Wp Affiliate Machine Review

Perhaps the biggest downside about launching your own affiliate marketing business online is that it does take a bit of time before you see significant results. A product called WP Affiliate Machine promises to change that and according to its sales page will allow you to “start earning commissions without writing any content or doing any manual work.” In this WP Affiliate Machine review we’re going to be looking at whether this product can deliver on its promises or if it’s a few cogs short of functioning as intended.

What Is WP Affiliate Machine?

Wp Affiliate Machine Review Product Box

WP Affiliate Machine is a WordPress plugin developed by Ankur Shukla. According to its sales page it’s the “easiest way for anyone to launch an affiliate site or blog and start earning commissions.”

The promise of being able to launch an online affiliate marketing business without having to do any manual work is very tempting. This is especially true since most of the work required for an online affiliate marketing business is manually writing content for your sites.

Could it be possible that WP Affiliate Machine can really deliver on its promises? Since it would be such a timesaver if it can, let’s jump in and see how well this product really delivers.

The WP Affiliate Machine Buying Process

The main sales page for the WP Affiliate Machine is standard. When you first land on the page, you’re greeted with a promise to be able to build a site in just 60 seconds that will start earning you commissions very quickly. Inside of the sales video, Ankur promises to show you exactly how you can create your own affiliate site and just 60 seconds. The sales video goes on to say that, “top marketers make thousands of dollars from their affiliate sites and blogs and that you can to using this plug-in.”

He goes on to show screenshots of his JVZoo account, like the one below, claiming that he has done nothing but use the plug-in to earn over $500 in sales during the month of January 2019. The sales page then goes into several additional income screenshots and testimonials claiming that this software has made website creation a breeze with many people saying that it is a “game changer,” and that it has solved the “content problem” for many of the marketers providing testimonials on the sales page.

Wp Affiliate Machine Review Income

The sales page then promises that all you must do is follow three steps and “your affiliate site starts getting content in seconds without you writing it.” It’s important to remember however that there is a significant difference between content and quality content. Regardless, I went ahead and clicked the buy button to give WP Affiliate Machine a go for $9.95.

The WP Affiliate Machine Sales Funnel

After you purchase the WP Affiliate Machine, you’re taken into a sales funnel that offers six different upsells. Personally, I skipped out on all of them. If you’re curious, below is a quick outline of the offers included inside of the sales funnel for WP Affiliate Machine.

  • Affiliate Machine Pro Upgrade – This upsell costs $48.68 and promises to “double your online income.” It promises to do this by allowing you to click a button and turn the content the plug-in generates into PDFs that you can then share to Facebook groups. It also includes an article spinning tool, email list building tool and the ability to turn articles into videos that you can then post on YouTube.
  • Monthly Done for You Content – This upsell costs $27 per month and promises to deliver 10 reviews for various online products and guarantees approval to the affiliate program for those products.
  • Developers License – This upsell has two different buying options. One costs $39 and allows you to build 10 sites while the other costs $42 and allows you to have unlimited licenses to build and sell sites using the WP Affiliate Machine plug-in.
  • One Pay Hosting – This upsell offers lifetime hosting at three different price points. One for $47, one for $67 and one for $72. One thing that you should note about this upsell is that quality web hosting can make or break your online business. It’s important that you know exactly what you’re getting when it comes to web hosting. If you’d like to know more about where you can find quality WordPress web hosting, check out this post on my top three recommended WordPress hosting providers.
  • Done for You Setup – This upsell offers to set up your site for you. It comes in two different price points. The first for $47 includes site set up and the WP Affiliate Machine plug-in installation but does not include back links or the site booster service. The second price point is $68.68 and includes site set up, site booster service and 3000 back links. The problem is that back links really aren’t that important anymore. If you’d like to see more information about this, take a moment to check out this post.
  • Reseller License – This upsell gives you the ability to resell the WP Affiliate Machine as well as use the entire sales funnel for all the upsells at two different price points. The first price point is $67 and allows you to sell 50 copies of the plug-in. The second price point is $73.68 and gives you unlimited licenses to sell on your own.

