difficult to come across the big producers and overcome them. I recently built a website where I would like to promote products through affiliate marketing. Since I have no knowledge of this opportunity through MLM do you think I could use Team Beachbody products through affiliate program?

  5. Thank you for your honest appraisal of Team Beachbody.  Over the years I have been involved with a number of MLM companies and even with experience and knowing what to look for, it is still easy to get caught out.  The amount of work and effort required is often far more than is initially implied and only once you are in do you find out the truth.  On the other hand, MLM can be really good for personal growth and develpment, which I have appreciated.
    I might have to work out my own fitness plan.

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