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Many people are turning to websites as a way to make money online. But not everyone knows how to build them and make them profitable. So they turn to courses that actually teach you how to make money online. The Affiliate Lab is one such course that makes these claims. In the Affiliate Lab Review, we’ll open the hood to see what’s inside this course and if it can help you to generate steady passive income. 

What Is The Affiliate Lab?

The Affiliate Lab is an online affiliate marketing course created by Matt Diggity that teaches you how to earn money online by building and selling websites. You will learn how to set up a WordPress site, rank it, monetize it, and sell it. 

Beginner’s Lab: teaches you how to set up a WordPress site including hosting, Google Analytics, SEO, and more.

Facebook Group: exclusive access to the members-only Facebook group where you can get your questions answered.

Masterclass: Access to the CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) masterclass where you will learn about little changes to increase affiliate sales.

Competitor’s Snippets: learn how to get the competitor’s edge to rank your website higher than your counterparts.

Authority Blueprint: teaches you how to build an authority website.

Website Flipping Masterclass: teaches you the secrets to flipping websites.

Outreach Masterclass: shows you how to build links and manage outreach with free and paid tools.

Website Rescue Toolkit: how to recover from updates and shield your site from penalties.

And finally…

Email Marketing Masterclass: how to set up email marketing for your website and create email sequences.

The Affiliate Lab Review - Course Features

How Does The Affiliate Lab Work?

The course teaches affiliate marketing with a different endgame. You start out by building a website and reaching profitability. Not an easy task on a good day. The end game is that you flip it (sell it) for much more than you paid to get it up and running. But in order to get decent money for the website, it has to have a track record of good traffic and sales.

You don’t have to flip websites if you don’t want to. You may want to simply keep making money with your site in the hope that it will eventually generate thousands of dollars for you.  

Who Is The Affiliate Lab For?

This course takes people who are beginners but it’s not for the faint-hearted. There’s a lot of information here so you better be in it for the long haul.  If you are not fond of technical information, reviewing data on Google Analytics, and finding affiliate programs, this is not for you.

How Much Does the Affiliate Lab Cost?

The Affiliate Lab currently costs $997 and includes the nine bonuses listed above.  The nine bonuses alone have been valued at over $15,000.

The Affiliate Lab Review - Pricing Tiers

 I say “currently” because there’s an indication that the price may be going up soon. This is a typical sales tactic used to scare you into making a purchase. If you look for it you will find this tactic in many places online and offline.

It does come with a lot of bonuses and videos to make learning affiliate marketing easier. There’s also a members-only Facebook group where you can get your questions answered. 


Lifetime Updates: Once you buy the course, you will get lifetime updates for free. 

9 Bonuses: The price of the course also includes 9 bonuses claimed to be valued at $997. 

No Upsells: According to the sales page, there are no upsells. This means you shouldn’t receive emails to buy more products. 

Videos: The course comes with 24 hours of videos that cover niche selection to flipping sites.


Paid Tools: The landing page mentions both free and paid tools so you’ll have to keep an eye out for any additional costs for tools.

No Refunds: Once you purchase this course, you better not change your mind. There are no refunds here.

Time: It will take time for you to start earning money from affiliate sales. 

Steep Learning Curve: For the average beginner who’s never set up a website before, this may be an intimidating course. 

Can You Make Money With The Affiliate Lab?

Once you have your website set up, you can generate $200 per month in affiliate sales. This will take work, of course. 

The most crucial issue to making money here is your niche selection. Choosing the right niche is essential to making money as an affiliate marketer. 

Assuming you create a successful affiliate marketing business with your website and take in $200+ per month, you can eventually consider flipping it. Flipping websites pays quite well. 

Is The Affiliate Lab a Scam?

Based on the reviews, The Affiliate Lab doesn’t appear to be a scam. However, it will take time before you earn enough to recoup the cost of the course. And let’s not forget that it will also take time for you to get through the course. 

Online courses like this are designed so that you can build your business as you work your way through the program. 

Final Thoughts

One thing that isn’t clear is where your site is hosted and where you get a domain name. These may be additional costs for you that are not included in The Affiliate Lab course. It’s possible that you may end up buying both of these from two different places which is not uncommon.

Keep in mind that you won’t be making money overnight no matter how fast you go through the course material. Websites have to age on the Internet and gain authority. Not to mention, it has to be blessed by Google. All this takes time. Usually 3-6 months. If not, your website will tank–not rank. 

What if there was a place where you could get everything in one place? A place where all the bonuses listed here are actually included in your membership? If you are looking for a place where you can learn how to build a profitable website and have your own business, check out my #1 recommendation. You’ll get everything you need including a free website, hosting, 24/7 support, training, and awesome tools all under one roof. Plus, I’ll help you!

Top Recommendation
Wealthy Affiliate

This is where I learned how to get started in online business and it is the only community that I trust for honest top level training on how to make money online. I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate for its training, tools, live support and included hosting.

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  1. I have seen lots of youtube ads about this affiliate lab. But I did not click. But it has no refunds. That is a surprise. And you said this was a little hard for the newcomer Kenk. From that point of view, this is a bit risky. Also, do flipping sites mean domain selling? Thanks so much for this review. Keep posting valuable reviews like this.

  2. Hey thank you for sharing your review on The Affiliate Lab!

    I have never heard of Affiliate Lab, but I have heard of Matt Diggity in the past!

    My question is, would this be good for experienced marketers as well, not just for beginners? Or would it be worth it for someone with experience to join this course?

    Would you need your own softwares (email lists, autoresponder, funnels, etc..) to promote this course?

  3. Thanks for the information about The Affiliate Lab course. Do you think it’s odd that they don’t mention the site hosting or domain information. I would think that’s pretty important, especially because it’s not only not cheap to join, but there are no refunds. I don’t know about you, but I’m rather picky about both where I purchase domain names and where I host my websites.

  4. I have come across several advertisements for the Affiliate Lab on social media, so I have been wondering if it is a scam and what it is all about. So it was very helpful to find this review on the Affiliate Lab and see that it is a legitimate program, although with a high price tag.  and additional costs like website hosting.

    You mention that flipping website are included in the course. Who would one sell the website through? Would it be through the Affiliate Lab platform, or does one have to use a platform that specialises in website flipping? Thank you. 

  5. Thank you for your deliberate explanation of what Affiliate Lab is all about. I came across it some time ago, and I believe that you made the whole idea clear now. In the end, it takes people to understand their genuine capacities in understanding how affiliation works; otherwise, it won’t be easy to judge any program or system or better evaluate the outcome.

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