Pros and Cons of WP Affiliate Machine


  • Performs as Advertised – The plug-in does exactly what it promises to do. It creates a quick site for you and pulls reviews of products in for you to post the site. The problem is that most of the content it does pull is duplicated content and won’t rank for SEO purposes very well.
  • Builds A Site Quickly – It only takes a couple of minutes to get everything set up and running with your new site. The issue is that you still must manually go and apply for each products affiliate program on Warrior + and JVZoo. While this may sound simple, it can take several days to be approved for any individual product and often it is very challenging to make sales for the products after the first few days that they’ve been released due to the nature of many of the products available.


  • Creates Duplicated Content – The plug-in does pull content into be publish for your site but most of it has already been published on other websites. It’s important to note that this doesn’t mean you won’t rank on search engines at all, it’s just much more challenging to do so if your content has been published on another website first.
  • Created Sites May Be Difficult to Get Traffic to -Since most of the content on the sites created by WP Affiliate Machine already exists elsewhere, getting decent traffic from SEO is going to be a bit of a challenge. Because of this you’re going to have to send traffic to your site via paid advertisements, social marketing and other methods.
  • Created Content Is Very Thin – The content the WP Affiliate Machine pulls in to be published on your site is very thin in nature. The “reviews” that it creates for your site often don’t have any in-depth information on them. Instead, the content reads more like the sales page for the product itself rather than an actual review of the products.
  • Created Content Reads Poorly – The content that WP Affiliate Machine pulls is very poorly written. It has numerous grammatical errors and is difficult to read due to missing words. I believe it would be safe to say that it isn’t written by native English speakers and it shows, in my opinion.
  • Fails to Properly SEO Your Site – One of the biggest factors in determining your success with an online affiliate marketing business is to make certain you have the SEO of your site set up the right way. While WP Affiliate Machine will pull reviews of products and insert your affiliate links for you, it doesn’t set your site up for proper SEO.
  • Limited to 30 Reviews – It sounds great to be able to have all the content you would need to run your site at your fingertips, right? That’s what many people may believe when first buying this product. If you read the sales page in detail though, you may notice that you’re limited to 30 reviews with the base license for WP Affiliate Machine. If you want more, you have to purchase an membership upsell for $27 per month.
  • You Must Apply Individually for Each Products Affiliate Program – While WP Affiliate Machine will pull product reviews for you, you still must manually apply for each individual product’s affiliate program. Unfortunately, this can take anywhere from a few hours to several days before approval is granted and you can begin earning commissions for product sales. This means that while you may have a review published, you can’t make any money from that review for several days and often the products that the plug-in pulls reviews for are limited time deals that can be challenging to promote after the initial launch.
  • You Have a Lack of Information about Your Content – WP Affiliate Machine takes a lot of the work out of content creation. The problem is that you have no knowledge about the products you claim to have reviewed. This means that when your audience asks questions, you may find yourself struggling to answer them.

WP Affiliate Machine Review – Still Needs a Bit of Oil

The WP Affiliate Machine is a great concept that could benefit a lot of people who want to start their own online businesses. Sadly, just like so many other products and courses that claim to be able to take all the work out of creating your own online business, it does have its issues.

While it does pull product reviews from other sources online, the content that it creates is already published on dozens of other websites. This means that you will find it challenging to get your site to rank very well regardless of how many products you review. After installing the plug-in, I downloaded two different reviews and ran them through Copyscape to determine how many other websites had the same review published.

The first product review was already published on 44 other sites. The second had already been published on 42 other sites. This is a big issue especially since WP Affiliate Machine hasn’t been available for very long. As more people use the plug-in, even more sites will have the exact same content. You can see the results of the Copyscape scans in the screenshots below.

Wp Affiliate Machine Review Copyscape 1

Wp Affiliate Machine Review Copyscape 2

On top of that, the reviews that WP Affiliate Machine creates are very difficult to read. They have numerous grammatical errors and missing words scattered throughout the content. One example is the excerpt below that was pulled from the first review the plug-in published.

