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Home-based businesses are a very attractive option for people looking for a flexible work schedule. Selling products fits very well into this lifestyle. You work when you can and as much as you want. Thirty One Gifts has plenty of products that you may think are easy to sell and the commissions are pretty straight forward. But what is the likelihood that you can earn good money? In this Thirty One Gifts MLM review, we’ll look at this business opportunity and the products. The percentage of consultants earning good money will make you want to stay home.

What is Thirty One Gifts MLM

Thirty One Gifts is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company founded by Cindy Monroe in 2003. The company headquarters are in Ohio and have approximately 70,000 active consultants scattered around the U.S. The company’s products include totes, bags, wallets, and travel accessories.

The Thirty One Gifts originated as a company of faith. The name comes from the Proverbs 31 woman. According to, the Proverbs 31 woman is selfless, virtuous, and strong. So there’s a religious aspect to the company. There are  events each year that are  centered around faith but consultants are not obligated to attend. 

Are Thirty One Gifts Products Worth Their Price? 

Thirty One Gifts has a large range of totes, travel bags, grocery totes, and accessories. We found a popular but average product to review. The thermal tote below is insulated so it can be used for hot and cold foods and comes in three different colors and patterns. 

Thirty One Gifts Mlm Review - Tote Bag

The key features of this tote are: external pocket, zipper closure, polyester, webbed handles, thermal lining, and can be monogrammed and personalized. The dimensions are: 9.5″Hx14″L. The price is: $18.00.

Thirty One Gifts Mlm Review - Walmart Tote

Honestly, it’s not a bad price. But it’s not a unique product. There are totes that are cheaper and some that are more expensive. The one above is an Ozark Trail 50-can Insulated Cooler Tote at Walmart for $4.97 and is very similar to the Thirty One Gifts tote bag. It may simply be a question of style and personal preference. 

Product Reviews 

The product above and other products listed on the website have a 4 to 5-star rating so they seem to be pretty popular. Unfortunately, customer service seems to be letting them down. There have been complaints that products ordered were not received and customer service could not provide customers with a shipping date. 

The Thirty One Gifts Opportunity 

You don’t need to know a sponsor to join. If you don’t have a sponsor, you will be given one when you sign up. Your sponsor will serve as your coach. New recruits receive step-by-step training, a virtual office, and other training tools. You can also attend the annual conference to meet other consultants.

You will be required to puchase a starter kit, of which there are three to choose from:

Option 1:  includes a zipper pouch, wristlet strap, large utility tote, Littles Carry-all Caddy, storage tote, thermal tote, and wallet.  (7 items) Price: $59

Option 2: Fresh market thermal tote, wallet, zipper pouch, wristlet strap, large utility tote, storage tote, Littles Carry-all Caddy, tiny utility tote, essential storage tote, zip-top organizing utility tote,  and the modern tote (11 items) Price: $99

Option 3: Includes all items in Option 2 with the addition of the Stand Tall bin, Deluxe Utility Tote, Away for the Weekender tote,  expanding travel case,  and the Window Shopper tote (18 items) Price: $179

All items in the starter kits come in a choice of colors and patterns.

Once you sign up and buy your starter kit, you can start selling products. Your sponsor will help you set up your first party. From there, you can also host parties online and promote products on social media.

How Much Does It Cost To Join Thirty One Gifts?

Starter kits range from $99-$179 and you are required to buy one. There’s also a monthly subscription fee that is currently $16.95 plus tax. This is to cover the cost of your personal website space and branded emails to your customers.

But there are also hidden expenses, too. For instance, it’s not clear if the consultant or the customer pays for taxes, shipping, and handling on product orders. That’s not only a potential hidden expense, these costs will also cut into your commissions.

Other hidden costs may include gas expense, wear and tear on your car, phone expense, and internet. None of these costs are reimbursable.

Can You Make Money With Thirty One Gifts?

The standard is 25% retail commissions on all sales. If you move up to Leader, commissions are 35%. There are also additional bonuses and other incentive programs available as you move up the ladder. In order to move up the ladder, you need to recruit others to join your team. Unfortunately, there’s no specific information on the website about higher commission rates for each level.

Commission Chart 

Thirty One Gifts Mlm Review - Commission

Now let’s take a look at the Income Disclosure Statement for 2018. 

Thirty One Gifts Mlm Review - Income 2018

If you want to know how much money you can make, just take a look at the biggest number in the chart above. Line 3 indicates that in 2018, 45.6% of consultants made between $100-$999 for the year. That’s approximately $83 a month! The percentage of people making $10,000 and above is only 1.1%! I think that says it all! 


No Inventory: Consultants are not required to maintain inventory or buy products.

No Complicated Point System: There doesn’t seem to be a complicated point system with selling these products. It’s straight commission.

Small Quota: In order to stay active, a Consultant only needs to sell $200 in products in a rolling three month period. This makes it easier to stay active. 


No Income Guarantees: This is a general principle of all MLMs. There’s not guarantee that you will make any money at all. 

Monthly Subscription Charges: Consultants must pay a subscription fee of $16.95 plus tax for website space and use of the logo on personal emails.

Customer Complaints: According to the BBB (Better Business Bureau) customers have complained that they placed orders but never received their products. Customer Service provided no definitive answer as to when the order would ship. Consultants complained that they canceled their monthly subscription fee but were still charged anyway. 

Is Thirty One Gifts a Scam?

These opportunities make it very difficult to earn enough money to make a difference to your lifestyle. Thirty One Gifts is more straightforward than most, but the premise is the same. You do all the work and the company gets 75% of everything you sell. 

Final Thoughts 

On it’s face, this could be a decent opportunity if we are just looking at the products. But when you factor in the customer service issues, the hidden charges, and the amount of money made by 45% of consultants in 2018, it doesn’t look very promising.

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