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It’s hard to find reputable work-from-home opportunities. Selling products in your spare time gives you the freedom and flexibility to keep your regular job and earn extra money. But what if you want full-time freedom and flexibility? Is it possible to sell products on a full-time basis and make good money? Yanbal International is one such company that could give you that freedom. In this Yanbal International MLM review, we will look at the opportunity to find out if it’s a decent money maker.

What is Yanbal International?

Yanbal is a multi-level marketing company founded in 1967 by Fernando and Eduardo Belmont Anderson in Peru. Yanbal’s headquarters are in Lima, Peru, but its U.S. office is in Fort Lauderdale, FL. 

The company manufactures beauty and cosmetic products that are sold through Style Advisors (SAs). Yanbal International has over 600,000 Style Advisors in the U.S. and Europe.

In 2020, the company reported sales of $536 million. In 2015, the company reported sales of $747 million and saw a 35% decline.

So let’s take a look at the products to see if we can figure out what’s going on.

Are Yanbal International Products Worth Their Price?

Now, let’s take a look at the products to see if there’s anything special about them. Below is a sample of products sold by Yanbal Style Advisors. 

Yanbal International-Mlm Review

I am not sure if the above products are special, but I can say that the prices are competitive. They do not seem to be exceptional products. You can probably find similar products at your local department store for about the same price.

There are also some Yanbal products listed on Amazon. The Yanbal Effective Deodorant is listed for $14.99. However, it is not listed on the Yanbal website at all.

The Yanbal Eau Vitale Aromatherapy Mist Neroli is listed on Amazon for $18.99. On the Yanbal website, the same product is offered for $20. A small savings if customers purchase the product on Amazon.

The Yanbal International Opportunity

You will usually be recruited by another Yanbal Style Advisor who wants to expand their team. You’ll start by purchasing a starter kit. After that, you will receive training and tools to help you sell products. 

SAs get a free trial subscription to the Yanbal Business Portal as well as their own personal website within it. It is not clear if there is a monthly fee for using the business portal. 

The Yanbal Maya USA app is a business app that you download to your phone as a separate tool. You can use this app to conduct business on the go. 

Style Advisors can sell products by sharing the address of the personal website portal and sell directly to customers.

How Much Does It Cost To Join Yanbal International?

There are two Starter Kits, but it makes sense to buy the one that contains more products. Starter Kit 2022 contains demo products such as fragrance samples, demo bags, brochures and more.

Yanbal International-Mlm Review 02

 You should also note that personal expenses incurred in the course of doing business for Yanbal are not reimbursable. These expenses include gas and car maintenance, phone calls, and any other expenses.

Can You Make Money With Yanbal International?

Yanbal SAs are responsible for running 13 campaigns per year, with each campaign consisting of four consecutive weeks. Commissions are paid weekly and are based on the sales you and the team you recruit make. 

Orders can be client orders and personal orders. Commissions range from 20%, 40% and 50%. To stay active, you must maintain at least $300 PV (Personal Volume) per campaign.

According to Yanbal, you can make an estimated $100-$120 per campaign if you spend 1-3 hours a week just selling products. That’s about $30 per week. 

Another example from Yanbal: If you spend 15-30 hours per week selling $16,000 worth of products in a 4-week period as well as leading your team, your estimated earnings every four weeks is $3,000.

So it is possible to make money selling Yanbal products if you can sell really well and have a decent network of people to tap into.

Pros of Yanbal International

No Minimum Purchases: There’s no minimum monthly sales quota and you don’t have to keep any inventory but there is a minimum sales volume if you want to maintain your active status..

Social Media Promotions: Products can be promoted through social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, or personal blogs.

Decent Training Tools: There are a number of training tools available for new SAs to ensure success.

Sell Products Throughout the U.S.: SAs are not limited to selling products in their local area. They are permitted to sell products anywhere in the continental U.S.

Cons of Yanbal International

Losing Customers Through Website Sales: If a customer buys products through the website but not through an SA, they will be asked if they would like to be referred to a local SA. If the customer declines, he becomes a customer of Yanbal.

No Recruitment Through Social Media: SAs can promote products through social media platforms, but they are not allowed to recruit new members.

Must Use the Yanbal Platform: SAs cannot create their own websites to promote Yanbal products. They must use the Yanbal business portal.

Minimum Sales Volume: In order to stay active you must sell $300 worth of products each month.

Is Yanbal International A Scam?

Yanbal International isn’t a scam but that doesn’t mean it’s a decent money maker either. As with all MLMs, you have to work hard to sell products and use your own money for gas, phone, and other expenses that you won’t be reimbursed for. 

The commissions sound great but when you subtract your personal expenses, it may not be so great. 

Final Thoughts

Having the freedom and flexibility to make your own money in your own time is a dream for many of us. There are a variety of opportunities that allow you to have flexibility in your time. Unfortunately, not all of them are well-paying opportunities.

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