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Back in the old days of Internet marketing, you could choose from two different word processing programs. Corel’s WordPerfect, and of course the ever so popular Microsoft Word. Now, there are so many new contenders on the word-processing and SEO word processing fronts. It can become very challenging to determine if new entrants are even worth considering.

Every new program promises to deliver the sun, moon and stars to help you get your website ranking on page 1 faster than you can peck the keys on your keyboard.
Now, the creators behind my top recommended program over at Wealthy Affiliate have revamped their own word-processing solution known as SiteContent.
In this SiteContent review, I’m going to be looking at exactly how this tool differs from some of the others on the market, if it’s worth trying to use, and if it can provide you value instead of standing in the way of your online success.

SitecontentreviewWhat Is SiteContent?

SiteContent is an SEO word processing application for posting blog content on your website. It is available as part of the large Internet marketing tool suite included with membership at Wealthy Affiliate. If you have never heard of WA, I suggest you read my Wealthy Affiliate Review as it is my #1 recommended resource. While it’s been around for a few years now, in recent months the owners of Wealthy Affiliate have given it a significant overhaul.

Features and Benefits of SiteContent

SiteContent has all the bells and whistles that you would expect any word-processing application to possess. Things like spelling and grammar check are of course included as you can see in the image above, but SiteContent goes far beyond the basic functionality of standard document creation.


SiteContent Review – Designed with SEO in Mind

Once I started working with the newly reimagined tool, I quickly realize that this was not the same old SiteContent platform. It felt sleeker, faster and much more responsive while I was typing inside of the program itself. On top of that, it has several key functions that made me realize it is designed with SEO and workflow optimization at its core.

Finding Great Images Has Never Been Easier

Perhaps my very favorite feature of SiteContent is the fact that once you sit down to start writing, you don’t have to go anywhere else to take your new article from the writing phase to the published phase on your WordPress site, so long as it’s hosted with Wealthy Affiliate. Need a great featured image for that new fishing poster working on? As you can see below SiteContent has you covered.


Simply click the image box inside of the application and enter what kind of image are searching for. The software then searches multiple royalty-free image databases and displays several great featured image options for you to choose from. From there, add in your alt tags, align it where you want located in the post, and away you go.

While at first, I thought that finding a high-quality image for my post sounded like a waste, I quickly discovered that the amount of time I was able to save by never having to leave the platform where I was writing was very substantial.

Stop and think about it for just a moment.

You can waste a substantial amount of time going through numerous different stock photography sites just trying to find a good image for your content.
Since SiteContent allows you to just type a word into a search engine and keep right on going with your content creation, it’s easy to see just how quickly the time savings you can experience will add up. Instead of searching for images for hours, you can have your first post published, indexed on the search engines, and be well on your way to writing another quality post before you could have browse through multiple websites trying to find that perfect royalty-free image to use on your first post.

Speaking of search engines, this platform gives you a couple of great tools that can really help you to gain more exposure in the SERPs.

How to Know If Your Content Is Indexed in Google?

Have you ever found yourself wondering if your content has been indexed by Google? Well, if you take advantage of the SiteContent platform, you won’t have to worry about it any longer. That’s because SiteContent will automatically email you the moment that it detects your new blog post or website has been indexed by the search engines as you can see in the image below.

That’s right, with SiteContent, you don’t have to worry anymore about knowing exactly when you’re amazing fishing post will be showing up in the search results for the rest the world to see. Staying true to the theme of fishing, now let’s talk about buckets.

Keeping Your Content Organized in Buckets

No, I am not talking about the kind of bucket that you proudly haul that 9-pound bass back home in. I’m talking about the content organization structure that SiteContent provides you. When you’re first getting started with your online business, it may be easy to keep track of all your articles, blog posts, and other content that you’ve created for your website. As time goes on, and you’re producing more and more content to further increase your reach and visitor engagement, you can sometimes begin to miss place those crucial pieces of informational gold. This is where the bucket system inside of SiteContent can really help you out.

