Tranont Mlm Review

Home-based businesses are a very attractive option for anyone that wants to earn money and have a flexible schedule. Tranont is a company that offers you the opportunity to develop a home business by earning commissions through the sales of their health and wealth products. In this Tranont MLM review, I’ll take a look at whether this opportunity is worthy of your time.

What is Tranont?

Tranont is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company located in Utah. They have been in operation since 2013 and focus on health and wellness products as well as wealth products. The company operates in the United States and Canada only. In March 2017, Tranont was involved in a civil action lawsuit. The Plaintiff accused Tranont of wiretapping, defamation, unfair and deceptive trade practices, among other charges. It was recommended that the case be dismissed. It is unclear what the final verdict is.

Tranont Mlm Review - What Is Tranont?

Are Tranont Products Worth Their Price?

Your success with Tranont, or any MLM, is heavily dependent on the quality of the products you sell. So let’s take a look at the products on offer with Tranont and see if they are actually worth the price. Tranont offer nine health products–two of which are bundles or packs. There are eight financial products. Two are single products. The rest are bundles or packs.

Tranont Health Products

One of their more expensive single items is the ICARIA Glow Collagen. This is a drink and comes in chocolate and strawberry in 30 oz bottles. It’s priced at $89. You are meant to drink two tablespoons per day. This product claims to rejuvenate skin, hair and nails and give your skin a beautiful glow. Unfortunately, none of the products have been FDA approved. You can purchase products on the website but you can also purchase similar products on Amazon that are cheaper and that have more reviews.

Tranont Mlm Review - Tranont Health Products

Tranont Financial Products

Tranont also have a number of financial products. Financial products include Taxbot, Tranont Credit, Tranont Defend as well as bundled packages. For instance, once such product is Tranont Credit Services. This product is priced at $99 and claims to teach you how to improve your credit score. Tranont help you get a higher credit score by examining and evaluating your current credit situation and your financial goals. In order for this product to be effective, you must stay on the plan for about six months before you see any results. And results are not guaranteed. This product could end up costing you $600 instead of the $99 advertised.

The Tranont Tax Pack is $45 and focuses on taxes only. It includes tax advice and consultation and filings. The confusing part is that you only get access to the services after being on the package for six months? Needless to say, there are no reviews for this product.

With the exception of the Tranont Credit Services product, none of the other financial products have any reviews. And according to my research, the financial consultants are not licensed.

Tranont Mlm Review - Tranont Financial Products

If you are wondering if these products are worth their price, I’d have to say no here. Especially with the financial products. No matter how good a deal you are offered here, financial consultants that are not licensed should be a definite deal breaker. The health products are not FDA approved. Like other MLM reviews, this will make promoting these products difficult.

The Tranont MLM Opportunity

As an Associate, you work for Tranont as an independent contractor. In order to make money, you will need to sell products and bring other people into the program. There are many levels you can work up to. Starting with Associate, you can then move up to Executive, Financial Consultant, 1 Star FC, 2 Star FC, Senior Financial Consultant, 1 Star SFC, 2 Star SFC, 3 SFC, Regional Financial Specialist, Vice President, Senior VP, President and CEO.

How Much Does It Cost To Join Tranont?

In order to become an associate with Tranont, you will need to submit an application form and $349. You will also have to pay a $49 annual membership fee that must be paid each year on the anniversary of your signup date.

Can You Make Money With Tranont?

The commission structure is quite complicated. Like with most MLMs, you are encouraged to get others to sign up to be Associates and create a “downline” where you would get part of the commissions of anyone you bring in. This is in addition to selling these products as well.

The compensation plan is quite complicated. It includes a Dual Compensation plan, residual income, seven commission generators and leveraged sales among other plans. Not all products generate commissions. Any products that generate commissions are assigned a PV (personal volume) value.

Tranont Mlm Review - Tranont Compensation Plan

The image above is just one of the compensation grids in the Tranont Policy Manual. In order to qualify for commissions, you will need to meet certain thresholds which include having an active status. An active status requires 100 PV within a given month as well as being up to date with your yearly membership fee.

Pros of Tranont

  • According to the BBB (Better Business Bureau), Tranon has an A+ rating.
  • You are not required to purchase products to remain a Tranont Associate

Cons of Tranont

Unfortunately, Tranont has a lot of drawbacks that can really hit you in your wallet. There are a lot of fees associated with being an Associate here. Drawbacks include:

  • No Licensed Financial Consultants
    Tranont financial products are not administered by licensed financial consultants. This means that you probably will have no recourse if your personal financial information is mishandled.
  • Operates only in the U.S. and Canada
    If you reside outside the U.S. or Canada, you won’t be able to join Tranont
  • Hefty Application Fee
    To become an Associate, you will need to complete an application form and pay a fee of $349.
  • Monthly Subscription Fee
    In order to have access to the products and the right to sell products, you will be required to pay a monthly fee of $125.
  • Yearly Membership Fee
    You will also be required to pay a yearly membership fee of $49.
  • Hidden Costs
    You’ll have to pay all your own expenses including travel, lodging, phone expenses and any and all miscellaneous expenses. In addition, you will be charged a $3 check fee for all commission payments made to you.
  • No Guaranteed Commissions
    As with all of these types of programs, there are no guaranteed commissions. With this particular program, you have to pay a lot of money upfront before you even start selling products.
  • Even The Bonus Will Cost You
    Would you like a new Jeep? If you manage to recruit 1,200 people, you can qualify for a Jeep! Now for the bad news. As an Associate, you will have to secure the lease/loan payment. Tranont will pay $500 a month toward the monthly payments and will continue to pay as long as you provide proof of ownership on a quarterly basis. So what happens if Tranont goes bankrupt? YOU are stuck paying for your bonus!
    There is a silver lining, though. You don’t have to take the Jeep. You can agree to receive a $250 monthly bonus instead.
  • Inactivity Will Cost You — MORE!
    If you are inactive for 90 days or more, you end up in a “soft probation.” In order to reactivate your account, you’ll have to pay a $149 reactivation fee in addition to a $125 CORE membership fee. Tranont can terminate your account after 30 days of non-activity or non-renewal. If you paid any fees during that time, they are non-refundable.