Wp Affiliate Machine Review Content Example

Aside from the issues with the content generated by WP Affiliate Machine, it also fails to set up your site’s SEO. This means that any small chance you may have of ranking with the content generated by the plug-in is reduced even more.

All in all, while it’s a great concept, it’s just not quite there yet, in my opinion.

So, What’s Better Than WP Affiliate Machine?

Being able to create a website quickly is something that many potential online business owners wish they could do. If you’d like to learn how you can create your own affiliate website today, check out my top recommended resource.

Using the methods that I learned while being a member there has helped me to build a full-time income from affiliate marketing. The methods that are taught inside of the members area there are ones that will stand the test of time and help you to create an online business that you can continue earning revenue from for years to come.

Top Recommendation
Wealthy Affiliate

This is where I learned how to get started in online business and it is the only community that I trust for honest top level training on how to make money online. I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate for its training, tools, live support and included hosting.

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  1. I was not really sold on his scheme plugin either, and I do not think the commissions he was showing was a result of his internet reviewer site which has not been updated in a month, if not longer, and I think the income he was showing may have been from his actual sales, if not something else altogether.

    If you expect this plugin to provide a full level income stream, well, I have my doubts, however, if you set up his plugin to a dedicated category such as reviews, then you still may get some benefit, however, you still have to flood your site with high-quality articles linking back to the affiliate articles. WPAM content may not rank well, but that may not matter since you are driving traffic to your high-quality content, and that traffic will filter off to other content and could make a purchase.

    Some of you may also be misinformed on how “duplicate” content works, and google refers to duplicate content found on your own site, and this could refer to duplicate articles, duplicate tags, titles, or anything else that can end up being duplicated which google does not like at all.

    Duplicate content does not refer to the content that was referred to on 43 other sites. If you want to rank duplicate content, then get more powerful backlinks, better yet, write better content. It is pretty evident by now that those articles are ranking to some degree, right? and if that is the case, then it would be possible to outrank those 43 other sites right?

    Better yet, let WP Affiliate Machine pull them in, and just rewrite the content, this way, you do not have to go chase down programs to promote, and they just come to you so you can create something new.

  2. Thank you for the info. I just found out about this product today and sounded very tempting, but my worry was the thin content and ranking for SEO and this article helped prove my fear. Appreciate the honest review!

  3. Hey Jay

    Thanks for this write-up, I was about to look into purchasing this and the review helped me greatly with my decision.

    I’ll keep my money in my pocket just now.

    Thanks Again Jay

  4. Looked good. The 30 products it brought in were : 1 from ClickBank, 0 from Warrior and 29 products from JVZoo – 28 of which are the plugin author’s own products!

    Their support is non-existent – they just ignore you.

    Money wasted.

  5. Hi Jay,

    Thank you for taking your precious time to write this WP Affiliate Machine review. l am confident to say that WP Affiliate Machine is a shady product and is completely waste of time. Furthermore, there were so many hidden upsells which totally disguised me.

    I agreed that Affiliate Marketing is the best online business model and can be very lucrative if you did it right. There is no overnight rich and you can build your foundation/website for long term success.

    Best Regards.

  6. Hi Jay, I am very excited about reading your review and article about WP affiliate machine, I learned about this plugin for the first time through your article and me found here one great news for me that I can build an affiliate site in just 60 seconds by WP affiliate machine plugin and The more interesting thing is the sales page’s specialty is after follow the three-step according to WP affiliate machine plugin my site will start getting content in seconds without writing it. I had to think this price is reasonable so I am interested to buy this plugin because I am an affiliate marketer. Thank you very much for writing the article.

  7. The problem with most of these online/affiliatiate marketing is they promise a whole lot of things that when end up not being what the subscriber or customer gets. With the little experience that I have had with wA, I can easily tell that this product might not be able to deliver all its promises because of the fact that it is offering different customers almost the same pre-packaged content. Anyone who wants to get value for their money had better looking Wealthy affiliates for the Marketing needs.