Sitecontent Buckets

As you can see, buckets allow you to keep all your content nice and organized. When you’re just running one site, you can use buckets to store content into different folders based on your categories. As you expand and open new sites, you can instead organize your buckets so that every bucket reflects a different website. It’s up to you as to how you want to get the most bang from your buckets. ;)

Another Time Saving Tool

If you find yourself writing the same kinds of posts repeatedly, SiteContent gives you an amazing tool that can really speed up your workflow. This is especially true if you’re trying to sell Amazon or other physical goods products on your website. Often, when you’re trying to sell any kind of physical goods, or your writing reviews for physical products, will often find that they generally tend to flow almost the exact same way. Because of this, SiteContent gives you the ability to create your own templates. An example of one of these templates that I created for reviewing Amazon products can be seen below.

Sitecontent Templates

Anytime I go to write a new review on a physical product, all I must do is load this template up and start filling in the blanks. By taking advantage of templates, you can really start to save even more time when you’re creating content.

Publishing to Your Website and Being Unique

Earlier in the post I mentioned the fact that SiteContent gives you the ability to do everything you need to do to get great content on your WordPress website.
This is where the platform really differs from many others that are available on the market. Once you have everything done inside of your blog post and you’re ready to publish, all you must do is click the publish button, select your categories and enter in your URL slug, and then sit back while the software ensures your content is unique and publishes it to your website. Not only does it publish to your website for you, it also scans the Internet to make certain that your content is unique.  This can help you prevent writing content that is too similar to another post for it to be indexed in the search engine results.

While this normally doesn’t happen very often, it does happen from time to time and with just a few quick tweaks, your post is optimized and ready to start driving traffic to your website.

Pros and Cons of Site Content


  • All-In-One Publishing
    You can create great, high quality content quickly all from a single platform without ever having to go off site and risk distraction.
  • Spelling and Grammar Check
    While almost every word processing tool out there has spelling and grammar check, the one inside of SiteContent gives suggestions based on not only common English grammar and spelling rules, but also on common usage.
  • Image Search Integration
    You can quickly find great featured images and other images to use inside of your post by simply clicking a button and typing in a keyword. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about whether the image you are wanting to use is copyrighted.
  • Bucket Organization
    When you start to create more content for your online business, you’ll be grateful that you can store multiple completed posts inside of buckets for later publication.
  • Custom Created Templates
    When you find yourself writing the same style posts time and time again, you can take advantage of template creation to really cut down on your production time.
  • Uniqueness Tool
    Before your new post ever touches your website, SiteContent ensures that it meets the amount of uniqueness necessary to be indexed in the search engines.
    Search Engine Indexation Reports – If you publish your posts through SiteContent, it will send you an email when it detects your post has been indexed by Google.
  • Goal Setting and Accountability
    While I didn’t mention this in the review above, SiteContent also allows you to set your own unique content development goals. You can set this as goals for total words written, articles published, and you can allow yourself as much time as you realistically need to meet those goals. It’s a great way to keep yourself motivated because it shows how you’re doing compared to other members of Wealthy Affiliate.


  • No Sub-Buckets
    While the bucket system is great for keeping your content organized, it only goes one tier deep. It would be nice to see the buckets allow for subcategories inside of your broader categories.

Do I Recommend SiteContent?

With the recent updates, just like so many other things inside the Wealthy Affiliate members area, it just keeps getting better and better. Now, I plan on using SiteContent consistently to help me create content faster and keep it organized so that it’s right at my fingertips whenever I decide to publish in the future.
All in all, it’s an awesome tool that can deliver a lot of benefits if you just take the time to understand exactly how it works. Thankfully, there’s training inside of Wealthy Affiliate that teaches you everything you need to know about getting the most benefit from the use of the SiteContent platform.

The Best Part About SiteContent

As you can see above, there are a lot of great reasons to give the SiteContent tool a try. The very best reason to give it a shot though? Well, the best reason to give it a try is the fact that it’s included with your Wealthy Affiliate membership. Just like many of the other great tools like Jaaxy, included web hosting, live support, and some of the best training on Internet marketing that’s available online, the SiteContent tool is just one more reason that you should check out Wealthy Affiliate.

So, go ahead and get started with Wealthy Affiliate.
I’ll be waiting to personally welcome you on the other side as soon as you become a member.


Top Recommendation
Wealthy Affiliate

This is where I learned how to get started in online business and it is the only community that I trust for honest top level training on how to make money online. I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate for its training, tools, live support and included hosting.

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