Is Tranont A Scam?

This is probably one of the more shadier MLMs I’ve come across simply because of all the fees involved. Not to mention, there are not a lot of great reviews for the products. Most of the products have no reviews at all. Even the one product, the ICARIA Glow Collagen drink, has only five reviews. If these products are so great, why don’t we see more glowing reviews? I can’t say that Tranont is indeed a scam, but based on what I found out, I would advise you to look elsewhere.

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of reasons why you shouldn’t get involved with Tranont. It’s compensation structure is fairly complicated not to mention all the money you have to pay upfront before you even get started. There’s got to be an easier way, right? Your success will depend on selling products that have not been approved by the FDA and financial products supported by non-licensed financial consultants.

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  1. I’ve tried the Tranont MLM program before and did not like the experience.
    Thank you for letting the world know about this program.

  2. Thanks for the heads up. I see too many red flags already. Starting with the Company’s legal issues, to products not FDA approved, to no license on financial products, guarantees and more. All these are major signs to a shady deal. Unfortunately no matter how good Tranont’s products may be, with such issues, I would rather distance myself.

    Once again, thanks for this eye opener review.

  3. Hi Jay

    In general I tend to not be in favour with MLMs as the only person that will benefit are those who are at top of the tree and that is definitely  not you. It seems to me based on my limited knowledge of all the MLMs out there that quite a few are based on the health and wellbeing niche, which can be a nice little earner if it was not so saturated with other companies promising  similar products. 

    I cannot imagine you will make money when you only have a limited product to sale and you have stringent targets to meet. I can imagine people will struggle to constantly meet these monthly targets and will quickly fall back. I find that paying a fee for inactivity greater than 90 days to be harsh, as this could occur  for a number of reason from ill health or other reasons. To many red flags and the unreasonable  prices tells me this opportunity  is not for me or for most people in general. 

    As MLMs have a bad reputation  in general, do you think that Tranont is as bad as other MLMs working in the niche?



  4. This information is absolutely inaccurate. I am an Associate, paid 99 bucks and CHOOSE to pay a recurring $25.00 monthly fee for back office reports and nice graphs of my business. This is not mandatory. There is ZERO cost to maintain my business. Please – get your facts right. I have been selling HEalth and CBD for 6 weeks and made almost 1,000 in commission – because the products WORK.

    1. Are you still with Tranont now that it’s 2 yrs later? I was debating if I should join since I have 4 kids and need a supplemental income.

  5. What happen when a member fails to come up with the required $125 monthly fee? Like for example, I have a large team under me and I am expecting an overriding commission from my downlines. Will I forfeit those commissions? Will they take away my team from me? I ask this because it happened to me in other MLM businesses like Tranont. I lost everything and my years of hard work of promoting the company is forgotten.

  6. Hello Jay, thank you for sharing this review of Tranont based on your research made. Before getting involved or investing in a product, I always want to hear what people say about the product but the case of Tranont is different since there are not enough review about Tranont. I have not tried their products before but since they’re not approved by FDA, it gives me much concern. Moreover, the fees are too many and they’re high too. This makes it not suitable for me at all and I have also seen on the long run that an MLM business is not an easy one to prosper with.


  7. Your review it’s been so useful!  I Personally got all my training on Wealthy affiliate, which definitely paid off, but some of my readers asked me about alternatives such as Tranont. Now I can tell them is not worthy, and, I will, if you don’t mind, redirect them to your site. 

    Of course, every company will try to sell themselves as the best on their websites, and with personal and honest reviews like yours, you are helping a lot of people. 

  8. Looking at the hidden costs and the already high flying price to join tranont, I think it’s safe to say that we need only to stay away. There are more cons than there are pros with this platform and I don’t think I am willing to lose my money to a platform like that and not get quality value for it. There are definitely better ways to make money.

  9. Tranont,I have heard alot of good and bad comment on the tranont MLM and I must say that I don’t really know what to do now because am so caught up with these comments………but after reading your article I think my decision hasn’t change as this review has really open my eyes to alot of things about tranont and I must say thanks alot Jay

  10. Hi,

    Your tranont review is a clear, detailed review of the MLM and its pros and cons.  It leaves one not wanting to join this MLM but also puts a bad taste in the readers mind for MLM in general.  Then you describe a great affiliate business that helps others build an online business.

    Truly a genius post.  MLM has many good sides to it but it also has many bad sides to it as well.  This is clearly demonstrated in the post.

    Thanks for sharing!


  11. Hello, I really want to first appreciate your effort in putting this great website together and writing this article. The first time I came across tranont, I thought it was another scam. Thinking about the upfront finances scared me though a friend was involved and tried to convince me that it was genuine. Still I will not invest my money on it. Thanks for the review 

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