  8. Sharing this article is much appreciated. In my opinion as good as this WP machine is the cons are much than the pros and this might not attract the interest of much people. The content generated may already be seen on other websites which in turn may not make revenue for those using it. WP machine has prospects but need to work on the cons and thereafter may catch the interest to purchase it. 

  9. You know, I just wanted to pop in and tell you thanks for reviewing this product.  I had heard about this, and I was thinking I’d give it a go, but I always try to do my due diligence prior to purchasing anything (have I learned that lesson the hard way!).  After reading your review (thanks for being the guinea pig!), I have definitely opted not to give it a try.  I like to be original, and I like providing valuable creative original content on my blog.  

    That’s why I was so happy when I saw your #1 recommendation (yes, I followed your link lol) was Wealthy Affiliate!  Yay!  I signed up for that program, and I’m loving it.  I’m always so psyched when I see other successful marketers also using the platform!  I have been marketing online for many years, but it honestly wasn’t until I found the Wealthy Affiliate program that I actually learned how to do it successfully!  

    Anyway, thanks again!

  10. As a new subscriber to Wealthy Affiliate, I am happy I read this review before I came across the WP Affiliate Machine. I can easily see myself purchasing it because it wasn’t pricey and even though it would of been soo great if it was true, I wouldn’t of been in debt if it didn’t do what it actually promised. If I found something that actually did what this promised, I would be willing to pay quite a bit more to solve the amount of time it takes to create quality content. Thanks for the great review.

  11. Thanks a lot for this total explanation of WP Affiliate Machine Review. I was tempted sometime ago with their juicy offer but didn’t sign up due to the advise from a friend at Wealth Affiliate. After joining Wealth Affiliate and equipping myself with digital and affiliate marketing skills, then I knew WP Affiliate Machine is not worth it at all. They are like a get rich scheme.Affiliate marketing requires hardwork and consistency. Thanks for helping Online Entrepreneurs and newbies to not get tempted with their juicy offer. Cheer’s

  12. As a rule of thumb, it takes a whole lot of effort to start leveraging affiliate marketing in making money but with the advent of the WP affiliate machine review that promises to set everything up in minutes, it gets more easier. However, its not free from its challenges as well because you’ll always get something better when you take your time and set it up manually.

  13. Hi Jay,

    Thank you for sharing this great informational article. You have written lots of helpful article which encouraged lots of people about affliate marketing. I have joined the Wealthy Affiliate about a month ago, I enjoy the weekly live classes with you very much. I’m a new member of Wealthy Affiliates and I will see how that turns out for me. I’m hoping for my final destination. Thank you for your live training.

  14. Hi Jay, Thanks for you review.  I must admit, I have not seen this one before but knowing how much work I have had to put into my fledgling affiliate marketing career, any site that proposes that you can “start earning commissions without writing any content or doing any manual work” immediately rings alarm bells for me.

    I guess there are some benefits there for beginners as you oultine in the pros that you do get posts delivered so it may be useful in seeing how these posts could be developed and read.  For me, I have been doing a lot of work on SEO lately so the duplicated posts seem too big of a risk for me.  I would also have to question how such a new site could get the traffic that quickly without to seed time that pleases Googles of the world.

    As I have said, I had not seen this one, but I can now add this to the ‘leave alone’ list.

    Thanks again


  15. Thank you for this review, Jay. This is why I’m glad people like you are out there. To tell us about places like this that are set up to lead you to believe that making money online is just a quick push of the button and it is on autopilot. This is affiliate marketing at its finest. You are a great teacher and writer. Thank you for the review so I know what to look out for.  

  16. This is a well structured article! 

    if it’s too good to be true then it’s not true is my take on the WP Affiliate Machine. Duplication of content depic the true purpose of affliate marketing! Because everyone loves original content and not some copy and paste content. 

    WP Affiliate Machine promises  to you will “start earning commissions without writing any content or doing any manual work.”! It sounds good but most of the content are duplicate and as such can not drive much traffic because the content are elsewhere too!

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